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Battle For Azeroth classes changes

Battle For Azeroth classes changes

After a long wait, excitement, hopes and exploring the previous expansion of the Warcraft Universe, Legion, the players finally face the release of a new expansion of the game, Battle for Azeroth. The developers have made sure that no one is left disappointed: the expansion offers huge new territories, challenges, allies and much more. Everyone will find something interesting to do and a suitable way for self-realization. Of course, the different changes took place – significant and less significant. In this article we will look at the major changes in the classes brought in by the “Battle for Azeroth”, we’ll tell you about their meaning, new skills and others. Basically, class changes have been made in order to balance forces and equalize chances, which will make it possible to bet not on the advantages of the class, but on the skill of a particular player.

All classes and specializations of characters underwent processing. To begin with, let us say a few words about the changes that have affected everyone. First, the skill damage calculation formula was changed. Earlier, weapon damage and speed were the most important characteristics, but weapon damage per second is now taken into account. This innovation is necessary to level the classes that use weapons in melee, so it will not affect those who play for classes that use the cast.
Secondly, raid buffs are back in the game! In particular, Arcane Intellect and Battle Shout.
And finally, it is worth mentioning the devastating consequences of the last fierce strike of Sargeras, after which all the artifact weapons have lost their force. Now, some properties of artifacts have become part of some specializations.

Let’s proceed to review the changes in 12 classes.



For all members of this class, the ability “Power Word: Fortitude” is returned: increases the stamina of all members of a group or raid by 10% for 1 hour.

Discipline specialization: this specialization remains the most difficult specialization, but the profit is worth it. Damage from all abilities is reduced by 9%, but skill rechargeremains short. Priests with the Discipline specialization can nowuse the Prayer of Despair and Ring of Light spells. The new talent “Contrition” using the healing spell Penance replenishes the health of allies affected by Atonement. Luminous Barrier creates a shield around all nearby allies for 10 seconds.

Holy Specialization: In the previous expansion, this specialization proved to be a bad healer. It seems that in the new expansion this has not changed much, however, unlike the Druids, the representatives of this specialization will not have problems with the mana flow speed. Renew now reduces the cooldown on Holy Word: Sanctify. This is a 3% less effective. Many talents, including those intended for PvP, have been changed. New talent

Cosmic Ripple: a flash of light occurs that heals up to 5 wounded friendly targets. Holy Word: Salvation: Heals nearby allies, imposes the Renew effect and 2 Prayer of Mending effects on each target.

Shadow specialization: damage to the ability of Vampiric Embrace and “Shadow Word: Pain” + 20%; Shadow Mend ability has become active again, with its help you inflict damage to opponents near the target and replenish your Insanity stock. The new talent “Dark Ascension” instantly uses the look of the Abyss, then produces an explosion of the net energy of the Abyss, causing damage to all nearby enemies. Gains 50 points. Insanity. Dark Void causes a blast of dark energy around the target, causing damage and imposing Shadow Word: Pain on all nearby enemies. Grants +30 Insanity points.



For the magicians, to the delight of many players, the ability to use Arcane Intellect, which increases Allied IQ by 10% for 1 hour, has returned. Also in the arsenal of magicians appeared the basic ability to “Remove Curse”, which removes all the curses from the allies. You also have the option of quickly teleporting a character or even a member of your squad to Boralus and Dazar’alor.

Arcane specialization: specialization has acquired new talents, as well as changed existing ones, including those related to PVP. Talent “Overpowered” now increases arcane magic by 40% instead of 60%. “Arcane arrows” is now available at any time, and the “Clearcasting” effect allows you to apply them without mana and increase your shooting speed. The new talent “Amplification” allows you to release one additional arrow under the effect of the effect “Clearcast” or “Arcane Missiles”. Another new talent, “Reverberate”, with a 50% probability of Arcane Charge gains extra, provided that Arcane Explosion hits at least 3 enemy targets.

Fire Specialization: All damage done by members of this specialization increases by 6%. specialization acquired new talents, as well as changed existing ones, including those related to PVP. New talent “Pyroclasm” increases the chance of additional damage from the spell “Pyroblast” after using the effect of “Hot Streak”. Another new talent, “Searing Touch”, allows Scorch to deal 150% more damage and guarantee critical strikes to enemies whose health is below 30%.

Frost Specialization: Glacial Spike talent deals 20% less damage in PvP. For representatives of this specialization is available a number of new talents. The Chain Reaction talent allows Ice Lances to increase damage from the subsequent use of Ice Lances. The talent “Freezing Rain” makes the casting of a Blizzard spell instantaneous and increases the damage done by this spell (+ 50% for 12 seconds).



The effectiveness of Azerite Talent’s “Sharpened Blades” has a record -65%. That’s not the first time many of the skills of this class have been weakened, since the class is traditionally one of the most destructive in the game.

Assassination Specialization: Many talents, including those intended for PvP, have been changed. New talent “Hidden Blades”: every 2 sec. damage from the next use of Fan of Knives increases. The effect stacks up to 20 times. “Poison Bomb”: when applied to the target “Envenom” or “Rupture”, for each consumed reception of a series a character with a probability of 4% can break a bottle of poison over an opponent, creating an acid pool in this place that will inflict periodic damage from the forces of nature.
“Blade Rush” allows you to make a dash with bare blades and cause significant damage not only to the enemy, but also to all the hostile targets surrounding her. “Loaded Dice” guarantees getting at least two identical bones on the next roll when using the effect of “Adrenaline Rush”

Outlaw specialization: all damage done by members of this class is reduced by 5%. The effectiveness of the use of Azerite talent “DeadShot” reduced by 20% and 45% in PvP. The effectiveness of talent Crimson Tapest has been reduced by 20% in PvP. The efficiency of talent Ambush has been reduced by 15%. The effectiveness of talent “Between the Eyes” is reduced by 20% in PvP. Also presented a number of new abilities.

Subtlety Specialization: All damage done by members of this class is reduced by 5%. New talent “Secret Technique” deals the final blow, creating the dark counterparts of the character. The robber and his dark twins cause damage to both the main target and the closest opponents. Using another new talent “Shuriken Tornado” allows the character to focus and release “Shuriken Storm” every second for the next 4 seconds.



For all class specializations, 2 new Azerite Traits are available: Gallant Steed, increasing your speed, as well as the speed of your allies, and Stalwart Protector, which provides 182 absorb to your closest allies for 15 seconds. Consider the changes of each specific specialization.

Holy Specialization: The new talent Avenging Crusader turns you into a shining avenger of light, increasing the power of your Crusader Strike, Judgment, as well as the automatic attacks carried out by your character, shortens their recovery time, and speeds up the recovery of your allies. The talent “Awakening” allows Light of a Dawn with a 15% chance of triggering an Avenging Wrath effect. Already existing talents, including those related to PVP, have also changed.

Protection Specialization: The new talent “Redoubt” allows Avenger’s shield to block one additional opponent and increases the blocking chance by 25% for 8 seconds. Unbreakable Sprit reduces the cooldown of the Divine Shield spell.

Retribution Specialization: A new talent, Selfless Healer, reduces the casting time of the Flash of Light spell by 25% and increases the amount of restored Allied health. When using the new talent “Wake of Ashes” you do a lunge, causing significant damage to all opponents in the sector in front of you and reducing their speed of movement. This talent also stuns demons and undead and allows you to accumulate 5 energy points.



The cooldown of the fire elemental and the shaman storm elemental reduced to 2.5 minutes. The ability “Totem trembling” and “Earth Elemental” are again available for all specializations.

Elemental specialization: the new talant, Stormkeeper, charges the shaman with lightning energy, allowing the two following Lightning or Chain Lightning to work instantly, and imposes an Excitement effect on each target. Another new talent, “Unlimited Power”, increases the character’s speed.

Enhancement Specialization: At the moment, it seems that this specialization is one of the most promising in the new expansion. The damage caused by the shamans of this specialization is increased. However, players will be required to use talents and skills competently. Talents, including those intended for PvP, have been changed. Also presented a number of new talents to master. Elemental Spirits: Feral Spirit cooldown reduced to 30 seconds, while increasing it with Fire / Frost / Lightening. Totem Mastery: Calls on four totems that reinforce the shaman’s combat characteristics.

Restoration specialization: in the previous expansion, this specialization found great potential. Apparently, in this expansion, the shaman of this specialization will prove to be not the most powerful healer, and will also experience problems with the speed of the mana flow. The effectiveness of Healing Rain increased by 12%, the ability of Riptide received an additional 6% to efficiency. Also presented a number of new talents to master. Flash Flood: When casting Tidal Waves, the time to cast the next healing spell is reduced by 20%. Earth Shield: surrounds the target with a shield of the earth, which increases the healing effectiveness of the shaman to the protected target, and returns some of his lost health when damage is taken.



In the new expansion, the damage inflicted by members of this class has decreased, so it may take more time to defeat the target. In the alpha version of the expansion the resistance to pain for the tanks was greatly enforced. At the moment, this ability and all related skills have been removed from the game. Warriors can use Battle Shout again, which increases the attack characteristics of all allies by 10% for 1 hour.

Arms Specialization: Charges is now a base ability that increases damage from the next used Mortal Strike or Execute. “Sweeping strikes” is now a base ability, and thanks to her for 12 sec. Warrior abilities that hit single targets hit 1 additional target nearby, dealing 75% damage. The Tactician ability now affects Overpower, not Colossus Smash, completing its recovery with some probability at the expense of rage. Now the ability “Colossus Smash” is a powerful ability with a recovery time that allows you to smash the enemy’s armor, causing great physical damage and increasing damage to the target. Also presented a number of new talents, available for development. “Sudden Death”: attacks with some probability will allow you to use the ability to “Execute” without costing Rage Points to any target, regardless of her health. Warbreaker (replaces Colossus Smash): hitting the ground splits the armor of all enemies nearby and increases your attack’s damage.

Fury Specialization: “Recklessness” makes a warrior frenzy, with the result that the amount of rage he accumulates increases by 100%, and the probability of a critical strike with all abilities increases. Now, “Bloodthirst” always has the chance to put a warrior into a frenzy regardless of the execution of critical hits. “Whirlwind” now allows you to additionally accumulate rage for each target hit. Also presented a number of new talents, available for development. Meat Cleaver: Whirlwind can, with some probability, lead the caster into a state of frenzy and additionally compensates the fury for each target hit. Siegebreaker breaks the enemy’s defense, inflicts physical damage and increases the damage to the target. Allows you to accumulate Rage Points.

Protection Specialization: Now the representatives of this specialization can use the talent “Avatar” and the ability “Intimidating Shout” and “Demoralizing Shout”. Many talents, including those intended for PvP, have been changed. Also presented a number of new talents, available for development. Bolster: Reduces the cooldown on Last Stand. In addition, when using it, the warrior blocks all melee attacks. “Menace”: “Intimidating Shout” disorients the enemy for 4 additional seconds and makes all opponents tremble in fear, depriving them of their ability to run.



The recovery time of potions and health stones is now counted separately. The main ability is Shadowbolt again. “Darkfury” is now available for all specializations: stuns all nearby enemies.

Demonology specialization: all damage done by representatives of this specialization is increased by 5%. The new talent “Dreadlash” enhances the ability of the Dreadbite Attack while your Dreadstalkers rush into battle. Summon Vilefiend calls for the filth of Argus, who will fight on your side faithfully.

Specialization Destruction: All damage done by members of this spec is increased by 5%. New talent “Grimoire of Supremacy” increases the damage done by “Chaos Bolt” by 8% while the infernal is summoned. Dark Soul: Instability: Gives the soul an unstable force, increasing the critical hit rate by 30% for 20 sec.

Affliction specialization: the new talent “Creeping Death” accelerates the application of full damage from the abilities “Agony”, “Life draft”, “Damage” by 15%. Another innovation, “Vile Taint”, creates an explosion over the opponent’s head, which causes additional periodic damage to all enemies nearby and reduces their speed.



The talent “Consume Magic” is now called “Disrupt” and is used to interrupt enemy spells and accumulate Fury / Pain points. The class also received a new ability “Chaos Brand”. Damage done by a demon hunter from chaos magic (Havoc) or fire (Vengeance) weakens the target, increasing the magical damage it receives by 5%.

Havoc specialization: specialization has acquired new talents, as well as changed existing ones, including those related to PVP. «Chaos strike» now replenishes anger more evenly, regardless of critical strikes. The talent «Immolation Aura» puts you in the center of a fiery cloud that allows you to accumulate Rage points and hit enemies with fire. «Trail of Ruin»: Blade Dance’s final blow deals additional damage from Chaos Magic for an additional 4 seconds.

Vengeance Specialization: Small Soul Fragments now heal in an amount proportional to the newly received damage, instead of a fixed volume. Specialization has also acquired new talents, as well as existing ones, including those related to PVP, have changed. Talent “Charred Flesh” allows Fiery Brand to increase fire damage inflicted on an opponent. “Gluttony” gives a chance that the absorption of Soul Fragment triggers the Metamorphosis for 5 seconds. Each Absorbed Soul Fragment reduces incoming damage by 5% for 4 seconds.



In the previous expansion, the Druids were among the best healers of the game. Now players will have to face a faster mana flow, but the druids still have enough stamina, so their survival rates remain at a good level. Changes in the class of druids affected both the gameplay and the talent system. Many new abilities and spells were added, and some that were removed from the game earlier were also returned. Appeared the ability “Soothe”, which removes all the effects of a frenzy, and Sleep: Sleeps a target for 40 sec. Any incoming damage dispels the effect. At one point in time, you can put to sleep only one target. Only applicable to animals and dragons. For each travel look, your menu now has a separate icon. The astral leap is replaced with a tiger Dash, which will affect the gameplay of the druids in pvp. Bleed and Poison ticks now scale with Haste.

Feral Specialization: All damage done by members of this specialization has been increased by 5%. New talent “Feral Frenzy” allows the druid to violently attack the target, removing from the enemy all the effects of a frenzy. When using Tiger Dash, the character will reincarnate as a cat and will move much faster.

Balance Specialization: Eclipse gives you a 20% chance of getting a Lunar Empowerment. Tween Moons talent allows Moonfire to deal more damage and hit an additional target. The effect of the talent of “New Moon” is enhanced and turns first into the “Crescent Moon”, then into the “Full Moon”.

Restoration specialization: the mana cost of casting Renewal has been reduced to 10.5 instead of 11, and the casting time has been reduced by 3%. New talent “Photosyntesis” allows you to periodically speed up the restoration of your health, while you are under the influence of Lifebloom. This also affects your allies.

Guardian Specialization: Now characters in the shape of a bear, accumulate Rage points when dealing and receiving damage in melee. Also Bear Form grants you + 20% of Stamina.



In the new expansion, Death Knight received a new ability, Death’s Advance, which does not allow the character’s speed to fall below 100% for 10 seconds, and also, with a probability of 80%, gives immunity to forced movement and throwing back. Recharges in 30 seconds.

Specialization Blood: specialization has acquired new talents, as well as changed existing ones, including those related to PVP. New talent «Consumption» allows the character to literally devour opponents in front of him, while restoring health in the amount of 100% of the damage done. «Hemostasis» increases the healing power of the next use of «Death Strike» for each enemy hit by «Blood Boil».

Frost specialization: specialization has acquired new talents, as well as existing ones, including those related to PVP, have changed. New talent “Frostwyrm’s Fury”: the call of the ice snake, which breathes cold at all enemies at a great distance, causing them significant damage from the magic of ice. “Obliteration”: while the effect of “Pilar of Frost”, “Frost strike”, “Ice onset” and “Howling blast” is always triggered by the “Killing machine” and with some probability they create a rune.

Unholy Specialization: These characters have the ability to hit multiple targets simultaneously, and the changes in the new expansion make this specialization beneficial for arena battles. The recharge time of «Army of the Damned» has been reduced. Many other talents, including those related to PVP, have changed. New ability «Grip of the dead» allows the skills «Defile» and «Death and Decay» to reduce the speed of opponents in the affected area.



Previously, the hunters could choose any specialization of the pet, but now one permanent specialization (one of the three) will be assigned to the pet. Each of them will give your pet one active and one passive ability. Abilities that are in the Global Cooldown, or GCD, cannot be used at the same time.

New talent Tantalizing shot deprives the target of one magic effect and one frenzy effect.

Beast Mastery specialization: all damage done by representatives of this specialization increased by 5%. New talent “Animal Companion” allows you to call a second pet. Breakaway has become the basic skill of all the specializations of the Hunter class. “Bestial Fury” replaced by “Tearing shot.” The talent “Killer Instinct” when using the “Kill” command inflicts enemies whose health is below 35%, 50% additional damage.

Markmanship specialization: this specialization has undergone a significant change. A number of new talents have been added, which significantly transform the gameplay. Let’s overview the details of new talents. Double Tap increases the damage of the next Aimed Shot, or the next use of Rapid Fire will increase the number of shots. New talent “Streamline” extends the effect of Rapid Fire by 30%.

Survival Specialization: This specialization has become a real challenge for inquiring minds. You will have to show ingenuity to maximize the potential of this specialization, learn to merge with your pet for the most effective attacks, use poisons and explosives. A number of new talents have been added that are worth learning. Chakrams sends two fast-moving chakrams to the enemy, which inflict damage to everyone they touch, and then, like a boomerang, return to you, again causing damage to anyone who gets in their way. Wildfire Infusion complements the fire bomb with new ingredients that add to the projectile one of three additional properties with each roll.



Leg Sweep has moved from talent to basic class skills available for any specialization. Now it can be enhanced with additional talent, which will increase the radius of the skill to 7 meters, and the recovery time will be reduced by 10 seconds. For all class specializations, a new skill “Mystic Touch” is available, with which the player is able to weaken the target, revealing weak points of armor, and increase the damage received by an opponent by 5%. The rest of Monk is not much affected by the changes, as it is one of the most balanced classes of the game.

Brewmaster Specialization: Bob and Weave talent extends the Stagger effect by 3 seconds. Talent “Guard” allows the character to reliably defend against subsequent attacks of the enemy and avoid a certain amount of damage.

Mistweaver Specialization: Soothing Mist talent is again an active healing spell that requires maintenance. The “Vivify” spell now restores health to all targets that have a Renewing Mist effect. Also presented a number of new talents.

Windwalker Specialization: New talent “Fist of the White Tiger” inflicts an incredibly powerful blow, deals damage to the target and allows you to accumulate 3 units of Chi energy. “Tiger Tail Sweep” increases the range of Leg Sweep and reduces the recovery time of the skill to 10 seconds.

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