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Uldir Raid Information

Uldir Raid Information

In the new expansion of the World of Warcraft, the Battle for Azeroth, dungeon raids remain a difficult challenge for the players and one of the most important parts of the gameplay. It’s here that you will be able to get the best equipment, weapons, mounts, unique combat experience and much more. In the new expansion, the main raid is Uldir, a branched, non-linear, complex dungeon, in which you expect 8 different bosses, each of whom requires a special approach, r their weak spot discovering and flexible special tactics usage. You will need courage, self-reliance and, of course, a well-built, strong team. This raid throws a severe challenge at the heroes who dare to enter under the arches of this dungeon. The reward is worth it, but will everyone return to the surface?



As you travel the world through various quests, you get information about this mysterious dungeon bit by bit. It is an ancient laboratory of titans created to study and examine the Void energy in order to find a weakness in the Ancient Gods and other creatures of the dark. There attempts to create an unprecedented evil to pacify the evil that threatened the world took place, but the experiment didn’t go as expected, and the titans lost control of their creation. To contain him and save the world from destruction, they destroyed their laboratory and sealed it deep under the ground, guarded by three seals and powerful monsters. However, Uldir awakened from a centuries-old sleep, and the security seals were broken. Now, the world is waiting for heroes who dare to descend into Hell and crush the monster forever.




The Uldir Dungeon is located on the Zandalar continent, in the location of Nazmir. That is the place where Alliance and Horde warriors meet up after following different paths. Horde is brought here by Princess Talanji and the Nazimir swamp questline. The Alliance ends up here a bit later to save the World under the leadership of Brann Bronzebeard.

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The dungeon is available for passing at traditional difficulty levels: Normal, Heroic, and Mythic.

Normal difficulty contains drop of 355 ilvl equipment. This level of difficulty is available to everyone who has a good team and self-reliance. This level is suitable for the first passes of the raid and its detailed study.

Heroic difficulty is more challenging. Here you will need a team that knows its business well, excellent equipment and ability to use its advantages. Traveling can be exhausting, but as a reward you can get Items of 370 ilvl.

Mythic difficulty is a true nightmare and a final test for those who consider themselves to be a real pro and a connoisseur of all the subtleties of the game. Opponents become many times stronger and more cunning, now they are organized and will try their best to kill you from the very beginning, using tactics that you don’t expect. Be prepared to master a dungeon on this level of difficulty not on the first try, even if your team is well equipped and consists of strong players. You will have to make every effort and ingenuity to get out of this trial as a winners and crush all 8 bosses. However, the reward is worth it all: loot of 385 ilvl, boundless respect and glory.




It is time to talk about what awaits you after you enter into the gloomy vaults of the Uldir dungeon. All the way, your team will be accompanied by Trall, who will bring the ashes of Vol’jin and sacrifice his life so that you have a chance to crush the monster forever. The beauty of the dungeon is fascinating, but do not lose concentration. You have to fight with 8 unique bosses, each of which is different, uses its own mechanisms, attacks, has its own characteristics and character.
Of course, each of them will make every effort to crush you. To complete the raid, your team must consist of players of different profiles in order to be flexible and able to use different strategies. Do not forget that bosses are not your only enemies. Along the way, strong, insidious monsters will wait for you, they will not let you relax. It is worth mentioning that the only loot collection system available in this dungeon is personal.




The structure of the raid allows the heroes to choose the order in which the bosses will be killed. For the victory over each of them, you can get equipment, the level of which will depend on the level of difficulty, weapons, trinkets and more. Below we will describe them in the order in which the game invites you to go through them.

The first, Taloc the Corrupted, is a huge monster dressed in gold armor, faceless, with a shining red eye. He is one of the most powerful creatures of the Titans. It is he who should be the first to react to the invasion from the outside. For millennia, he waited in his watch until you disturbed him … You can wear him out enough to make a miscalculation and allow himself to be crushed. But this is only the beginning … Fight with this boss will evolve in two stages, and throughout the battle one of the main dangers will be the puddles formed on the ground around the members of your squad.

The second powerful enemy that you will meet on your way is Mother. A sleepless guardian, over the millennia of inaction, she has changed, and many of her programs have been damaged. However, she still remains a serious opponent. Her dead blue eyes look directly into the depths of your soul, filling it with trepidation. The battle with her will also take place in two phases. The main danger is the force fields that appear in unexpected places, causing tremendous damage to everyone who gets into the affected area, so players will have to move actively.

The third guard, designed to protect the dormant monster from awakening, is called Fetid Devourer. A four-legged, ferocious monster with two dragon and one lion head on its long necks will seek to tear apart everyone who comes into its view. It is a mutated product of terrible genetic experiments. The remains of the experimental were not properly destroyed, so the dark consciousness of this place gave rise to this monster. These creatures will be the test of your team’s tanks. It causes extreme damage by attacking with three heads. The fight with him will be long, you will have to move a lot and be extremely attentive, as a monster can appear literally from nowhere, and you will have to deliver a swift counterattack. Make sure that your squad has enough powerful tanks.

Next you will meet with the ominous leggy Zek´voz, Herald of N´zoth, the envoy of the ancient god, sent to Zandalar to extinguish trolls for his master. Now he’s guarded by the mutant monster Vectis, a terrible product of the cursed blood of Gunn and bloody corruption blending.
All these centuries, he waited for the opportunity to break free … He is clever and ruthless, players will have to make every effort to survive and win. The battle takes place in three phases, during each of which the enemy will surprise you with his ability to adapt. You can not relax for a single second – the monster immediately uses your vulnerable spot.

Tired and exhausted by fierce battles, the heroes continue their journey through the dungeon. Soon you will meet the next opponent: Vectis. His story is sad and disgusting. Zandalar was once struck by the plague of corrupted blood, which killed almost all the trolls. The institute, hidden in Uldir, conducted experiments to study this disease and find a saving medicine.
However, the bacterium broke free and joined up with G’huun’s blood, which gave rise to an insatiable bloodthirsty monster. A huge red piece of suffering flesh, with a huge mouth open all over his face, he will try to devour you entirely. In order to defeat him, you have to pass several DoTs in the right way. When the DoT expires, it causes a debuff to the player who’s unlucky to be the closest one. This effect cannot be removed, so the key to victory is the proper distribution of debuffs among the group members. You will also have to try and show dexterity to dodge the bombs that the monster will throw at you tirelessly.

The next one you have to take care of is Zel the Reborn, an ex-member of the Zanchuli council, the great prognosticator. However, in his heart he wanted to establish the world domination of the empire of trolls at any cost, for which he was rejected. During the battle, the boss will create many creatures that need to be killed as quickly as possible. As soon as Zel’s health drops to 40%, the second phase of the battle begins. the second phase of the battle begins. Sensing his imminent death, the monster becomes fiercer, so the damage it inflicts increases.

You are already close. You need to fight the last boss before meeting the main monster of the dungeon. The name of this boss is Mythiraz the Unraveler. Not much is known about his past, but he is the closest guardian of the G’huun. Nothing will stop him from defending his master. His huge ugly body is a real killing machine. In order to defeat him, skills, cohesive team and excellent equipment are not enough. You also have to be lucky! You must keep a close eye on your level of health and be ready to regroup, as the damage done by this boss is enormous. He also has powerful debuffs that enhance his already powerful attacks, as well as reduce the effect of your useful abilities. Your task is to avoid damage at all costs and give orbs to those players who need them most. It is here that you must show yourself as a cohesive team. Finally, when Mythiraz falls dead, only one, the most bloodthirsty, the most brutal, the most powerful boss will remain on your way …

G´HUUN HIMSELF. The dormant embodiment of evil, escaped from the control of its creators, the tough, unbreakable mutant parasite, ready to break free and devour the whole world! He will crash all his disgusting might upon you. He is governed by only one thing: unquenchable thirst. This boss is stronger than anyone you have met before. You will need all your skills, ingenuity, well-cooperated team, understanding your allies from a half-look.
The battle with G’huun takes place in three grueling stages. During the first 2 phases, G´huun will benefit from the support of the Titan machine, which increases the damage taken by players by 100%. The fight will not be easy. But the reward is worth it! G´huun awards players with an achievement that will no longer be available after the new content releases. It’s essential if you want to let everybody know the thorny path your character has gone through.




Traditionally, raid dungeons are the most difficult part of the World of Warcraft gaming experience, so everyone is concerned to find the guild that is strong enough to get them through the new ones. Heroes who made it through are bathing in the rays of glory and enjoy new armor and equipment.
However, in order to successfully complete this raid on any of the available levels of difficulty, you need excellent training and, most importantly, a solid strong team. Despite the fact that the developers have foreseen everything to make the search for allies easier, you can never be 100% sure of random partners until you check them in battle. Our team is ready to help you with the passage of Uldir Raid on any difficulty level, as well as with the obtaining of any existing Uldir Raid achievement, set of armor, weapons and other things. No boss is too strong for CakeBoost. Choosing us, you choose the best. The result is guaranteed! We are always ready to help. Get yourself the best Uldir Boost services available, without any time investments or monotonous work, and still get all the equipment and useful loot that is suitable for your character. No waiting in the queue. Just let us know you are ready, and let the adventure begin. Be one of the first!

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