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BFA Dungeons Guide

From the very beginning to the present days, Dungeons remain one of the most important parts of the World of Warcraft. Here players are given the opportunity to maximize their gaming and strategic skills, the ability to quickly analyze the situation and work in a team. Each dungeon is unique, so it requires players’ ingenuity, reaction and deep knowledge of the character. Dungeons are the most complex element of PvE, but the proposed reward is worth it: in Dungeon Raids players can get excellent gear, weapons, items and much more. In 2018, players finally witnessed the seventh large-scale expansion of the Warcraft Universe – “Battle for Azeroth”. The developers did their best and brought a lot of new content to the game. Of course, this also applies to dungeons.

In total, at the moment, 10 new Dungeons have been added – 5 at Zandalar and 5 at the territory of Kul-Tiras, as well as the complex non-linear dungeon Uldir. At the moment, Reid Uldir is fully accessible.

The developers do not exclude the possibility of adding new Dungeon Raids as the game develops, in particular, Blizzard has already confirmed that players will have to meet with Queen Azshara, that rules from the underwater city of Nazjatar.

On the continent of Kul-Tiras we will find Waycrest Manor, Freehold, Shrine of the Storm, Tol Dagor, and Siege of Boralus, that is available on Mythic and Mythic+ difficulty level only. On the continent of Zandalar we will explore Atal’Dazar, Temple of Sethraliss, The Underrot, Motherlode, and King’s Rest, that is also available on Mythic and Mythic+ difficulty level only.
In order to step under the arches of new uncharted dungeons, each of which is fraught with mysteries and surprises, the heroes must reach level 110. As soon as this happens, 3 dungeons will be available for the heroes of the Alliance: Waycrest Manor, Shrine of the Storm, and Freehold. Atal’Dazar, Temple of Sethraliss, and The Underrot are available for Horde heroes at this level. To visit the next dungeon (Tol Dagor for the Alliance and Motherlode for the Horde), the heroes must reach level 115. And finally, upon reaching level 120, Horde heroes will be able to visit the King’s Rest dungeon (you must also complete the Horde War Campaign), and Alliance heroes will be able to take part in Siege of Boralus. Also, upon reaching level 120, characters will be able to visit the dungeons of the enemy faction (however, Alliance heroes must complete the Alliance War Campaign before visiting the dungeons of the enemy faction King’s Rest).
All dungeons are available for passing on 4 traditional levels of difficulty. Each of them differs not only in the level of production you can get: with each successive level, the enemies become stronger, smarter, faster and more inventive. Normal allows you to get 310+ iLvl gear; Heroic – 325+ iLvl gear; Mythic – 340+ iLvl gear; and, finally, Mythic + grants you a chance to get 345+ iLvl items. All levels of difficulty, except Normal, are available for passing after reaching level 120. Also in the depths of the dungeon, heroes can gain Azerite Armor, enhanced by Azerite Traits, prestigious achievements, unique mounts, pets, and much more.

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Below we take a closer look at each dungeon separately, tell you about their history, features and bosses. The analysis of the passage of the dungeons is given for the level of complexity Mythic. We begin the review with the dungeons located in the territory of Zandalar.


Do not be seduced by the enchanting beauty of this place – the surrounding gold and turquoise. Here you expect powerful enemies. This dungeon consists of three sections: Right, Central and Left. We begin our review with the right side. Here you will encounter such enemies as Shieldbearer of Zul, Reanimated Honor Guards, who possess a large supply of health, but low speed, but appearing accompanied by Reanimation Totem, which is better to kill in the first place. Also here you will meet Zanchuli Witch-Doctors and Shadowblade Stalker. After you clear your way, you will meet the first boss, whose name is Vol’kaal. Fight with him will take place in 2 phases. During the first phase, the boss will be immune to attacks, but will jump on randomly selected players. During this phase, the priority of the heroes is to kill 3 Reanimation Totems, guarding the boss. When they die, they are resurrected, so make sure to evenly divide the DPS of the detachment in such a way as to kill them all at the same time. During the second phase of the battle, the boss becomes subject to attacks. You can use this tactic: the whole team moves behind the back of the boss, while the tank carries it around the edge and center so that the group members do not fall into the void zone.

Next, go to the central platform. Here you will meet such enemies as Feasting Skyscreamers, who are accompanied by many small Toxic Saurids, Dinomancer Kish’o in the company of small dinosaurs and two Triceratops Monzumi and T’lonja. The name of the next boss you meet in this dungeon is Rezan. He hides under the pyramid below. Ancient Dry Bones are scattered across the platform. Getting into them, you teach slowdowns and call adds, which you need to kill as quickly as possible, since they are very dangerous for the tank. The boss has two main skills: Pursuit (need to hide behind any object), after the application of which the boss chooses a random player and begins to pursue him. If the monster catches up with the hero, then it starts to chew on it with its huge jaws, causing enormous damage. Rezan will also cast Tail when he feels someone is hiding behind him.
After killing this boss, we go to clean the left platform. Here you will encounter such enemies: Dazar’ai Augur – sends Wildfire to a randomly selected player, Gilded Priestesses – cast healing on himself, before stretching out blood puddles. To debuff the mob, the player needs to go into this puddle. Dazar’ai Honor Guards – mostly dangerous for a tank, also periodically selects a random target for attack. The boss that lives on this platform is Priestess Alun’za. Of the two wells, located on the edges of the platform, she will call for the golden spheres, from which you need to dodge. The boss knows how to heal himself and minions, scattering bloody puddles. The whole group needs to collect all the puddles in order to deal damage to the boss. Also calls the Spirit of Gold add, which move along a given path. His task is to drink all the puddles of blood in order to prevent the priestess from being killed. You must quickly kill the enemy.
Final boss: Yazma. Periodically, the boss will casts the debuff in a random player. At the energy level 100% imposes a debuff on all players except the tank. When it ends, souls appear from the players and move towards the boss and, if they reach it, initiate an explosion, giving damage to the group and imposing a strong dota. It is necessary to cooperate into a group and kill souls as quickly as possible before they reach the boss. You will be disturbed by the Echoes of Shadra spiders (dark with a black-violet aura, leaving a void zone under your touch that does not disappear until the end of the battle, as well as transparent spiders that can be ignored).


This dungeon is a place of residence of snakes and elementals, so here the heroes will wait for lightning, sand and a lot of hiss. Ready? Then we enter under the blood-red vaults of the cave and hit the road.
First, you have to deal with Sandswept Marksman, who do damage to a random player by shooting at him. Here you will be attacked by Charged Dust Devils, able to heal themselves. Krolusk Pups are crawling under their feet — small bugs that aim at the farthest target and shoot down the casts. Sandfury Stonefists also live here. Having overcome all the mobs, we come to the first boss: Adderis and Aspix. Aspix at the energy level of 50% will cast a dota on a random player, he needs to move away from the group in order to protect allies from damage. At the energy level of 100%, the boss will scatter the wave of Static Shock – it can not be avoided, you just have to survive and heal. Casts Cyclone Strike in a random player. Adderis: at the energy level of 100% will be teleported to different points of the platform. Above both bosses, a shield is deployed, striking at which you will receive a return damage, so group healers should be very careful. Moving on. Here you will meet the Scaled Krolusk Riders – when it is on the ground, it will begin to scatter void zones and small lightning, which must be avoided. Sand-crusted Striker snakes create a Dust Cloud that protects allies, who will have to be lured out of it.
Before you fight the next boss, you should clear the platform. Merektha is a huge hissing snake. Applies the skill Noxious Breath – breathes sour on a randomly selected player. From the use of this ability, void zones remain, from which you must quickly leave. Blinding Sand is a skill that must be dodged. Also, the boss will periodically go underground, calling for 4 different adds, after which he will appear in an unexpected place. Also applies the A Knot of Snakes debuff to any random player other than a tank.
Next we meet the following mobs: Agitated Nimbus, casting a buff that enhances the attack. The next boss, Galvazzt, will call on Energy Cores, who will try to strengthen the boss with a directional stream of lightning. You can stand in their way, but it does damage, so you need to change places. After the overthrow of Galvazzt, players will have to try to open the passage to the final boss. To do this, you must bring 2 Orbs to the gate and insert it into snake eyes. However, the character carrying the sphere loses speed (the shamans in the form of a wolf will move at a normal speed). Any damage done to the player carrying the Orb knocks the Orb out of his hands, and after that for 10 seconds this player is not able to lift it again, so you must carefully guard the “courier”. You will be disturbed by the Orb Guardians, whose main task is to pick up the dropped sphere and take it back.

After opening the gate you will meet several Hoodoo Hexers, who will cast Lava Burst, and you will meet the final boss of the dungeon – Avatar of Sethraliss. However, the challenge in this battle is not to kill him, but, on the contrary, to save him, healing his full health. You will be disturbed by the Heart Guardian, who when dying leaves a sphere to be raised (heals the boss), Hoodoo Hexer will deal damage to the boss (-100% inbound healing). Also Plague Toads, which are casts Rain of Toads. It is necessary to quickly kill them, not allowing for the healer, since the Plague debuff reduces the healing efficiency by half!


Dark and gloomy dungeon filled with bile, rot, blood and all sorts of other abominations. We advise you to take along Hunters and Druids for a successful dispel of the abilities of the creatures living here. On the way to the first boss of the dungeon, we will encounter Underrot Ticks exploding at death, causing a debuff that increases the damage from the next such explosion, so that the last surviving Underrot Ticks is the most dangerous.
Also Chosen Blood Matrons – you need to dodge their skills; will produce a warcry (+ to attack effectiveness). Fanatical Headhunter throws the Barbed Spear at a random player. Devout Blood Priests casts Gift of G’huun, – does not allow the mob to die, and also Dark Reconstitution – restores the complete health of the mob. The Befouled Spirits hang in Dark Omen’s indestructible caste – it is very powerful. It is time to look into the eyes of the first boss: in front of us is the red, glowing Elder Leaxa. The battle takes place on a very small platform. Periodically casts Blood Bolt, which causes powerful damage to the tank. It will teleport to a random player, after which it casts Sanguine Feast, from which you must run back. Casts Creeping Rot on a random target and launches a puddle, from which you also need to escape. In addition, the boss will hang up the Taint of G’huun debuff that needs to be dispelled. Will create your own copies with less health, but with exactly the same skills, so try to kill them as soon as possible!
After the first boss is defeated, the squad moves on and encounters Feral Bloodswarmers, who sometimes aim at the random player and chase him, constantly doing damage – you need to remove these mobs as quickly as possible. You also need to quickly run away from Living Rots.

The second boss of this dark dungeon is Cragmaw the Infested. The platform on which he lives is very large, and at least half of it must be cleaned. At 100% of the energy, the boss uses Tantrum – runs around the platform, throwing Blood Ticks around, which is dangerous for the whole group. It also casts Charge – a hit to a random target that throws everyone in the way of its movement. Occasionally says Indigestion – scatters the larvae illuminated by a red bloody aura, which must be trampled before the Blood Ticks hatch!
Then you will meet Fallen Deathspeaker, who are accompanied by Reanimated Guardians who cast Bone Shield on themselves. Fallen Deathspeaker itself calls for the same Reanimated Guardians, and also uses Wicked Frenzy. The following enemies, Grotesque Horrors, casts Death Bolt, causing damage to the entire group. Bloodsworn Defilers cast Withering Curse debuff on all players, as well as calling a damaging totem that can be overlooked before it hits.
The next boss: Sporecaller Zancha, a nasty creature, mutant, assembled from parts of everything that can be found in a dungeon. The boss fight itself will call for spore pods that you cannot fall into, since otherwise you will receive a stacking Decaying Spores debuff. It will also attack those in front of him, and hit the tank. The boss chooses two random players and hangs Upheaval, after which, after 6 seconds, an explosion will occur within a radius of 8 meters, which will throw them up and cause significant damage to everyone within the radius of defeat, but also destroy disputes. On 100% of the energy will attack with Festering Harvest, using which all disputes will explode.

On the way to the final boss, we will meet one new enemy: Faceless Corruptors. The skill Maddening Gaze scares the players, forcing them to freeze in a stache, it is necessary to dodge it. Summons Tentacles with Abyssal Reach.
So, we got to the final boss of the dungeon, Unbound Abomination. Vile, white and red disgusting monster, an ugly fusion of flesh and bones with a mouth on its side. Your squad will be assisted by Titan Keeper Hezrel. Initially, the boss is surrounded by Blood Barrier – a shield that does not allow damage to the monster. At 100% of the energy, he will call on two Blood Visage, when killed, the boss loses 17% of his health. The boss himself occasionally does Vile Expulsion – leaves puddles turning into decomposing spores, whose main task is to cause you damage. Titan Keeper Hezrel kills Blood Visage, dealing damage to the boss, as well as hanging on a random player Cleansing light, which destroys disputes.


The goblins were among the first to find out about Azerit – the drops of Azeroth’s blood, spilled into the ground. Then they drilled into the ground with all the power to possess most of this rarest, most powerful resource … Now a whole city is spread under the ground, where goblins live, drink, have fun, get gold, make bombs and robots.
When we step under the arches of this policy, we first have to go through the bar, where we stumble upon Refreshment Vendors, able to heal ourselves and allies, Mech Jockeys, who drop bombs and know how to activate the robots scattered here and there, and pilot them. After the bar we arrive at a fork to the left and to the right. Going to the left, we will meet the same enemies as in the bar. If we go to the right, we will meet the Mechanized Peacekeepers, who need to be beaten in the back, as they will cast the front shield, and dodge their attacks; Hired Assassins that cast Toxic Blades in a tank.
We got to the first boss, Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler. He casts Static Pulse – repels everyone and causes great damage. Healer should keep himself as far as possible. Also, the boss throws Footbomb Launcher – 3 bombs in different places that need to be kicked back into the boss, because each one increases the damage it takes. Shocking Claw – only a tank can survive this ability. Viewers from the arena at the top will throw piles of gold – do not let the boss get closer to them than 15 meters, as collecting it increases the damage done by 10% Next we get to the place where gold is mined. We meet the Wanton Sappers there– throwing bombs at a random target, which we must dodge. At the minimum health spells Final Blast spells, because of which it explodes and causes damage to the whole group. You must either finish the mob before the end of the caste, or move away. After death, scatter up to 4 bombs around you, so run off from the corpse. The Venture Co. Earthshapers, protected by Earth Shield, protecting and healing them, throw Rock Lance at a random target. Fanatical Drillers scatter stones. Stonefury before the next boss casts Furious Quake. Taskmaster Askari must be led away from the group, as he pronounces the aura of the shield that protects him and allies.

The second boss is called Azerokk. Before fighting with him, you need to activate 2 Fracking Totems, which for a minute control 2 Earthragers guarding the boss. The boss pronounces Azerite Infusion, which removes controls and decelerations from his assistants, and gives + 50% to their attacks, but increases the damage they take by 150%. Will produce Resonant Quake, which forces all helpers to make attacks. Tectonic Smash – this skill must be dodged.
After the boss and his minions are down, we sit in Mine Cart to safely overcome the surrounding Minefield. Below we will meet Venture Co. Masterminds, who is immune to any flu and control, he throws a sphere to dodge. Venture Co. Alchemists throw an incomprehensible capsule into a random target, which casts Transmute: Enemy to Goo, throwing a polymorph at you for 20 seconds. Feckless Assistants – Transfiguration Serum turns a mob into a slug with a lot of health.
Third dungeon boss: Rixxa Fluxflame. Skills: Searing Reagent– targeted blow to a tank. Azerite Catalyst – pours fiery oil puddles under a random player, you need to quickly run back. Also, two random players will be amazed with the help of Chemical Burn – quick healing is required. For a random target, Propellant Blast is also attacked, which blows you off the platform. On the platform, Azerite Catalyst jets will spill out, which you need to dodge.
Then we again expect a minefield, but under the shelling of the last boss. Mines are now alive – Crawler Mines. When the hero passes by, the mine is activated and pursues you before the collision. Venture Co. War Machines have a large stock of health. Ordnance Specialists – you must dodge their attacks. Expert Technicians repair Venture Co. War Machines, so you need to kill them first.
The final boss of the dungeon, from which you probably already want to get out as soon as possible – Mogul Razdunk. Fight with him takes place in 2 phases. During phase # 1, we fight directly with the boss. He triggers Homing Missile’s self-guided in 1 random player, which in an explosion affects everyone within a radius of destruction. Also uses the skill Gatling Gun – spinning around its axis and shoots a hail of bullets. Try to hold on to his back. Second phase: boss gains 3 stacks of Configuration: Drill, gets a shield, and launches a rocket at a random player. We must cooperate and send missiles in one place. Then he will try to hit the random player with himself. We must take him to the missiles and blow up (all 3 missiles must be blown up in order to break his shield). But it’s not that simple: the boss will call 3 Venture Co. Skyscorcher, which will prevent you from knocking down a shield – they choose a random player and cast an Azerite heart piercer. We must run away from the group, otherwise the hiller will undergo a debuff. They will also throw bombs. Try to kill them as soon as possible!



One of two dungeons available at level 120. This is the tomb of the ancient kings. Entering under the majestic vaults that conceal the ghosts of the past, we will meet: Animated Guardians, from whom you must dodge, and the tank is better to keep this mob back to the group; Minion of Zul – has a small margin of health, but protects itself with a buff (elf blood will best deal with it). Pretty quickly, we reach the habitat of the first boss, however, before you start a fight with him, you need to activate Serpentine Seal on the balcony. The guards of the boss, Shadow-Borne Champions, casts Vigilant Defense – a shield, so you need to beat them in the back. Other guards, Shadow-Borne Witch Doctors, throw Shadow Bolt Volley at players, causing great damage to the entire group. Shadow-Borne Warriors call for the whirlwinds of Gust Slash, which you must dodge. The first boss’s name is The Golden Serpent. On the platform there are 3 rivers of fused gold with bridges. Try to use bridges and do not advance in the rivers! By stepping into gold, you get a debuff that summons adds.
Boss debuffs players with Spit Gold, which leaves a puddle of Molten Gold. It is necessary to spill them as closely as possible, the Animated Gold adds. They go to the boss and, as soon as they reach it, they hang up the Luster shield and increase the damage done by the boss by 50%. Thus, it is necessary to eliminate them before getting to the boss. The boss himself will cast attacks, from which you will have to dodge, and also apply Tail Thrash against the tank – the Healer should be especially careful.
Next we directly get to the burial of kings. Here we are waiting for a whole crowd of enemies, outraged by our invasion and seeking to tear the squad apart. Bloodsworn Agents deals damage to a random player. King Rahu’ai creates a field around him. Seneschal M’bara heals itself and allies. Queen Patlaa throws Darkshot in a random player. Queen Wasi shoots Shadow Bolt at a random player. King Timalji turns into a Bladestorm whirlwind, from which you must move away.

Having dealt with the army of angry tomb dwellers, we get to the bridge, where we meet Purification Construct, which delivers a powerful blow to the tank and leaves a puddle from which to exit. Also casts the Purification Beam – try to stay behind the monster’s back. In the room where the second boss lives, a squad is met with Embalming Fluid, spreading puddles, Interment Constructs, which places a random player in a crypt (4 crypts are located on the sides of the platform). It is necessary to free an ally as quickly as possible – look for a sarcophagus that is shaking.
The second boss, Mchimba the Embalmer, has three skills. Burn Corruption: damage zone from which to escape. Drain Fluids applied to a random player are a debuff that reduces movement speed and attack power by 50%. To remove this debuff, you need to restore 90% of your health. The boss will not periodically enter into a random player in a crypt, and he will run up to another sarcophagus and cast release. If the cast was successful, Half-Finished Mummy will be called. It is necessary to release a friend before the casts will be completed.
So, we have dealt with the second boss and go further, deeper and deeper into the ancient tomb. Here we are waiting for Spectral Berserkers, who attack the tank, causing him Blooded Leap. Spectral Hex Priests put on polymorph. Spectral Brute create a defeat zone around it. Spectral Witch Doctors inflicts a random Frost Shock player. Honored Raptors attack a random player, but you can dodge their attacks.
When the whole squad damned that moment when they decided to go here, we meet the third boss of the dungeon. He is called The Council of Tribes. Our gaze presents a huge platform with 3 monuments. From each monument will appear its own boss. First: Kula the Butcher. Scatters the Severing Ax, which turn into whirlwinds and move around it. Second: Aka’ali the Conqueror. Gives a tank a strong slap in the face – Healers should be careful. Casts Shattered Defenses – Aims at a random player, at which point the group must stand in the way of the attack. Then comes the third boss: Zanazal the Wise, who will be casting on all Poison Nova. After some time, he will call 4 totems of all elements. The most dangerous is Explosive Totem, the totem of fire, causing imminent damage to the whole group, so kill him first. Next, look at Thundering Totem, Torrent Totem, and finally Earthwall Totem. The detachment is probably already exhausted, but another one, the last one, awaits us.

On the way to the final boss of the Tomb, only one enemy expects us: Shadow of Zul. He casts the Dark Revelation debut on a random player who explodes, so if you become his target, you need to move away from the group. After the explosion will be called Minion of Zul, from attacks of which you can dodge.

The final boss is called Dazar, The First King. Up to 80% of the level of health, he will call Blade Combo – whirlwinds, which must be avoided. The King also chooses a random target and jumps at it. Makes a series of blows to the tank – healers should be careful. At 80% health level, he calls on Reban – raptor, which is sometimes a random player. It is urgent to kill raptor, since at 60% of the health level the boss will call on T’zala, the new raptor. He buffs the boss with Eternal Guardian, which allows him to absorb all damage. You need to eliminate it rapidly. The King no longer calls anyone and starts casting Impaling Spear.

This ends the review of the dungeons located in the Zundalar territory. Below we tell about five other dungeons belonging to Kul-Tiras.



This dungeon is a huge abandoned mansion, spreading creeping dark rumors. They say that the coven of witches settled here, who carry out their dirty rituals at the call of evil spirits and the resurrection of the dead. The house seems to live its own life – every time you come here, its architecture will change, so the bosses can be reached in many different ways. Do not give in to your fear! Otherwise, it will devour you…
Before choosing the passage in the main hall, we will meet the Soul Essences, causing damage to the tank. After that, choose the path. On the way to the first boss, we will meet Maddened Survivalists, throwing ice or fire traps, Crazed Marksman, who shoot and launch rockets at a random player. There are various witches throughout the manor, in the first stage we will meet Heartsbane Runeweavers. Infected Peasants attack in front of them. They are accompanied by vile Devouring Maggots – sometimes a cast infection (a buff to themselves), if after that you kill it, then 3 more of them will appear in its place. Banquet Stewards casts Dinner Bell – you need to shoot down this caste, since after its use all monsters in the room will become aggressive. The first boss we meet in this damned house is called Raal the Gluttonous. This is a huge pig stuck in the floor.
Constantly will attack the entire group with the Consume All skill if no one is near her. Throws away Rotten Expulsion, from which slugs will appear – it is necessary to kill them as soon as possible.

Having coped with the pig, go further. The architecture is getting darker and crazier. Here we will meet Coven Thornshaper, who heals Thornguards and buffs them to reduce incoming damage; Spreading roots slow players, although the damage they cause is small. Matron Bryndle throws spikes, which you must dodge, and also attacks the tank.
The second boss who found refuge in this abandoned manor is Soulbound Goliath, a big black horned monster. The platform will periodically be struck by lightning and leave a fire into which the boss must be led. Goliath will summon Burning Souls adds – they cannot be attacked, and they will chase a random nearby player. From them, you can only run away.
Sometimes the boss will cast in Soul Thorns – you need to quickly break this caste to release an ally. Also deals Crush – strong damage against the tank. Despite the fact that the mechanics of this boss seems straightforward, you will have to try to exhaust him, since Goliath is very enduring. When this finally happens, the squad will proceed further. Here you will find Heartsbane Vinetwisters who put a debuff on a random player, Enthralled Guards, who attack in front of them, so try to stick to their backs and a few more mobs, including witches. Having cleared our way, we arrive at the third boss of the dungeon.

The Heartsbane Triad. This boss (more precisely, the 3 monsters that make up one boss) is one of the most difficult in the whole Battle for Azeroth expansion. 3 witches will pass a crystal to each other, which gives them the opportunity to strengthen attacks and receive auras. There is a shield hanging on them, reducing incoming damage by 90%, however, as soon as they receive a crystal, they become subject to attacks. First: Sister Solena. She has a specific aura: hangs a debuff aura that reduces outgoing Healing by 50%. Second: Sister Malady. Her aura hangs down stacking dots, which can be knocked down while moving. it puts a debuff on a random player – you have to leave the group and dispel it. After the expiry of the time, the action or dispell causes great damage. Third: Sister Briar. Aura: when you hit it, it deals damage in retaliation. Hangs DotA, which deals heavy damage. Crystal also has its own characteristics and combat function: at 100% energy level, it strongly attacks all nearby players, causing enormous damage. The sisters will pass each other a crystal when the level of health drops to 50%. It is necessary to complete 2 complete circles (thus, the sisters will give the crystal 6 times). After defeating this very difficult boss, we go down to the basement. There we will be attacked by Matron Alma, who has similar abilities, but her strength is much less. Next we will be attacked by mobs Soul Essences and Heartsbane Soulcharmer.
Now we fall under the vaults of the amphitheater, where we are met by the owners of the mansion, long ago imprisoned here by Dark forces: Lord Waycrest and Lady Waycrest. At first the lady will be unavailable for attacks. Every time when we will almost finish off the lord, the lady will heal him at the expense of her level of health. When we greatly lower the level of health of the lady, she will also enter into battle. Lord Skills: Wasting Strike – attack on the tank, as well as scatters Virulent Pathogen. Ladies sometimes spells Discordant Cadenza – you need to dodge it. After entering into battle, the lady uses the Wracking Chord skill. First we kill the lord, as with each healing from the Lady he will inflict more powerful damage.
Finally, the owners of the mansion fell dead. But this is not the end. We have to go further into the basement to deal with the essence, which is the source of all the troubles in this damned place. On the way to the final boss we have to deal with Gloom Horror. Gorak Tul appears in front of us (calls for Death Lens, reducing the level of health by -70%). The boss will also publish Darkened Lightning, affecting everyone standing nearby, and at 100% energy level casts Dread Essence, inflicting damage to the whole group and resurrecting all those killed adds. In order to prevent resurrection, Inquisitor Yorick, who helps us, will scatter Alchemical Fire, so that we burn the corpses of adds.


Welcome to the free pirate harbor, where pirate laws reign. Here, sea robbers drink, brawl, boast of their exploits and create atrocities. Irontide Raiders, a large pirate group, holds control of this place and imposes its own rules, wanting to see its flag on all the pirate ships of the ocean. Of course, it is very dangerous for the peaceful inhabitants of Kul-Tiras. The dungeon is very sinuous and has many options of passage.

On the way to the first boss, the biggest challenge will be the Irontide Enforcers, who push the tank and choose another, more vulnerable target. Brutal Backhand attack in front of you, you need to keep your back. Irontide Corsairs inflicts Poisoning Strike on a tank. Irontide Crackshots do damage to a random target. Before the 1st boss, AOE attacks will also be brought down on the squad, reducing speed by 40% and causing significant damage.

So, the first boss appears in front of us: Skycap’n Kragg riding a Sharkbait parrot. Usually a parrot sits on the shoulder of a pirate, but here is the opposite. This parrot can be obtained as a mount. Fight with this boss consists of two phases. Phase 1: the boss aims at a random player, his attacks must be avoided. Also shoots at the tank. During the second phase, the captain falls from the parrot and throws around the void zone. The parrot will fall in a random place and attack the one on the other side of the platform. The boss will drink Revitalizing Brew, which heals him. It is necessary to interrupt the use of the potion.
After defeating the first boss players will take part in a lottery. It is necessary to pass across a rope bridge to the central platform, where three scenarios will be offered, but for any of them it will be necessary to clear the entire platform. The first option: you need to take away the cap from all the mobs in the cap. The second option: the platform will run cute pug Murphy, from which you must pick up the key and save the refugees from prisons. The most dangerous mobs on the platform are Vermin Trappers, throwing freezing traps. Why do we need to participate in the lottery?
The second boss is the Council o ‘Captains – 3 captains. If you catch them all together, they put a Under One Banner buff on each other, reducing the incoming damage by 100% and increasing the damage done by the captains by 100%, so they become almost unkillable. Fulfillment of one condition neutralizes one of the bosses. Captain Jolly summons a whirlwind from the Cutting Surge blade, knocking down targets – you need to aviod it. Captain Eudora jumps on a random player, causing significant damage. Captain Raoul throws a Blackout Barrel into a random player, dimming the screen and disorienting him. It is imperative that your allies help you to wash off.
Then we go to the arena. Mobs that you will meet: Cutwater Harpooners, pulling a random player towards them. Irontide Crushers throwing stones. The third boss is an arena where you have to crush three enemies. First you have to catch the little pig called Lightning, but the first 4 attempts will fail — you will be stunned. For the fifth time you will succeed. The second opponent is Ludwig Von Tortollan, a big turtle. Throws Shell Bounce, spinning armors, flip up players. You can dodge them. The third opponent is Trothak. Casts Shark Tornado, literally a whirlwind of sharks, when landing, the shark chooses the nearest target and pursues it. It is necessary to drive the shark to the tank so that it switches to him. Also uses Ripper Punch, from which you can dodge. After winning the arena, we go towards the last boss. On the way to him, we need to deal with Irontide Buccaneers, Irontide Officers, and Irontide Ravagers.

The name of the final boss is Harlan Sweete. Uses Cannon Barrage on all members of the squad, except for the tank, or on a random player. Consists of 5 shots. We must make it as far as possible from the group. After the volley leaves fiery void zones. Summons Irontide Grenadiers, who choose a random player, begin to pursue him, and as soon as they catch up with the victim, they explode. Sometimes the boss waves his saber, which makes Swiftwind Saber moving from him and spreading players. Sometimes throws the dice, which give 1 of 2 options: Loaded Dice: All Hands! (attacks in front of him – run behind the boss’s back) or Loaded Dice: Man-O-War (+ 100% attack speed, but increases the damage taken).


Monumental ancient temple, where the tides bless the newly built ships before they set off to conquer the ocean. However, something evil lurked here… The dungeon is fairly straightforward and does not have much variation. The first ones we meet here are the Shrine Templars, who patrol the territory. They are not very difficult to kill, but have a passive Protective Aura, reducing the incoming damage of the allies. Tidesage Spiritualist require increased attention: the castes hang healing on themselves or allies. It must be knocked down or quickly dispelled. They also throw anchors – they need to be avoided. Then you will meet Temple Attendants and Living Currents – the water elemental, casting Rising Tides, sharpening the group into an area in which you cannot cast spells and perform any actions, raises the group into the air and drops, causing significant damage. The first boss of this dungeon is Aqu’sirr, a large elemental located in a pool on the edge of a cliff. The most dangerous thing is moving the boss. At the time of moving all the players on their way will die, so it is necessary to closely monitor its trajectory. Throws out void zones, imperceptible under the water. Periodically it tries to push a random player from the platform with a stream of water. When the boss has little health, he splits into 3 smaller copies with the same abilities, but weaker. It is necessary to quickly kill them, after which the boss will come together again, and you will only have to finish him off.
On the way to the next boss, we will meet three mini bosses. Windspeaker Heldis is very aggressive and throws Windblast under the players. Casts rune for themselves, increasing the speed of casts, it is necessary to withdraw it, and to put the squad caster in the rune, but it should be borne in mind that Windblast is hardly visible from the rune. Casts vortex, causing damage to the whole group. The next enemy, Runecarver Sorn, has a large supply of health, you must quickly remove him from the rune to reduce incoming damage and the whole group to come into it. Attacks a random player with an attack that can only be survived while the character is in the rune. And finally, the third monster, the Guardian Elemental, also has a large supply of health. Uses two skills: Electrifying Shock – deals damage to a random player, Shipbreaker Storm – deals damage to the whole group for 5 seconds. The second boss is the Tidesage Council, which consists of two servants of the temple. Galecaller Faye calls Slicing Blast, a tornado that does damage to the whole group. Also encourages Reinforcing Ward, which increases attack damage. Brother Ironhull: Hindering Cleave attacks in front of him, hold your back. It is necessary to remove both bosses from the runes that they create. First concentrate the DPS group on Faye – she is stronger.

Next we will meet the following enemies: Deepsea Ritualists – debuffs a random player and causes damage to others, the victim must escape from the group. Tidesage Enforcers scatter the void zones under the players. Drowned Depthbringers inflicts great damag. Abyss Dwellers debuff players, albeit weak ones, kill them quickly. Abyssal Cultists has 2 shields – from magic or physical attacks. Casts Mental Assault against the tank.

The next boss you meet in the Temple is Lord Stormsong. Strikes a Void Bolt at a random player. Summons 3 Awoken Void orbs, sticking to random players, in a collision with which the target takes a lot of damage. On the way to the final boss, the player will meet with Abyssal Eels, who attack mainly the tank, the Forgotten Denizens, who cast a spell that instantly restores their 100% health, and Sunken Denizens.
The final boss of the ancient temple, waiting for you at the very end – Vol’zith the Whisperer. The fight with him will be held in 2 phases. During the first one, we fight a monster that sometimes uses the Yawning Gate, generating a huge void zone that keeps silence on everyone who has fallen into it. Also, the boss calls Tentacle Slam – tentacles attacking players in front of them. After the boss has accumulated 100% of the energy, he will apply to your squad Grasp of the Sunken City, which sends players to another world, dividing the squad into 2 parts.
The Tank and the Healer gets to the Sunken Denizen, and the DD gets to two Forgotten Denizens. As soon as the group copes, it is sent to the second group for help. After killing the mobs, we return to the boss, who makes a long cast of shield at this time, which must be knocked down. After that, the boss calls for 5 adds, which slowly creep to him – do not let them get to the boss, otherwise the whole group will suffer great damage. The described phases are repeated until the boss is defeated.


This dungeon is the prison of Ashwan company, which holds dissidents and insurgents there. In one of the dungeon rooms, we will see inmates playing Hearthstone. Here we will meet many prisoners and guards, the dungeon is very narrow and tunnel, so basically we will look at the back of our own character. On the way to the first boss, we will be pestered mainly by Silt Crabs, who cast a squeeze at random player.
The first boss is the sinister guardian, The Sand Queen. Uses Sand Trap: void zone under all players that throws up, stuns and gives great damage. Periodically causes Sandstorm, causing damage to the entire group for 12 seconds + moves you from your location: do not fall into the sand trap. Sometimes she uses Upheaval – goes underground and appears under the random player, throws him up and causes damage to nearby players, so the victim must run away from the group. Summons a Fuzzing Drone – each time, dying near the boss, they give her a buff, which increases the casting speed and attack power by 5% for 4 seconds.
After the Queen is defeated, we find a tunnel where Stinging Parasites are hiding – this is the entrance to the prison. From the other end of the passage, Sewer Vicejaws are waiting for us – the alligators giving the tank a dota, which reduces the maximum level of health. The first guards we meet are the Irontide Thugs, which release Debilitating Shout, reducing the damage we cause by 50%. Cutwater Strikers throw stones at a random target. Bilge Rat Seaspeakers are able to deploy a shield on themselves and on allies, dispel it.
The second boss of an isolated island prison is Jes Howlis. Uses Flashing Daggers: discarding a skill that makes sense to hide behind a wall. Caste Howling Fear. At 50% of the energy throws Smoke Powder, which marks the beginning of the second phase of the battle. During the second phase, the boss frees the assistants from prison; the tank should deal with them. One of his assistants is his brother, Bobby Howlis, whose most powerful attack, Vicious Mauling, overturns a random player and for 30 seconds. deals him significant damage every second. It is necessary to bring down his shield, and then interrupt the cast as soon as possible, otherwise the ally will die.
Going further, we will meet Ashvane Jailers and Ashvane Officers, who throw handcuffs, trying to immobilize you. Also here we will meet Ashvane Marines and Ashvane Flamecasters, throwing fireballs. You can see the barrels of gunpowder placed here and there: taking any damage from the fire, they will be set on fire for 4 seconds. cause damage to everyone within a radius of 20 m. Suddenly we get out of prison and run across the roof. Here you will need to approach quickly and kill mobs with the help of it. Keep in mind that if mobs get to them first, they will break them.

The third boss, Knight Captain Valyri, is on a small platform with a low roof, with almost no visibility. Uses mainly 2 skills: Burning Arsenal and Cinderflame. It spreads up to 4 barrels on the platform, which explode when receiving fire damage. Next we will meet several mobs that can be killed with guns, and finally we will meet the final bass of the dungeon, the prison warden, Overseer Korgus.

His main weapon is the Heartstopper Venom – a debuff that hits the entire group at once. Stacks as you move, so the boss will try to make you move. Crossfire: attack in 5 possible directions (you will have to run). Explosive ejection: a marker is hung up on a random player, which after 5 seconds causes damage and throws away all those who are in the radius of defeat: run away from the group. Deadeye: deals damage to a random player + hangs up a debuff that increases the damage from the next similar attack by 500%. Explosive Burst: kicks back nearest targets.


Insidious Lady Ashvane, who has fallen on the dark side, took advantage of the weakened guard of the capital and made a coup. Now the heroes must free the city, but Darkness will not surrender without a fight … This dungeon is one of the two that are available for passing only on the Mythic difficulty level. To access it, you must pump your reputation with a War Campaign (regardless of the faction for which you are fighting). This dungeon has undergone many changes during the beta testing.
The first person we meet in the besieged city is Kul Tiran Halberds: it is dangerous for tanks, hangs up a debuff that increases the time needed for a caste by 30%. He is helped by the guards. The first boss we will meet is Sergeant Bainbridge. When applied, the Iron Gaze focuses on a random player, pursues it and accelerates every 2 seconds. To slow down, you need to bring him to the bombs that he throws. Summons two adds: Kul Tiran Vanguard (attacks in front of him) and Kul Tiran Marksman (shoots, causing damage to a random player). Need to divert their attention to the tank. The boss periodically uses Hangman’s Noose, which puts a loop on one of the players and draws him to the boss.
After defeating the first boss, we meet two mini-bosses: Ashvane Commanders, and Irontide Marauders – turns into a whirlwind, which is necessary to dodge. Also here we will meet Frontide Powdershot – stand in a row and shoot a wall, their attack should be waited, hiding behind the wall. Ashvane Spotter debuffs a random player, causing shelling at him, the victim must deflect the artillery bomb from the group and dodge.
We get to the second boss: Dread Captain Lockwood. With 100% energy, she leaps onto the ship’s deck, becoming inaccessible to attacks, and produces a volley. Summons two different mobs – Ashvane Deckhands, which attack in front of him, and Ashvane Cannoneers, who shoot. They must be killed in the first place, as they drop the guns, with which you can drive the boss off the deck. Periodically, the Captain applies the skill Clear the Deck, which throws back the tank, as well as Evasive – runs away from the tank, while causing damage to a random player.

After the squad dealt with her and went to the next boss, the path of the heroes will be blocked: Bilge Rat Demolisher, who has a large health reserve and makes a powerful attack in front of him. You must keep the mob near a corner or a wall to be able to hide. Bilge Rat Buccaneers, Bilge Rat Pillagers and Bilge Rat Tempests will also run here.
It is time to meet the third boss, a huge monster armed with a spiked cudgel: Hadal Darkfathom. The boss casts Crashing Tide, attacking in front of him leaving a void zone. Break Water throws up a random player. Periodically, the boss also uses Tidal Surge: a huge tsunami from 1 to 4 sides of the platform, from which you can hide behind a statue. Washes away void zones.

Finally, it remains for us to crush only one final boss: Viq’Goth. After appearing on the platform, you need to save the goblin from the gripping embrace of Gripping Terror, so that he can repair the gun.  The second target – Demolishing Terrors, which should attack the tank. After release, the goblin repairs the gun, with which the team deals damage to the boss. After use, the void zone is scattered under the gun, so you need to leave it as soon as possible. After the accomplished actions, go to the next platform, where we repeat the same thing. The boss begins to use the Putrid Waters debuff, which deals great damage, so healers should be alert. After the second platform will remain to take the fight on the third platform. You have to run and dodge a lot. Note! Narrow bridges are laid between the platforms. Try to run on them and not to step into the water, because, contacting it, your character will receive strong damage!

Remember that, in fact, no matter how confident you are, one unexpected strike or a lost second is enough for a battle to fail, especially at a high level of difficulty. If you are not ready to spend so much time and effort on passing, but would like to get the best equipment and prestigious achievements, or if you lack one particularly toothy dungeon for a complete collection, our CakeBoost team will gladly pass any dungeon for you or together with you. In our ranks – only the best of the best, tested in endless battles. Leave all worries aside and let us take care of everything. You are in safe hands!

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