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September 5 was a special date in the history of WoW. The second chapter of the expansion gave the heroes a chance to fight against Old Gods, and many heroes left their native lands to protect Azeroth. Thus, many villages were left defenseless, because all the warriors went to the Great War, and there was no one to ensure the safety of the unfortunate farmers, who were threatened with robberies. The local syndicates were solely concerned about their own profit, so the robbers felt free, making raids on defenseless villages everywhere, while citizens had to defend their lives and property on their own. However, the players decided to demonstrate their serious

intentions to defend the common good, so they formed battle cells on the front lines to fight lawlessness. The most effective way to form such combat cells for battle with the Legion was a squad of 5 players, in which roles are strictly distributed:

* TANK – redirects the main enemy aggression to himself; thus this hardy player minimizes the damage directed on weaker players from enemy attacks. This player is the first to take the brunt of himself, as his vitality and endurance increase his chances of survival. The best classes for this role are: monk, paladin, warrior, death knight, druid, demon hunter. Regardless of class, Stamina should be strong.

* HEALER – a necessary character who heals and supports his allies to save them from death. Is the least protected member of the squad, so you need to ensure that the Healer does not suffer fatal damage. The main resource of the character who assumes this role should be Mana for successfully casting a large number of healing spells. The number of Mana is in direct proportion to the level of the character (max. 110,000 points at 120th level).

* DAMAGE DEALERS (DD) – these characters are the attacking force of the squad: while the Tank takes the brunt and the Healer supports the allies, preventing the loss of HP, DD players use their skills to attack the enemy and deprive him of HP until his death.

Fans of the game who took part in the game expansion “Mists of Pandaria” are already familiar with this system. It became a logical replacement for the previous system, which didn’t forgive mistakes: the slightest weakening of attention was fraught with the fact that all your efforts immediately turned to dust, and the time was too limited. However, not everything went smoothly at once: the first attempts to introduce a new PvE system into the game didn’t succeed, because it provoked errors in the landscape design displaying, and also left loopholes, using which some guilds set records and made their way into the higher echelons unfairly. In addition, the new system was so cruel that only 4% of the players could contrive to fulfill all the requirements for the successful completion of the task!

This bad experience led developers to turn to the help of the gaming community when developing updates. It was a great decision: after all, no one knows the game from the inside better than the players themselves! This helped prevent the implementation of deliberately failed ideas, the adoption of wrong decisions, helped to correct mistakes in the “Legion” expansion, so soon the unfortunate incident was forgotten, giving way to a new exciting gaming experience. Fair competition returned, and the new system allowed players to focus on developing and applying holistic strategies.


* Provide a squad with blood-lust ability that will give faster global reload of talents and a 30% acceleration bonus;

* Battle Resurrection gives you a second chance to correct mistakes. You can take advantage of this opportunity instantly or wait for the end of the battle;

* Forget about personal gain. Severe conditions require coordinated teamwork and cooperation. Listen to your allies: you must act as one piece!

* Agility, Strength, Stamina are your main advantages. Improving these indicators may require a large investment of time and effort, but the benefits of such investments are worth it. For short-term achievement of such effects, you can use special potions, but be prepared to pay with an impressive amount of gold;

* Don’t neglect the repair of broken armor! Use a hammer or the help of a specialist;

* Don’t forget to set the desired level of difficulty BEFORE you descend into the dungeon!

* To complete the task successfully, the squad leader must check the readiness of all participants, then give a signal to start the service;

* In order to trigger a countdown, a player with Keystone must activate it with a cup.

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