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Dazar’alor Normal /Heroic/Mythic Bosses


In order to defeat the Bosses of the Battle of Dazar’alor raid, you will need a high speed of reaction, the ability to correctly analyze the situation and apply the appropriate tactics, know your strengths and weaknesses and show outstanding gaming performance. You will also need a strong cohesive team and… Be lucky!


Under the leadership of the warrior, hardened by multiple battles, strong Frida Ironbellows, this part of the Alliance forces will be the first to face the Horde forces that are hastily returning to the city after the Alliance makes a vile deceptive maneuver to lure the army from the Сapital.


Frida imposes various reinforcing Seals on herself, which increase the power of her attacks. When her energy indicator reaches 100%, she reveals the power of Seals and strengthens her allies with their help. The commander and her soldiers will try to surround you using Wave of Light and Consecration. Frida has allied crusaders who not only help her soldiers in carrying out attacks, but also heal wounded soldiers.


Once, Grong was wise and strong, but his desire to serve the Alliance was so strong that it lost its adequacy: he voluntarily allowed himself to be transformed into a living biohazard machine, within which his mind had faded away, and now he is driven by just one instinct: to destroy the Alliance’s enemies!


As soon as the Boss reaches an energy level of 100%, or if he is hurt with Discharge Apetagonizer Core, he attacks enemies with Tantrum.


LooKing at the well-coordinated work of Manceroy and Mestrah, it is hard to believe that these two started joint training sessions not so long ago: they understand each other perfectly and are able to effectively cooperate their forces for maximum effectiveness of attacks and defense. They are very devoted to the Alliance and will stop at nothing when it comes to crushing and killing the Horde warriors.


The main feature of these Bosses is the ability to combine their skills, which not only complicates the task of breaKing through their defense, but also makes their attacks several times more deadly.


Wanting to protect his magnificent treasure Pyramid from the invasion of uninvited guests, King Dazar granted it with the ability to stand up for itself, attacKing anyone who tries to penetrate its depths. Many reckless thieves fell victim to the Pyramid, unable to get out of the trap. After that, no one else dared to try to get inside and solve the secret of the ancient golden treasury…


The only way to survive in this battle is to divide the squad into two flank, each of which will make its way through the halls independently of each other. As each flank clears its way, it is necessary to collect special Crown Jewels

that will help the heroes confront the disparate strength of the Guardians of the Pyramid that will do everything to keep you away.


If you manage to destroy the guards who try to stop you at the cost of their own lives, you will continue your journey inside the tomb, where you will soon meet the ancient Conclave, which includes the six most respected and great loa of Zandalari Empire. Each of them is strong in its own way and has its own distinctive features. In addition, loa has personal bodyguards who will faithfully protect their masters from troublemakers.


These Bosses will attack you in pairs. To begin, your squad will have to deal with two Aspects, which will attack you as soon as you enter the hall where the Conclave is located. The rest of the Loa will be watching your fight without interfering for now. As soon as one of the pair is defeated, the next opponent enters into battle, and thus until you defeat everyone from the Conclave.


If you managed to survive a brutal fight with Conclave of The Chosen, you will fall to the very heart of the treasury. Here rests the ancient great ruler of the Empire, King Rastakhan. Once, when his patron fell, he turned to a new defender, a sly and dark Bwonsamdi, the loa of death. He made a terrible deal with him. After that, he managed to crush his enemies, but no one knows what it cost him…


The fight with this Boss takes place in several phases, during which we become witnesses to the real drama. First, the King will fight with the squad with the help of his bodyguards. When they fall, he will call on his dark powerful patron, Bwonsamdi, and they will try to crush your party together. When HP of King Rastakhan drops to 60%, Bwonsamdi will transfer some of the Death Energy to him to restore his health. After the transfer is completed, Bwonsamdi teleports to the world of the dead, dragging down half the troop behind him. So he will fight this part, the PC in the world of the living King fights with the remaining heroes. As soon as you manage to lower the HP Bwonsamdi level to 50%, he will leave Rastakhan. The team will reunite in the world of the living to finish off the King, who was left alone, treacherously abandoned by his patron.


The cleverest, promising and outstanding inventor and engineer of the Alliance, the gnome Gelbin Mekkatorque, who built many progressive tools for the army and, in particular, for the siege of the ancient Capital, will selflessly fight the heroes of the Horde, dressed in high-tech armor. Punchinch this armor won’t be easy…


In battle with the heroes of the Horde, Gelbin Mekkatorque will use the latest weapons technology. His armor is not only poorly attackable, but also capable of repairing itself. Also, the gnome will have helpers whom he will defend with the help of Gnomish Force Shield. To capture and neutralize bots, use the World Enlarger.


Two dedicated, devoutly religious ministers of the Sea cult, Brother Joseph and Sister Katherine, dedicated their lives to serving the Gods of the Sea. For many years they studied ancient rituals. Sea Gods, pleased with their devotion, favor them, and therefore are standing on the side of these priests. They are able to command the

crushing force of the waves and the Sea wind. Both Bosses are true patriots and will make every effort to win the battle against the Horde vile forces for the glory of Kul Tiras!


After the Alliance forces fled the Sea, two ships with Brother Joseph and Sister Katherine remained to detain the pursuers and allow their allies to escape successfully and save their lives. These priests will not only inflict powerful attacks, but will also summon a huge elemental from the depths of the Sea, Laminaria, which can flood the entire ancient Capital! You must dodge the attacks of this creature, as the only blow will lead to the death of your whole team. Brother Joseph and Sister Katherine can resurrect each other, so you need to plan your battle to kill them at the same time.


Brave Jaina Proudmoore, one of the greatest magicians who ever lived, made the brave decision to slow down her pursuers to allow her army to escape to the friendly maritime expanses. The heiress of the Kul Tiras, the Daughter of the Sea, the leader of the Alliance, she fearlessly faces the hated Horde and is ready to sacrifice her life for her people. Jaina is the most difficult Boss of the entire raid, so you have to make every effort to crush her. In addition to Jaina, you will have to deal with her allies and minions, including the family ship of Proudmoores and the powerful Ice Elementals. Remember that you are at Sea, and it is definitely not on your side. Danger can be everywhere, so do not allow yourself to relax even for a second. Even a small mistake can cost you much.


The battle with Jaina takes place in three stages. During stage 1, Jaina will call in a crowd of Kul Tiran Corsairs to bombard your squad. You’ll have to move quickly, so as not to be hurt by the explosion. Also, these minions will throw incinerated barrels of gunpowder at you, which must be thrown overboard before they explode. During the second phase, Jaina will use slowing spells that can practically deprive your unit of the ability to move. The slowdown effect becomes even more devastating during the last, third phase of the battle. Team members need to release their comrades who are in the grip of ice captivity, which can be enhanced with the Prismatic Images spell, before they are lethally overtaken by Shattering Lance.

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