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Folks like archaeologists spend their days seeking for fantabulous treasures of the Past Times all around the world not only on the Earth surface, but beneath the ground as well. They are able to dig out really valuable Items or Artifacts from the Ancient times. Their amazing flair to pick some rare, mighty and historically valuable rarities out of a group of ordinary things knows no bounds. You don’t have to possess any special abilities or skills to learn this activity in any peculiar manner, as it is supposed to be a secondary one, that means anyone can afford studying the excavation methods to go search the remnant ruins.


Those who’s got a bent to practice Alchemy tend to collect different useful herbs in order to make various mixtures out of them. All that is done to create strong potions, able to affect your characters and their health, or others, in some unique and interesting manners. One can succeed in making up mixtures whose essence lies in such effects as invisibility and healing, strong immune and health resistance or mana strength. Also you’ll be able to materialize small useful things and substances that come in handy sometimes, such as oil, water, etc. to clean and protect your Items.

Actually such a knowledge can give a lot for every classin the World of Warcraft, and more than twice if united with the herbalism study. Alchemy has got all chances to be the best variant to practice out of all the activities.


Those players who want to be truly skilled blacksmiths will study how to make up all sorts of mighty Battle Weapons, heavyweight Armor Clothing Suits out of iron or steel plates and loads and loads of other specialized Tools and Equipment. You might turn out to be one of the most genius Blacksmiths, who is bursting with creative ideas how to update your gaming devices, while installing a specific input for Artifact Magical Gems. In other words, Blacksmiths are great at modifying their stuff to perfectly fit not only their constitution, but their guild or team partners’ as well. The most important peculiarity of this Activity is a professional access to the Craft Market, where you can trade all of your good products under the Auction principle.


Any person willing to study such a profession as cooking will come to know everything about different odd food ingredients from all over the world of Azeroth and a great deal of fancy recipes as well. Talented Cooking students can enhance their kitchen skill as much as being able to run whole joyous festivals, at which large crowds of folks, constructing an entire gaming party, can satisfy their aching hunger. Moreover, homemade dishes perfectly force the Health Recovery and somehow draw new side partners to those, who ate them.


These people, who can call themselves Engineers, have got a natural flair to invent, sometimes even randomly, a whole range of useful tools. The students of this Activity have got to fall in love with unceasing detail work and be ready for a difficult path of experimental failures, nevertheless leading to new great inventions, such as mech pet animals, robot mounts, mighty battle weapons, and even sight-curing glasses or some other stuff.


Some people are truly interested in mystical and magic affairs. Such an Activity as Enchanting teaches people how to get magical tools rid of their inner strength in order to enrich any other pieces of equipment with it. You will learn how to put a spell on things correctly, raising the characteristics of any weapon or armor kit. It will improve their quality and level, of course. Furthermore, it is a real profession as you are able to sell your magic services to those, who you meet.


You are offered to study such a chilling and relaxing activity as fishing. It’s a wonderful skill to keep yourself and your team mates from starving by exploring a great number of water bodies located in Azeroth. If you’re patient enough, while standing at the shore and trying different baits, you will be definitely rewarded with a rich haul of fish. You may be as lucky as to catch a real marine delicacy to feed feeble characters in order to renovate their Health or amplify their Gear, or it may turn out to be an excellent treasure among some floating debris. Scaling this ability up allows an experienced fisher to search dark ocean depths for unique and rare things, left there after a shipwreck or eaten by sea dwellers.


Herbs that may be found in the world of Azeroth serve as a rich lode of health and power. Those people who are eager to learn the basic principles of Herbalism will come to know everything about harvesting them and using their potency in the right manner. You’ll be taught how to sharpen your senses in order to track down the most useful and valuable flora types during your long trips across the forest and valleys. If you don’t practice Alchemy yourself, any master of this craft is able to make a strong and powerful mixture out of your findings. Alchemists know a great deal of magical recipes how to bring any desired effect out of the greenery, so the unity of these two crafts can be really fruitful. Moreover, you’ll be able to make great supplies of vital herbs not only for yourself, but your team as well to back you up while exploring the World of Warcraft.


Inscription studies let you become a Scribe – a person able to write down words of magic in such a manner that they could constitute a whole sentence of spell. This can be used to scale up players’ characteristics, even those that require not only common means, but some extraterrestrial influence as well. True masters of this craft get themselves ready for adventures by writing magical books, scrolls or vellum sheets that can be spread among your teammates as well. Inscription resembles Enchanting much. It can serve in the same way of improving senior players, who have already used all their possible chances to grow. This is true concerning only their personality and class, but not their belongings.


Those who are interested in a whole galaxy of gemstones and noble metal sorts usually choose to study Jewelcrafting. This knowledge leads a dedicated student to revealing magnificent magic potency in the things that seem inanimate at the first glance. You’ll be able to make all types of jewelry, such as bracelets, rings, chains, amulets, etc. not only to sell for your living, but to practice some rare magical teachings as well.

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