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Azshara’s Eternal Palace Full Guide


WoW’s latest expansion, “Battle for Azeroth,” continues to evolve. Danger came from where nobody expected. The fourth expansion raid, AZSHARA’S ETERNAL PALACE , was released under the new PATCH 8.2: RISE OF AZSHARA. Azshara’s Eternal Palace is the palace of Queen, where she invited the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance to witness her triumphal elevation as the sole ruler of Azeroth.

The new raid, Azshara’s Eternal Palace, is located in Nazjatar and is the residence of Queen Azshara and countless of her loyal minions. Players will have to break the ancient plan of the mighty Queen Azshara and prevent her tyranny.

Azshara’s Eternal Palace introduces a new style into the game, is very different in atmosphere and impresses with original game mechanics. The raid structure keeps players on their toes throughout the passage of the dungeon. Raid continues to develop the storyline leading to the mysterious creature from the Depths, N’Zot.

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Ten thousand years ago, dark centuries lasted in world history. Queen Azshara made a deal with the dark lord of the depths, N’Zoth, to gain unlimited power over her subjects. This deal turned her people into faithful slaves, which allowed her to restore the former greatness of her ruined empire. For long millennia, Queen Azshara has planned its triumphant elevation over Azeroth as the sole ruler, and this moment is near. You have to stop her and not allow her to seize power.

Queen Azshara’s Palace is plunged into darkness and painted in black and purple tones. It’s ominous beauty is bewitching. Gloomy, tangled like a subconscious, the labyrinth of catacombs will take you deeper and deeper into Darkness and the Depth. The Queen’s insinuating voice will constantly try to lead you astray and subjugate your will. Throughout the raid, players will be subjected to psychological attacks and intimidation. You will need resistance to stress, good equipment and a strong team of allies.

Azshara’s Eternal Palace is available on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty levels. For participating in this terrible adventure as you explore the Queen Azshara Palace and kill its minions, you can get useful items (Normal: 415-430 iLvl, Heroic: 430-445 iLvl, Mythic: 445-460 iLvl), as well as prestigious achievements, armor, gold and much more. And most importantly, you will be one more step closer to solving the dark ancient secret of the Depths.


On the way to Queen Azshara, your squad must defeat 7 bosses, each of whom is an approximate queen and infinitely loyal to her. They have their own mechanics, unique skills and tactics. Like Queen Azshara, they will try to invade your mind and break your will. When you succeed in defeating them, you will encounter the final boss, Queen Azshara herself.

She is incredibly powerful and intelligent. Over the past millennia, Queen Azshara has verified its insidious plan thoroughly. Remember that for her subjects she is the unconditional ruler, so each of them will go to great lengths to protect her. Thus, all in the new raid 8 bosses. Below we will take a look on each of them separately.

Bosses are divided into three groups (stages), which you will pass gradually. The first stage consists of 3 bosses and is called “The Grand Reception”.

Abyssal Commander Sivara


This seasoned warrior, who is equally skilled in magic and martial arts, led the troops of Queen Azshara to victory more than once, without stopping at anything.

Frost Mark or Toxic Brand is applied to players. If they mix, players take damage from Unstable Mixture, which also restack players. It is necessary to transfer the role of the tank between several players, which will prevent Rimefrost or Septic Taint overstack. It is necessary to dodge the blows of the second component Unstable Mixture.


Chimeric Marks: the skill that the boss applies at the very beginning of the battle, casting one of the two marks on the players. After applying one of the two marks, players must avoid collisions with the second component to avoid the formation of an Unstable Mixture;Frost Mark: 2 Frost damage/1 seconds; movement speed reduced by 1%. Stackable;

Frozen Blood: Frost Mark freezes the blood in your character’s veins. You must constantly move to avoid the fate of being frozen (at Heroic and Mythic difficulty level);

Frozen: your body turns into ice, and you lose the ability to move for 5 seconds at Heroic and Mythic;

Toxic Brand: Marks the player with a poisonous brand. 5 Nature damage / 3 seconds; healing received reduced by 5%. Stackable;

Venomous Blood: Toxic Mark poisons the blood in your character’s veins. If you move too much, your character will get a Delirious effect. Try to avoid sudden movements (at Heroic and Mythic);

Delirious: effect disorienting player for 5 seconds;

Unstable Mixture: +4 Nature damage/1 seconds for 5 seconds including all teammates;

Crushing Reverberation: +350 Physical damage, distributed among all teammates; the subsequent a shockwave knocks the player down;

Inversion: changes the players’ Chimeric Marks to the opposite, which leads to Inversion Sickness; on Heroic and Mythic levels also turns pools of Frozen Ground and Septic Ground into each other;

Inversion Sickness: an effect resulting from the use of Inversion; changing Chimeric Marks deprives a player of the ability to move for 4 seconds The victim explodes, imposing his mark on all teammates (in 4 yards).

Blackwater Behemoth


This creature was invoked from unimaginable depths of darkness. His worldview is beyond the comprehension of mortals, and only Queen Azshara is able to rule him. The monster will protect the queen’s treasures and will try to destroy anyone who invades his possessions.

Where this creature comes from, the magic of healing does not work correctly. In order for the healers of the team to treat their teammates, players must collect Bioluminescence. If you float on water, Bioluminescence will attract the attention of various creatures (Gaze from Below). Periodically, the boss will move to another platform, where he will cast Cavitation wave; it is necessary to interrupt this cast. Tanks need to avoid a large number of feeding frenzy stacks that will be accumulated by the boss. If you do not use Radiant Biomass, you will not be able to receive healing from allies. Healers can use Coral Bloom to provide teammates with the ability to absorb Bioluminescence. However, make sure that the glow of Bioluminescence is over by the time you approach the edge of the abyss, so as not to become a prey for Gaze from Below. In order to gain Bioluminescence, you need to swim to the active Bioluminescent Cloud. In order to interrupt Cavitation, you must swim across the chasm before the boss finishes casting.


Darkest Depths: incoming healing reduced by 100%;

Bioluminescent Cloud: if you enter the active cloud, you will get Bioluminescence for 45 seconds;

Bioluminescence: cancels the action of Darkest Depths and allows you to receive healing from allies;

Gaze from Below: if you navigate through open water, beaming Bioluminescence, you can attract creatures from the bottom of the abyss that will instantly kill you;

Ravenous Behemoth: you can get under bioelectric attacks or meet Toxic Spines;

Radiant Biomass: doesn’t affect incoming healing; +20 Nature damage/3 seconds for 15 seconds

Feeding Frenzy: +3% attack speed;

Toxic Spine: +15 Nature damage/3 seconds for 12 seconds;

Shock Pulse: +70 Nature damage to the whole teammates within 35 yards; 2 attacks in 2 seconds;

Piercing Barb: + 690 Nature damage; splits between the targeted players;

Delve Deeper: the boss will try to hide to cast a spell causing a Cavitation wave;

Cavitation: +150 Nature damage/2 seconds until interrupted;

Slipstream: +80 swim speed;

Glowing Stinger: +10 Nature damage/2 seconds for 8 seconds. The effect appears when approaching the jellyfish. Be careful!

Radiance of Azshara


In order to create this devotional monster, Queen Azshara sacrificed her servant, who was under her unconditional influence. This monster remains faithful to its owner and will defend its queen at any cost.

This boss accumulates enough energy to summon the Ancient Tempest, concentrated around Stormwraith, whose energy will increase, causing increasing damage to players who are not in the

center of the storm. This can only be stopped by killing Stormwraith. On Mythic difficulty levels, 2 Storm Eyes and 2 Stormwraith will be created. Do not allow Stormwraiths and Stormlings to hit the center of the storm and acquire the Swirling Winds. Healers have to unplug the Arcane Bomb after the affected player enters the safe zone (where you will be outside the reach of Stormwraith’s skill Gale Buffet, firing from the center of the storm).


Rising Fury: the boss calls for traps and hazards to help;

Tide Fist: +60 Physical damage; +200% incomig Physical damage for 22 seconds;

Arcanado Burst: aimed at 2 players; +20 Frost damage; installs 2 arcanadoes;

Arcanado: +25 Frost damage; knocks players down;

Squall Trap: causes +13 Arcane damage х3 times; +50% Haste for 10 seconds;

Arcane Bomb: attaches to one of the players. The injured player needs to reach the safe zone for safe disposal. In an explosion, it causes +55 Arcane damage +6 seconds stun (within a radius of 10 yds);

Unshackled Power: Inflicts 50 Arcane damage to all players;

Ancient Tempest: pushes players away from the center of the storm; +6 Frost damage / 2 seconds -99% incoming damage for the boss;

Gale Buffet: +30 Frost damage; knocks players down (in a radius of 300 yards).

Swirling Winds: -99% incoming damage and + 10% HP / 2 seconds restoration for the Stormwraiths and Stormlings.

After you successfully complete the battle with these three bosses, you will proceed to the next stage (the second of the three), which also consists of three bosses: “Depths of the Devoted”.

Lady Ashvane


This woman made an alliance with Queen Azshara, because she passionately sought power. Now she will devotedly fight on her side. However, the price of desire may be higher than she expected. She still does not suspect what a horrific transformation awaits her and what disgusting, ugly production of darkness she will have to turn into.

At the beginning of the battle, she is clothed in Hardened Carapace, which absorbs all the damage it takes. After the destruction of this protection, the pieces of Azerite that are in the body of the boss, flare up and give its energy. When Lady reaches 100% energy level, her protection will be restored again. In order to defeat this boss, your team will require coordinated actions and cooperation. Rippling Waves cannot be allowed to touch the Boss. Use Arcing Azerite to destroy Coral Growths. Contact with Rippling Wave causes great damage to all squad members, so be careful!

Fight with the boss occurs in 2 stages. STAGE 1: “HARDENED CARAPACE”. At the beginning of the battle Lady will be dressed in protective armor. STAGE 2: EXPOSED AZERITE. During this stage, pieces of Azerite embedded in the Lady’s body will inflict damage to several players and give strength to the boss. Do not forget that as soon as the level of energy the Lady rises to 100%, her Hardened Carapace will be restored. Each time after recovery, it will be 150% stronger than before!


Coral Growth: corals grow from the ground; +20 Nature damage to all targets within 10 yards; knocks down;

Rippling Wave: Ripling Wave begins to move toward the Boss. Each wave that reaches the Lady restores 10% of her protection, also causes +30 Frost damage to all squad members; A player who has come into contact with these waves is superimposed with a Waterlogged effect (+10 Frost damage / 3 seconds for 20 min, stackable);

Empowered Rippling Wave: enhanced version of the wave. Each wave that reaches the Lady restores 30% of her protection, also causing +90 Frost damage to all squad members;

Briny Bubble: + 15 Nature damage/1.5 seconds;

Upsurge: +40 Frost damage to all team members в within 4 yards;

Barnacle Bash: +60 Physical damage; +150% susceptibility to Barnacle Bash for 35 seconds;

Cutting Coral: sharp corals emerge from the ground; +20 Nature damage / 1.5 seconds if your character is in the affected area;

Arcing Azerite: 10 sec. cast; +40 Arcane damage to all squad members between two targets.



This monster is watching the hatchery, where the horrors that Queen Azshara is about to unleash on Azeroth are waiting in the wings. Do not forget that the influence of the queen on his subjects is limitless, so the monster will selflessly defend the queen’s hatchery.

In the palace of Queen Azshara, many beasts are waiting for their birth to flood the whole Azeroth. After the casts boss of Dribbling Ichor thrice, he will proceed to the Naga Chamber. Players need to follow him. The role of the tank must be transferred between two players to avoid Heart-Stopping Paralysis. Carefully ensure that Naga and Orgozoa do not come together so that they do not increase each other’s power with the help of Chaotic Growth. Healers must act with caution to prevent the spread of Incubation fluid.

Fight with this boss will occur in two stages with intermission. Phase One: Egg Chamber; Intermission: The Moulting Hatchery; Phase Two: Naga Chamber.


Desensitizing Sting: -10% damage taken; stackable; 10 stacks cause Heart-Stopping Paralysis (poison reaches the player’s heart and instantly kills him);

Dribbling Ichor: +85 Nature damage to all players within 6.5 yards;

Incubation Fluid: +8 Nature damage/second;

Pervasive Shock: +10 Nature damage to every team member;

Amniotic Eruption: +300 Nature damage; +100 Nature damage/2 seconds for 30 seconds;

Hatchery Moulting: knocks down all the characters within a radius of 3 yards;

Eggsplosion: liquid from the eggs flows to the hatchery floor. Players approaching it will be back and will receive +10 Nature damage;

Massive Incubator: when the Boss reaches the Naga chamber, he will attempt to awaken all the eggs in the hatchery. Can be interrupted.

The Queens Court


These servants never failed their queen, repulsing any enemy and executing any order of the sovereign for ten thousand years. Throughout their service, they never disobeyed her words. Now they also will not give up and will defend the queen.

Each of the two bosses in this group represents one of the strengths of the Nazjatar: Silivaz has the might of the oceans, and Pashmar masters the storms and sky.


Desperate Measures: when one of the bosses reaches a health level of 1%, he becomes immune to all types of damage and casts Desperate Measures, which restores 100% of his health; A cast is interrupted if both bosses are defeated;

Separation of Power: when bosses are 21 yards or less apart, the damage they take is reduced by 99%;


Commander’s Fury: with each attack on the same victim, the boss gets + 8% to the speed of movement;

Frenetic Charge: 4 seconds preparation; -250 Frost damage to a random target; damage is distributed among all who are within 8 yards of the target; affected allies are knocked down; leaves behind Mighty Rupture (30 Frost damage / 2 seconds while standing on thetop of it);

Zealous Eruption: + 30 seconds Frost damage / 1 seconds for 10 seconds split among the whole team; players in the vicinity of the boss do not take damage;


Fanatical Verdict: +30 Nature damage to every player in 6 yards;

Fervent Bolt: + 5 Nature damage;

Violent Outburst: +60 Nature damage for all squad members; the farther you are from the boss, the less damage you take;

Potent Spark: calls on charged spheres; +63 Nature damage; Makes a character 100% more susceptible to re-using a skill for 5 seconds.

Finally, after completing the second stage, you will approach the dungeon interchange. The last stage, “The Circle of Stars”, the most difficult and challenging, consists of 2 of the most powerful bosses.



This being heralds the coming of the end of the world. He plunges any orderliness into chaos in order to prepare Azeroth for the coming of the new dark lord. He is not afraid of anything, so the battle with him will be a real test.

This boss will plunge the raid participants into the abysses of madness, deeper and deeper into various realms. As you dive, players will receive a stackable Hysteria effect, the accumulation rate of which will increase with time. Each of the spheres of madness has its own characteristics, for example, in the realm of Fear, players will be followed by terrible visions, while in the delirium realm everything is extremely aggressive and hostile towards players. After the boss opens all realms, he will be able to transfer members of your squad from one to another.

Fight will occur in 4 stages. STAGE ONE: “THE HERALD”. STAGE TWO: “GRIP OF FEAR”. When the boss reaches a health level of 85% of max HP, he immerses the players in the first realm: realm of the Fear. When players are here they get a stack of Hysteria / 20 seconds. STAGE THREE: “DELIRIUM’S DESCENT”. Here the consciousness of mortals finally disintegrates before the pressure of chaos and Darkness. Your speed increases by 30%, which makes you navigate more quickly. Being in this realm, you get a stack of Hysteria / 3 seconds STAGE FOUR: “ALL PATHWAYS OPEN”. First Arcanist Thalyssra holds the portal to reality open and pulls players back into reality when the boss’s HP level drops to 60% of the maximum value. This saves your squad from death.

Destroy the Horrific Summoners before they fill the whole space! Destroy Defeat Horrific Visions before it turns to Unleashed Nightmares. When the boss casts Dark Pulse, try to do maximum damage to trigger Mind Fracture. If you are under the influence of Manifest Nightmares on Heroic or Mythic difficulty levels, do not stop and continue to move so as not to get into the Nightmare Pools. Healers must dispel Dementia.


Mind Tether: valid within 300 yards; The boss connects to the consciousness of the target and the nearest player;

Snapped: 10 seconds stun;

Portal of Madness: Za’qul breaks the space-time continuum, which allows him to call the Horrific Summoner to a random place; +75 Shadow damage to everyone within 8 yards; causes fear, shock and panic for 6 seconds;

Horrific Summoner: called upon by the boss;

Dark Tear: Horrific Summoner opens a passage, monsters will wave the players every 20 seconds, until the passage is closed;

Horrific Vision: appear from the same passage periodically;

Gathering Nightmare: + 5% incoming damage; + 2% speed decrease; casting initially has 30 stacks and loses 2 stacks for each cast. After the stacks are over, turns into Unleashed Nightmare on Mythic and Heroic difficulty levels;

Quivering Claws: +100% Shadow damage; +Hysteria stack;

Dread: +3 Shadow damage/1 seconds for 10 seconds; +45 Shadow damage to the whole team;

Nightmare Pool: +90 Shadow damage/2 seconds;

Shattered Psyche: your mind collapses, unable to cope with the horrors seen. You are deprived of the opportunity to move for 6 seconds;

Crushing Grasp: a tentacle, like a whip, rushes through the air, doing + 90 Shadow damage on contact and knocking the target down;

Tentacle Slam: the boss makes a snatch with his tentacle, +100 Shadow damage and 2 seconds stun for those within the radius of destruction;

Psychotic Split: The boss splits between realms, creating his mirror clones and increasing his power; When completed, applies +120 Shadow damage to players across all realms. If you manage to kill one of these clones, you will trigger Mind Fracture (on the Mythic difficulty level);

Manic Dread: plunges a random player into a panic; +3 Shadow damage / 1 seconds for 10 seconds; +55 Shadow damage to the whole team. Leaves a mark in the form of pool of Caustic Delirium (+6 Shadow damage / 1 seconds while standing on it; stackable; gaining 5 stacks transfers to the Delirium realm).



The mighty empress of the Naga, who had been planning her triumphal coming for many centuries. Now she has accumulated enough strength for the offensive and will not miss her chance. The queen is one of the most powerful entities in the history of Azeroth, her ancient plan is cunning and carefully thought out, and the minions have become her faithful slaves. The chances of throwing it into oblivion are very small. Perhaps this is the most powerful rival of all with whom players have had to fight so far.

The fight with the final boss will be long and will occur in 3 stages with 2 intermissions. Queen Azshara will use all available forces to deactivate the Ancient Wards and destroy the invention of the Titans, which keeps N’Zoth locked up. When strengthening Queen’s Ward of Power, your character gets drained.

Always be in sight of the healers of your squad! Try not to let Queen Azshara to drain Ancient Wards or to energize the Ward of Power. Hide from Queen Azshara to avoid damage from Arcane Detonation and reduce the number of Arcane Vulnerability stacks. Healers must hide from Queen Azshara and teammates when they receive Arcane Burst. Azshara’s Devoted and Indomitable will Sacrifise themselves to the Ward of Power.

3 Ancient Wards retain the unthinkable pressure of the surrounding ocean. However, their strength must be supported by the players: it is necessary that someone stand on them. Queen Azshara will try to disable them in various ways.

Pressure Surge: after each shutdown of one of the Ancient Ward +10 Physical damage to the whole team;

Catastrophic Failure: If you allow all three Ancient Wards to shut down, all members of your team will be killed;

Drained Soul: After the player has powered up an Ancient Ward or Drained Azshara’s Ward of Power, Drained Soul falls into the Heart of Azeroth. -10% maximum health for 20 seconds.


During the first stage of the battle, Queen Azshara will call on two of her adds, Aethanel and Cyranus, the Cursed Lovers, to set them on players and disable Ancient Wards, while Queen Azshara continues to attack players. This stage will be completed when the squad will kill both of the queen’s allies. Queen Azshara herself will circle the battlefield, seeking opportunities to use her own strength.


Arcane Orbs: a few bunches with Arcane energy cause +60 Arcane damage; the force of the explosion can be reduced if it is inside the sphere, however, the player gets +8 Arcane damage / 1 seconds;

Drain Ancient Ward: Azshara drains -15 nearest Ancient Ward power/1 seconds for 10 seconds

Beckon: forces a random player to aim for a rune, reaching which he will be dragged away by the Depths;

Crushing Depths: -5% of max. HP/1 seconds.


When you deal with the first two adds, Queen Azshara will launch a large number of Arcane Orbs all over the battlefield. She will give commands to players; disobedience will be punished. This phase will end sometime after the Arcane orbs are released.

Queen’s Decree: Queen Azshara will give out certain orders that you can’t disobey. At the Normal level: 1 decree, at the Heroic level: 2 decrees, At Mythic: 3 level. Range: 300 yards. Teams that the Queen can give:

· Suffer! – the victim accepts an Arcane Orb;

· Obey! – the victim does not accept Arcane Orbs;

· Stand Together! – the victim is close to the allies;

· Stand Alone! – the victim is separated from the ranks of the allies;

· March! – the victim must keep moving;

· Stay! – the victim stops on the spot;


Queen Azshara activates the final ward and engages in direct battle with the squad. You must get to the Titans Console to release one of the charges. This will help to win and prevent the release of horror from the depths. This stage ends when Queen Azshara’s health level reaches 70% of max HP.

Ward of Power: Queen Azshara damages the device of the titans in such a way that the gain of Ward of Power supplies her and her minions with additional strength, and her power grows;

Final Sacrifice: The slaves of Queen Azshara meekly sacrifice their lives to add +100 energy to the Ward of Power;

Arcane Mastery: +10 Arcane damage; +Arcane Vulnerability;

Arcane Vulnerability: makes you more sensitive and susceptible to subsequent attacks, causing Arcane damage. Every time you apply this effect, your character gets + 5% incoming Arcane damage for 11 seconds;

Arcane Jolt: +20 Arcane damage; +Arcane Vulnerability;

Arcane Detonation: +80 Arcane damage split between the whole squad;

Reversal of Fortune: One of the Ancient Ward changes places with Ward of Power on Mythic and Heroic difficulty levels.


During this phase, Queen Azshara will call on his minions to attack the Ancient Wards. This stage will end when Queen Azshara stops calling slaves for help. For this you need to kill them all. Queen Azshara can also give out her decree during this phase.


Queen Azshara calls on her Tidemistresses to attack players. They take a position on one of the Ancient Wards and drain their energy periodically (casts Drain Ancient Ward: -50 Ancient Ward power).


Feedback: if one of the Arcane Burst blasts touches Queen Azshara, it will generate another Arcane Burst on the Heroic and Mythic difficulty level;

Reversal of Fortune: causes one Ancient Ward to change its place;

Inversion: makes all the Ancient Wards change their place on Heroic and Mythic difficulty levels;

Void Touched: +20 Shadow damage, -10% incoming healing for 30 seconds;

Divide and Conquer: Azshara calls for a swarm of arcane energies that are distributed throughout the space. Everyone who comes in contact with it dies instantly (at Mythic difficulty level);

Overload: Azshara reloaded the Titans Console. If players do not release the energy contained in it, all energy will be released at once. Every time a charge is released from the Titans Console, all squad members get +40 Spellstrike damage + extra random effect.

Players must strive to keep the Titans Console under control at all times. If you stay close to the Titans Console, you can release one of the following charges:

· Controlled Release: You release a controlled energy pulse from the console of the Titans. Also imposes an additional effect with unknown properties;

· Controlled Burst: +40 Spellstrike damage for the whole squad;

· Essence of Azeroth: the Titans console sends pure Azerite energy to the body of such a team member. After 40 seconds, the player who receives this energy will die, but his capabilities during these seconds will be many times greater than his usual power;

· System Shock: A massive blast of Azerite energies course through you, inflicting 100 Spellstrike damage for 10 seconds;

· Short Circuit: in the console of the titans, a short circuit happens that deprives the nearby Ancient Ward of all energy;

· Massive Energy Spike: all remaining charges detonate.


Azshara’s Eternal Palace will be another test of skill and endurance of players and will continue the storyline of N’Zoth and the Depth. During the passage of Azshara’s Eternal Palace, you will be able to receive prestigious awards, gold, as well as useful items, the level of which depends on the level of difficulty at which you pass the raid:

· At Normal difficulty level, the level of items varies from 415 to 430 iLvl.

· At Heroic difficulty level, the level of items varies from 430 to 445 iLvl.

· At Mythic difficulty level, the level of items varies from 445 to 460 iLvl.

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