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Patch 8.2 Innovations and new Possibilities


BLIZZARD continues to delight fans with their desire to diversify the game and maintain the courage of the players. June 26, 2019, Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara will be released, which will be another difficult challenge for the residents of Azeroth, as well as a step towards discovering new details of the storyline of the ancient N’Zoth and the Depths. CakeBoost tells everything known about the upcoming changes and new features that Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara of the last World of Warcraft massive expansion “Battle for Azeroth” will bring to the players.



Warfronts have become a familiar phenomenon for the players, and interest in them dies down, as the reward is not so seductive. In the new Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara, the familiar Warfronts will be reborn: we are waiting for the updated Warfronts Heroic! To participate in Heroic Warfronts, a team of 10-20 players is required. Your journey will begin with Arathi Battle for Stromgarde. Now, players will not only have to make more effort and ingenuity: now the probability of defeat is very real. But the reward justifies the effort: despite the fact that the exact level of the possible reward is still unknown, it will become much more attractive than before.



In Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara, the new PvP season is coming. Brace yourselves! This format has always been popular among those who find it more interesting to play with a live rival of flesh and blood, and not with a soulless machine. Unlike the AI, each player has its own characteristics, human weaknesses, and so on. The developers haven’t forgotten about the fans of “live battles”. Good news: The Arena will also be updated! There will be a new Mechagon Arena in the unexplored area; “Ashran” (new PvP Battleground) will be open to the public. There will also be a new PvP Mounts: War Basilisk.



Players will explore new territories again. And this means that your collection of pets will soon be replenished with new unusual specimens! Learn the inhabitants of the new zones, get cute pets as a reward for your bravery. In the new Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara, you can tame 70+ different types of pets in different shapes and sizes: from chicks to real beasts! This will be a real gift for all collectors and just fans of little animals.



Finally, players will be able to look at the majestic expanses of Azeroth from the height of their Mount’s fly! This is not only much more spectacular, but also reduces the time to move over long distances significantly: more action, less waiting! We have been waiting for this for so long, but it will happen only now.

Up to this point, the opportunity to start flying was present, but it was the privilege of the lucky ones who had gained the relevant achievements, for example, Pathfinder 1, Battle for Azeroth Explorer (to get this, it was necessary to literally explore the whole world, moving on the ground! Huge investments of time and effort) and other rare prestigious achievements. But now the sky will be open to all! New Mechanical Parrot Mount, combining elements of steampunk and pirate style, lift into the air all comers.

What do you need to do? It is necessary to level your reputation with Unshackled (Horde) or Ankoan (Allianse) to “Revered”, and with Rustbolt Resistance to “Revered” (both fractions). Also, it may be necessary to explore new territories: Nazjatar and Mechagon, mentioned above.

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Previously, only the characters were honored to wear armor, and their loyal Mount animals were completely defenseless against attacks and bad weather. But now this injustice will be corrected: in the new Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara, our pets (Mount) will also acquire their own equipment, which will expand their capabilities (for example, if your character does not know how to swim (not a water Mount), he will be able to move on water ). Pay your attention to the new feature and explore all possible improvements. Choose what fits your Mount!

P.S .: Water strider Mount will no longer be able to walk on water (at least for a while).

Mechagon zone Mounts bfa 8.2


The most interesting and expected content of the new Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara are the new zones open for research. One of them is MECHAGON ZONE, which hides amazing hidden locations in itself and is also inhabited by unprecedented creatures. You can make some of them your Mounts! As a reward for completing the Mechagon dungeon (a raid for a team of five heroes located here), you can get two Mounts, the appearance of which stylistically corresponds to the atmosphere of the whole zone. Some time after the release of Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara, the raid will be available on the level of difficulty Mythic; a little later, the level of difficulty Mythic + will be added.

Explore new territories, find new pets and Mounts, recipes, unusual items and much more. Explore alien flora, fauna, culture and history that can truly surprise you.


Nazjatar zone Mounts bfa 8.2


Like the Mechagon Zone, Nazjatar is a new large area available for research. However, remember that this land belongs to the ancient and incredibly powerful Queen Azshara. Here, she is the sole ruler of all material and non-material. For many years, a dark deal with N’Zoth turned all her subjects into slaves, obeying Her Majesty unquestioningly. Queen Azshara is sure that nothing can prevent the implementation of her dark plans. But is that so?

In the new raid, Azshara’s Eternal Palace, which is available on the Normal, Heroic, and Mythic levels of difficulty, you will have to fight with 7 minions of Queen Azshara and, eventually, with Azshara herself. As a reward for completing this dungeon, you can get a lot of useful equipment and items, as well as the Azshari Bloatray Mount (when you reach the Glory of the Eternal Raider meta-achievement).

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In addition to the raid itself, there will be other interesting activities on this territory. New flora and fauna always fascinates.



Of course, the most important and promising in Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara is the fourth major challenging Azshara’s Eternal Palace raid! Here, you have to stop the rise of Queen Azshara as the tyrannical ruler of the whole world. The Bosses of this dungeon are strong and very different in mechanics. You can get many useful items, equipment, gold, achievements, and more for completing this raid. One of the main motivations to look under the arches of this Palace is the opportunity to get a wonderful set of high-quality armor that will protect you reliably in the most desperate battles.

Raid will pleasantly surprise gamers with a variety of new mechanics and will keep your squad in suspense until the very end. To survive, you will need all your experience and skill, as well as psychological stability!

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Conclusion bfa 8.2 boost


WoW has existed for many years, and over the years the game has won an army of loyal fans all over the world, capturing the players with its mechanics, atmosphere, history and much more. It is not easy to maintain interest in the game for so many years, even if it is legendary. Blizzard continues the trend of updating the usual elements of the game in order not to let the players get bored, but at the same time it still carefully considers the opinion of the players themselves and the traditions of the game, which is very important for the fans. Thank you for that, Blizzard.

Whatever change and excitement the new Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara brings, CakeBoost team, as always, will be next to you and will continue to offer the most effective, relevant and proven services, including those related to new products of the [Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara].

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