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Mechagon is a new zone that became available with the launch of [PATCH 8.2: Rise of Azshara]. It is the capital of the technologically developed people of Mechagnomes, located west of the Stormsong Valley, where the social status is determined by the quality and quantity of equipment that a citizen has. The territory promises a lot of exciting hours. How to quickly navigate the abundance of new content? CakeBoost reviews the Mechagon Zone and talks about opportunities not to be missed.

Brief-zone-reviewBRIEF ZONE REVIEW

This territory is ruled by King Mechagon. Mechagnomes are in a state of civil war, and their society is split. Part of the population wants to turn into cyborgs, completely replacing their body with mechanical parts, while the other part resists turning into machines. Players will have to help the people of Mechagon defend their right to make their own choices. To do this, players will join the opposition and will be able to improve their reputation with the RUSTBOLT RESISTANCE Faction and contribute to the fight against mecha-tyranny (you can buy Rustbolt Resistance Reputation Boost service by CakeBoost).



On the territory of Mechagon you have to follow Mechagon Storyline, perform World Quests, kill rare mobs, improve relations with the new RUSTBOLT RESISTANCE Faction, learn recipes, get unique items, create items yourself. Shortly after starting the journey you receive a new Pocket-Sized Computational Device, for which punched cards can be acquired later.

Killing elite/rare mobs is a special part of the gameplay, as this will provide a unique resource for creating items. There are several specific resources that are designed to create a specific item.

On the territory of Mechagon, a raid for five players is hidden, OPERATION: MECHAGON, where players can get a decent reward. By exploring the new zone, you can get great equipment, new Mounts, pets, elite gear, prestigious achievements and much more. Prepare for a truly rewarding experience!



Killing monsters, completing quests, improving RUSTBOLT RESISTANCE Faction reputation level, and running through the new Dungeon, you can get a huge variety of unusual useful items with unique properties. In addition, Mechagon allows you to get real pleasure from collecting resources and creating objects. Now you can try yourself in creating useful items, the resources for which you can get while fighting with rare elite mobs and completing the World Quests. The Mechagon zone provides many interesting opportunities for crafting: you can create a variety of things, including some Mounts (Spider Tank, X-995 Mechanocat, Rusty Mechanocrawler, Xiwyllag ATV). Details and resources for creating new items can be obtained for killing rare monsters and some mini-Bosses. To find them, you must know and apply special techniques. However, the created items will be a worthy reward for your work, and you will want to continue!

Mechagon allows you to create a wide range of items, including trinkets with variable characteristics. To create a Trinket, begin the corresponding Quest on the territory of Mechagon. After receiving a trinket, insert 3 Punch cards (can be yellow, red and blue, can be obtained for killing the Boss in OPERATION: MECHAGON mega Dungeon).

The wide possibilities of pharming will allow you to delve into the creation of objects and try a lot of new things, so even players who used to be indifferent to pharming will take a new look at this part of WoW.



The most expected is the OPERATION: MECHAGON, a Mega Dungeon raid for five players. The raid is available only on the Mythic difficulty level. In order to access the hidden Dungeon, you need to follow Mechagon Storyline. Your squad will secretly get into the city to get into the underground fortress, behind enemy lines. We are waiting for not only exciting battles with Bosses, each of which has a unique mechanics, but also participation in other activities. You have to apply the skills of stealth, dodge traps, use the environment to your advantage and much more. This Dungeon is a real challenge. You have to fight King Mechagon with his allies. On the way to Him you will meet 7 powerful rivals. Bosses are divided into 2 groups of 4 battles each. Below we briefly describe each of them.


The first Boss, Trogg King, is obsessed with collecting various technological devices, despite the fact that he does not understand the purpose of many of these items. He will attack a Tank with a Charged Smash, so the rest of the squad must also take some of the damage in order to increase the survival rate of the tank. After you get hit by this blow, you will be electrified and you can charge a fragment of Stolen Tech. During the time the Boss will call on many Adds who will attack a random member of the squad. Bring Add to one of the charged parts to disable Add.


The second Boss constantly spits toxic vomit on players, which causes significant damage. During the battle, you must dodge toxic masses all the time. Try to avoid getting into the green liquid at any cost. The bots will wander across the battlefield, splashing water. Being in a radius of splashing, you gain immunity to damage from the Boss’s toxic vomit while Boss applies the Toxic Wave skill.


Despite the fact that these lieutenants have very different approaches to the battle, they share a passion for torture and violence. They will be happy to teach a lesson to brave men who have decided to invade their territory. This is probably the hardest battle of the Dungeon. If one of the Bosses dies, the second instantly gets a crazy buff, so you need to kill them almost simultaneously. Trixie spam casts Taze, and that MUST be kicked as often as possible. Set up a kick rotation. Each cast puts a heavy dot on random player, If she targets you with Mega Taze, get into a smoke cloud. Avoid Naeno’s Bolt Buster, a frontal cone. Don’t be in front of the charging wheel, or it will run you over. Stay very attentive!


This flying drone patrols the area to prevent intruders from entering.

ATTENTION! You can get the Aerial Unit R-21 / X flying Mount as a reward for killing this Boss on the hidden difficulty level “HARD”, to activate which you must kill the previous three Bosses in a certain order.

This is a two phase fight. In Phase One, we fight adds on the ground while avoiding the Aerial Oppression. Cannon blast turns grey, get out of it. When you kill the Tank Buster, Phase Two starts. You have three minutes to finish the phase by Hacking the Overcharge station. The station you need to hack will be up on a side platform. To get up there, you’ll need to avoid Sentry Bots, Beams and the Vent Blast. When the hack bar fills, the Boss is stunned by Haywire down below. He’ll take 200% more damage and won’t do anything for 30 seconds. In case you don’t perform a complete hack before the time runs out, the battle will begin anew from the phase 1.


Next is a battle with another pair of Bosses: combat vehicles, which are advanced achievements of the Mechagnomes military industry. No organic life is tolerated here! Tank must take the Platinum Pummeler over to the Piston Smashers. Don’t get caught by the hammer yourself. Kite away from his Whirling Edge, and everybody avoids the mines. The Gnomercy tank will be running around on his own and charge a random player with Foe Flipper, so get out of the way. Also beware of Vent Jets and Buzz Saws.

6. K.U.-J.O.

It’s unclear whether this Boss is named after the character of the Stephen’s King novel, but he is a dog, and, despite the fact that he is mechanical, he looks madly crazy. He will try to stop you at any cost. Keep the distance to reduce damage from Explosive Leap. The Tank and the Healer need to manage the dispellable Blazing Chomp stacks. Avoid the Air Dropping Junk Bombs as they land, but get behind them for Venting Flames. Don’t stand near the cube at the time of its explosion! This will bring instant death.

After KUJO, you need to kind of sneak through by mecha-bots. Use the Steam Clouds: while you’re inside of them, you’re undetectable even inside a bot circle. Use this to slip further.


You get into the mechanical garden. In this battle, the main danger will not be the Boss himself (Head Machinist Sparkflux), but his territory filled with traps. Head Machinist Sparkflux will throw grenades at you. Avoid those and the rest of the fight is just surviving his garden while you kill him: bouncing Self Trimming Hedge blade, rotating flame from the Flame Cannons and more. Kill the Inconspicuous Plant adds to stop them DOTing and watch out for the flame swirlies once the oily plant corpse gets lit by the Flame Cannon.


The ruler of the entire territory of Mechagon, King Mechagon hates organic life and dreams of replacing living organisms with mechanisms. You have to interfere with his plans. Fight with the King occurs in 2 phases. You need to dodge the blows of Plasma Orbs. When you see the blue glow, run away from the damage zone! During the first phase, King Mechagon is assisted by Gigazap, who periodically takes off the ground and burns out the space below him with the Cutting Beam. Don’t get hit by it! After you kill King’s Adds, he will regain maximum health, which will mark the beginning of the second phase. Plasma Orbs will continue to attack you. Magneto-Arm will pull you to the edge: resist. Protocol 99 will not be tanked. King Mechagon can drop the MECHAGON PEACEKEEPER Mount as loot.

As a reward for bringing the right of choice back to Mechagnomes and killing all Bosses you can get NEW UNIQUE Mechagon GEAR & WEAPON, which definitely will not leave you indifferent, not only because of its unusual appearance, but also because of its worthy characteristics. The style of the zone brings a new atmosphere to the game. Players will appreciate the high-tech weapons and equipment of

Mechagnomes. You will also collect useful items (iLvl 415+, Warforgeable / Titanforgeable), resources, punched cards for Pocket-Sized Computational Device, gold.

You can also get one of the two Mounts. MECHAGON PEACEKEEPER Mount may fall from the final Boss. In order to get the Aerial Unit R-21 / X flying Mount, you must defeat the fourth Boss (HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit) on the hidden HARD difficulty level (you must kill the previous three Bosses in a special order).

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[PATCH 8.2: Rise of Azshara] is a continuation of the Azeroth’s history development that reveals new Storylines and details. Developers are trying to maintain the interest of fans and create new content that gives a lot of opportunities for self-realization, self-expression and new gaming experience. It is difficult to list all the details and describe the potential of the new location in one article: Many new challenges, items, pets, Mounts, rivals, worthy awards and prestigious achievements won’t let players be bored for a long time. Take part in exploring new lands with the best WoW boosting company ever!

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