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At the opening ceremony of BlizzCon 2017, BLIZZARD announced the development, or rather, the reincarnation of WOW CLASSIC, or (as the developers called it with jokes about vanilla ice cream) WoW Vanilla. Thousands of old-school players around the world were thrilled by the news, as were those players of the modern World of Warcraft who had never played the original Classic WoW.

Today, the development process is fully completed and WoW Classic is ready to go. The final PreLaunch test will begin very soon – August 8, 2019, and the official release date is set for August 26, 2019, which means that less than a month is left to wait. On this day, WoW Classic will become available to the general public. Soon, players will be able to evaluate the result of long hard work on their own.

CakeBoost tells about some aspects of the upcoming release, which will be interesting to everyone who, like us, is looking forward to the return of the LEGEND! We will also talk about affordable WoW Classic Boosting Services by CakeBoost packages that will provide any necessary assistance. We are always ready to help you with any task!


It is worth noting that the news about the upcoming relaunch of WoW Classic was not a complete surprise for the WoW gaming audience, because, according to Blizzard, this decision was made in response to massive requests from WoW players to bring the legendary game back to life. The developers decided that they can’t ignore the widespread desire of the fan community. Despite the overwhelming success and active development of the latest World of Warcraft expansion, «Battle for Azeroth», Blizzard, in obedience to the fansэ desire, allocated enormous resources and time to recreate, remaster and bring WoW Classic back to life.


Players awaiting the release of WoW Classic are divided into 2 camps. In first one, there are those players who still remember THAT GAME. Many of those who were there personally were children back then, and now dream of returning to those distant simple times. The second camp is those who want to learn more about the history of the game and see where it all began personally. It is easy to guess that what he saw could plunge such players into shock and confusion.

The most important question that most players care about: HOW WILL WOW CLASSIC BE DIFFERENT FROM ORIGINAL? The developers claim that the differences will be minimal and insensible. This is not a WoW Classic copy or re-make, but painstaking restoration work to restore the true Original! Blizzard did a tremendous impressive job of restoring archived data, making it possible to have a lot of original material to work with. The technical component of the game underwent a major overhaul: this painstaking work was done to optimize the relatively long-released game for modern computers. The developers claim that they sought to maintain the atmosphere and look of the game exactly like we remember them.


Of course, along with PVE, WoW Classic will also have PVP. World PVP will be available immediately upon release. As always, PVP is a system of Ranks, which forms through Rank battles between players for rating upgrades, worthy rewards and the title of the best.

The PVP Honor System will be launched later. This is due to the fact that for the first time (until Phase 3), Battlefield will not be represented in the WoW Classic, since this large amount of content is still under development.

Each Faction has 14 Ranks. The Rank is determined on the basis of the number of Points Points you have, as well as the ratio of this level to the level of other players on your server. Recalculation occurs once a week.

For each new Rank conquesting you will receive access to various rewards. You can obtain a variety of items that will be worthy for your efforts: from resources to elite achievements and Mounts. For each Rank you receive, your character also acquires the corresponding Title, which displays your achievements to others.

Also, with each promotion you will gain access to 2 sets of Rank items, specialized for each class. Each set includes 6 items, you can also get + 2 / + 4 / + 6 improvements to general characteristics (stats) as a bonus, which will improve some of your abilities.


Regardless of what you expect from WoW Classic release, the restart of a true LEGEND is worth making your own impression. Will this game be That One we keep in our hearts? Did Blizzard manage to rework the ancient game to modern standards, while still catching the very atmosphere that thousands of players around the world are looking forward to returning to? We will know soon! The developers are sure that fans will appreciate the efforts, devotion and soul invested in this project.

CakeBoost is pleased to be your guide in WoW Classic. Our services will be useful both to players who believe that they are quite familiar with WoW Classic, and to beginners for whom a new experience can be truly stunning. To make your nostalgic journey back to basics as dynamic and exciting as possible, CakeBoost is proud to present the widest range of ANY WoW Classic Boosting Services at the lowest price on the market! Our company has a solid reputation and is trusted by thousands of players from all over the world who have already appreciated the benefits of using the efficient services of the advanced WoW Boosting Company.



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