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Classic (Vanilla) Classes Guide


World of Warcraft has come a long evolutionary way of development. Something has remained unchanged; something has undergone significant improvements and changes. In order to effectively develop in WoW Vanilla, the player should think carefully about each step on the way of his Character’s evolving and pump his abilities and characteristics in accordance with the priorities set.

As in real life, there are no “universal soldiers” in WoW, and this makes the game more diverse, forcing players to join groups and increase collective effectiveness. The player can choose one of the proposed areas of development and choose the closest option for self-realization in the selected area. The game provides the opportunity for self-expression and development of your Character in accordance with the inclinations of each player.

From this short Guide by CakeBoost team you will learn about the main existing roles, the corresponding Classes, Specializations and Talent Trees, as well as the differences between WoW Vanilla (Classic) and WoW BFA as we know it today.

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In World of Warcraft, first of all, the player must choose Fraction (Horde/Alliance) and one of 8 Races for the Character. Selected Race grants some unique racial abilities, relevant basic stats, also for each Race several Classes are available according to the abilities and inclinations of each Race. The Race cannot be changed. From the very beginning, the player must choose an effective combination of Race + Class to maximize gaming potential.

In the original (Classic) WoW, there were 9 Classes, which were expanded with Monks, Demon Hunters, and Death Knights at the time of the BFA release. WoW Vanilla has 9 Classes (as Classic did). The Shaman Class in WoW Vanilla consists solely of the heroes of the Horde, while all Paladins belong to the Alliance.

In addition, the most important Vanilla’s difference from BFA is classification within the Classes. In BFA, the player selects a Class and one of the presented Specializations, each of which has a set of unique Skills that are most suitable for one of three key roles: Tank, Healer, or DPS. In WoW Vanilla, Specs are absent, and within each Class a player can develop one of 3 unique Talent Trees that is most suitable for the selected role. The talent system allows you to spend Talent Points to learn skills and increase indicators that will improve the player’s characteristics in accordance with the chosen role – Tank, Healer, or DPS.

For TANK, the most important parameter is survival rate. This player must absorb most of the damage so that other squad members can attack longer and avoid death. This player takes the brunt, allowing DPS and Healers to avoid lethal damage. Most Suitable Classes+Talent Trees: Paladin + Protection, Warrior + Protection, Druid + Feral Combat.

HEALER is a supporting role, engaged in the healing of allies and Tank, supporting their survival. Resurrects dead squad members. For this role, a large supply of Mana is important for the continuous healing of teammates and the effectiveness of recited healing spells. Most suitable Classes+Talent Trees: Paladin + Holy, Priest + Holy / Discipline, Shaman + Restoration, Druid + Restoration.

The main task of all types of DPS is to inflict maximum damage. Being covered by the Tank and using the constant support of Healers, players of this role can survive for a long time, continuing to inflict huge damage on the enemy. DPS are the main attacking power of the squad. For these players, the effectiveness of their attacks, cooldown, and maximum damage are important. They are divided into Ranged and Melee according to the radius of action: distant combat and close combat, respectively. Ranged DPS attacks from a distance with Spells and ranged weapons. Most suitable Classes for Ranged DPS: Warlock, Hunter, Mage. Melee has greater survival rate compared to Ranged DPS, inflicts attacks from close range and receive more damage. Most Suitable Classes+Talent Trees for Melee DPS: Rogue, Warrior + Fury / Arms.


Talents improve certain characteristics of the Character, which allows to improve gaming performance and gain selected role value. Talents can increase the effectiveness of learned Skills or gained Stats. Unlike the unambiguous Specialization of the selected Class in the BFA, in WoW Vanilla players can develop Talents from parallel Talent Trees, thus getting the opportunity to play a “mixed”, hybrid role.

In WoW Vanilla, starting at Level 10, each player receives a Talent Point for reaching each next Level. Thus, by the time the player reaches 60 Lvl, he or she has 51 Talent Points available that can be exchanged for Talents offered by the selected Class. You can develop Talents from different Talent Trees, thus gaining additional opportunities for hybrid roles, or master all Talents from one particular Talent Tree which is most suitable for your main role and get Main (Final) Ability at the top of it.


In order to spend the accumulated Talent Points on Talents, you need to turn to the Trainer of your Class, which are present in most large cities. With the help of these NPCs, you can also reset your Talent progress and redistribute Talent Points according to your current needs. The more times you zero your progress, the higher the price becomes. Trainers will require some Gold for their services, however, don’t save on what can significantly improve your gaming performance.


The game provides players with many ways to express and personalize their Character. In WoW Vanilla, players can implement various Character development strategies, including combined ones, designed to perform hybrid roles. This increases the variety of game mechanics and makes the game more exciting. However, for effective development it is necessary to have a good idea of the future path, a working strategy, invest a LOT of time, and possess a large amount of theoretical knowledge. WoW Vanilla may require a period of adaptation even from experienced players, and those players who are only familiar with the modern version of WoW are unlikely to avoid typical mistakes in an unusual environment. To avoid possible errors and reduce the time to reach the desired heights, you should turn to professional Boosting support.

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