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In WoW Classic, as in Vanilla now, there are 9 Classes, each of which has its own characteristics, a range of combat tactics, skills, Talent specs, preferred roles and much more. Among the available Classes, each player will be able to find what suits him best. However, initially it can be difficult to assess all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular Class, so CakeBoost has compiled a short Guide designed to help players choose a Class. Below you will read a brief overview of each of the 9 Classes, so you can get an idea of its general nature and main distinguishing features. CakeBoost hopes this helps you make a choice.

Note that this Guide helps players understand how a particular Class suits them in Character and atmosphere. If you want to learn about the details of leveling each Class, the available races and the relevance in Raids, Check out our WOW VANILLA (CLASSIC) CLASSES OVERVIEW.


RACES: any

This is a universal Class that performs well in PvP and PvE. Suitable for team players; very dependent on the characteristics of their equipment. It is considered the best Tank and usually performs this role. Good armor is designed to increase the Warrior’s survival rates. Leveling can cause certain difficulties, especially since warriors are very dependent on their equipment, but after reaching level 60 with proper development, you will become the most coveted participant in all Raids and Dungeons. Choose this Class if you like to be a Tank, don’t mind paying close attention to your equipment, feel good in a team and are not afraid of difficulties


RACES: Human, Dwarves, Night Elves, Undead, Trolls

Classic Healer. This Class is also considered the lot of team players, since the survival rates of such a Character are very low. If you develop your Priest well, you will be a welcome participant in any Raid. This Class is considered the best healing Class in Vanilla. When leveling certain skills, Priests can have impressive stamina and high DPS. This makes the priests one of the best leveling Classes. Priests lack mobility and struggle with several mobs at once, therefore the leveling speed is not as competitive as that of Hunter, Druid or Warlock, however, the priests’ demand in Raids is much higher. Choose this Class if you like to play in a team and you are not confused by the low survival rate.


RACES: Human, Dwarves, Undead, Trolls

One of the most unique Classes in Vanilla, it has amazing and very effective abilities. Many good equipment is available for magicians, but according to many players, their sets look visually pretty bad. The Mage’s drawback is the relatively long recovery of Mana, which is decided by the arsenal of the corresponding potions. Leveling the Mage is considered relatively simple, he is very mobile due to jumping, quickly exterminates monsters, he can create water and food (which saves much gold), and can also open portals to various cities (which greatly saves time on movement). In the dungeons, magicians bring many benefits, have excellent control in the form of Polymorph (turning the enemy into a sheep), a high attack rate both in one target and in AoE. The demand for this Class is high.


RACES: Dwarves, Night Elves, Orcs, Taurens, Trolls

A great choice for fans of PvP and single-player PvE, however, when leveling this Class, you need to pay attention to several aspects of the game at the same time. Pets of hunters can deliver effective attacks and have good survival, therefore the leveling speed of this Class is high, especially considering that they are almost independent of equipment and auxiliary items. All this gives hunters the opportunity to perform complex group tasks alone. This Class will please thrifty players, as hunters don’t need a lot of supplies. Hunters also have a high survival rate, but have fairly modest damage. A great choice for independent players who don’t like to depend on the environment.


RACES: any except Taurens

One of the most popular Classes in the WoW Classic. One of the best choices for PvP and PvE, as it can enter stealth mode, which allows it to escape from the battlefield or launch sudden effective attacks from an ambush. Also, thanks to stealth, Rogue can get to the quest’s goal without confronting enemies, slipping past them imperceptibly. Stealth provides an advantage in PvP and PvE. It has a medium difficulty rotation. The active use of poisons helps this Class increase the effectiveness of its attacks. The survival rate of these characters is quite high. But keep in mind that the demand for this Class in Raids and Dungeons is relatively small, since Rogues are very common, this Class attracts many players who like to be independent. Leveling may take some time, but you will definitely not be bored.


RACES: Night Elves, Taurens

Children of nature, having several animal forms (Cat, Bear, Owl, Deer), depending on which branch of talent you are improving. Very underrated Class. Like Rogues, I can also move stealthily (become invisible). Good tanks for initial raids. This Class is quite universal in terms of role, however, it is not a very welcome participant in Raids, since none of the roles is 100% fulfilled by them, and Druids often take the armor that other Raid participants would like to receive. The druid has good mobility in water and on land, passes leveling fairly quickly, and has simple rotation. If you feel that you are close to nature and have not decided on your preferred role, this hybrid Class would be a good choice.


RACES: Human, Dwarves, Orcs, Undead

Like the Druids, this Class is very underestimated, which corresponds to the lore of WoW Vanilla, according to which other box offices avoid and are afraid of Warlocks, since they have demonic power and dark Magic. They are incredibly strong in PvE and PvP, therefore, with proper leveling, they will become a thunderstorm of any Class with any set of abilities. You can develop a flexible talent system according to your preferences. Dependence on equipment is average. Like the Hunters, Warlocks also have pets, but not cute animals, but real demons, whom they subordinate to their will. The mobility of these characters is relatively low, and leveling can take a lot of time, so this Class is not suitable for a beginner, since the rotation of Warlock is quite diverse. If you like going to Raids, you should know: Warlock will always find its place, since these characters are quite in demand for Raids, but less than Priests and Mages.


RACES: Human, Dwarves

This Class is available only to the heroes of the Alliance.

“Holy Cans”, with proper development, is practically unbeatable in PvE due to the large number of protective bonuses from equipment and skills. Not very demanded until reaching level 60, but after that, if you have developed your Character correctly, you will be a welcome participant in any Raid as a Healer. They can sacrifice themselves to protect another Character. They have a variety of talents that will allow you to develop the Paladin according to your preferences. Many skills are incredibly effective, however Leveling is rather boring and can cause certain problems for beginners even in spite of simple rotation. It is worth mentioning a very important bonus of this Class: the Paladin receives a free Mount immediately after reaching level 40, so you don’t have to save gold in advance. Choose this Class if you are not afraid of monotonous leveling and feel that your vocation is to serve others with dedication.


RACES: Orcs, Taurens, Trolls

This Class is only available to heroes of the Horde.

One of the most effective and coveted healers in any Raid. Depending on their specialization, they play the role of Healer or DD. They have low mobility, because they depend on Totems that need to be installed on site, and also have few spells that cause serious damage, which makes this Class difficult for a solo game, but with proper effort there is nothing impossible. Despite the fact that Shamans are usually claimed in the role of Healers, they show good effectiveness in close combat. This Class is not suitable for a beginner, since to fine-tune the Class to your own characteristics, you need to have some experience to develop the right strategy for developing a hybrid talent system. If you properly develop your Shaman, you will never have to worry about a place in Raid, since this Class is very popular.

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