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In WoW Classic, players were given the opportunity to choose from 9 available Classes, the number of which had increased to 12 by the time the latest WoW expansion “Battle for Azeroth” was released. In WoW Vanilla, there are also 9 Classes. 7 of them are available for representatives of the Alliance and Horde factions, then only the Horde hero can become a Shaman, and only the Alliance hero can become a Paladin. Each Class has unique mechanics and features, so you should choose a Class according to your abilities, inclinations and character. Please note that Classes are only available for certain Races. Each Class has 3 branches of Talents, each of which is unique and has its own characteristics and effects.

From this guide you will learn about the main properties of each Class and the distinctive features of each branch of Talents. After reading this guide, you will learn about the pros and cons of each Class. This will give you a basic understanding of each of them and help you make an informed choice. Each Class will be evaluated by the following parameters: ease of leveling, effectiveness in PvP, and relevance in Raids.

This guide was created in order to give the player an idea of the development mechanics and to evaluate the laboriousness of each Class. If you want advice on choosing a Class in WoW Vanilla, check out our WOW VANILLA CLASS PICKING GUIDE.

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Let’s get started: enjoy our review of Classes in WoW Vanilla.


RACES: Night Elves, Taurens

This Class is universal and can both play the role of the Tank, spellcast and heal, depending on the selected branch of Talents. This Class is one of the most multifaceted, but it is also one of the most time-consuming to develop. From level 30, Druid gets an animal form, which is very useful considering the possibility of buying a mount only at level 40. In the process of leveling, Druid can, as a pleasant bonus, both Tank in the dungeons and Heal until the mid-50s without changing the Talent tree. The problem of the Druid is the same universality: he cannot fully fulfill any role, which becomes a significant problem after reaching the 60th level.

PvP: Low damage, but very good mobility and survival. Remove many controls with a simple change of form. In Cat form, Druid has increased running speed and has a stealth mode.

TALENT TREES: Balance (damage from spells, shape of an Owl), Feral Combat (strengthening the forms of Cats and Bears), Restoration (heal abilities, Deer form).

LEVELING SPEED: High (in Cat form: great Damage deal, runs fast, can heal)

PVP EFFICIENCY: Medium (but very good at Warsong)



RACES: Dwarves, Night Elves, Orcs, Taurens, Trolls

A Class with many nuances that requires experience and attention. A very interesting Class, usually a range damager, armed with a bow / gun / crossbow. Has a pet that attacks nearby enemies, allowing Hunter to stay at a distance and not get exposed. If you are playing Hunter for the first time in Vanilla, you will encounter very unexpected and original archer mechanics: arrows are a limited resource, they often end and you need to buy them. In one of the slots for the bags, you will have to drag a quiver with arrows. Hunter knows how to tame animals. Relations with pets are not built on the basis of the master-slave principle: pets need to be sought, tamed, pumped, improved their talents and periodically fed to maintain the effectiveness of his attacks and devotion (an unfed pet can leave you forever!).

PvP: a competent Hunter knows how to Kite, control healers, burn enemy’s Mana and much more. It is very difficult to escape from Hunter. The “reverse kiting” technique is used against Hunter – you should try to be as close to Hunter as possible: Hunters have a dead zone in melee and cannot use Range abilities there.

TALENT TREES: Beast Mastery (pet militarization, movement speed), Marksmanship (range weapon damage, Trueshot Aura – group buff for attack strength increase), Survival (survival, melee combat, control)

LEVELING SPEED: Very high – pet acts as a tank, great DD, high speed of movement


RAIDS DEMAND: Low, increased skill level requirements


RACES: Human, Dwarves, Undead, Trolls

Classic spellcaster. The main damage is done by spells and from afar, Mana spends on casting spells. This Class avoids melee and is under the guise of allies with higher survival in Dungeons and Raids. Mages are divided into two types: Fire and Frost, depending on whether the character deals damage: fire or ice. Mages are able to open portals in the capitals, for which they are often searched for and get requests in PM. They have simple rotation, which is useful in Raids.

PvP Mass and spot control, high burst damage. Can kite, catch up and take control. A stable PvP talent tree is considered Deepfrost with a bit of Arcane, which in combination gives good survival rates, which is important for PvP.

TALENT TREES: Arcane (Mana Management, Silence, Damage), Fire (Fire Damage), Frost (Ice Damage)






RACES: Human, Dwarves

May be Melee DPS, Near-Tank and Healer. Killing a good Paladin in a 1 on 1 duel is very difficult due to the enormous number of shields, saves and plate armor. The most sought and demanded Talent tree is

Holy. At level 60, this Class usually acts as a Healer and is used for group buffs. The rotation of this Class is more than simple; therefore Paladins are often called “one-buttoned”, which is not entirely true, since at high levels some skill is needed for the proper management of the Paladin. One of the most slowly developing Classes.

PvP: Paladin is considered weak in attack, but is great defensive support. Heals well, provides a lot of Buffs, but can be dispelled.

TALENT TREES: Holy (heal), Protection (one-handed weapons, specialization in shields), Retribution (two-handed weapons, great damage, Buffs)



RAIDS DEMAND: Medium (Healer only)


RACES: Human, Dwarves, Night Elves, Undead, Trolls

Classic and you can say the main Healer in Vanilla. Leveling is similar to a Paladin and quite simple. In both PvP and PvE, Priest acts primarily as a Healer. The main purpose of this Class is to prevent its allies from dying, surviving under their cover and avoiding direct confrontation, since the survival rate for this Class is very low. Because of this, the Class is best suited for team players. Healing priest usually mixes Holy and Discipline Talents. At level 40, he gains access to gaining the Shadow form from the Shadow spec: his attacking spells are strengthened, incoming damage is reduced, but the ability to heal is lost. Priests are subject to severe racial discrimination, because the priest receives unique Class-racial abilities depending on race. The highest race for the Horde Priests are Undead, for the Alliance – Dwarves.

PvP: the Priest shows himself as a good healer, but not a survival champion. The priority branch for the PvP heal is considered to be Discipline that is usually mixed with the Holy branch. The Shadow Priest is very powerful and versatile in PvP, the style of battle depends on who is against you: The Shadow Priest doesn’t let Warrior gain rage, the Paladin gets Manadrained, etc.

TALENT TREES: Discipline (Mana management, defensive spells, accelerated Manaburn), Holy (healing spells), Shadow (damage, Silence)

LEVELING SPEED: Medium (learn to use wand properly for DPS on mobs)

PVP EFFICIENCY: High (Shadow and Discipline specs)

RAIDS DEMAND: High for Holy (Dwarves are preferred over the alliance because of racial Fear Ward), very low for Shadow


RACES: any except Taurens

The most popular Class in Vanilla. Leveling is pretty nontrivial, but if you get used to it, you can do it pretty quickly. Rogue is a Melee DPS Class. A lot of damage and control, but not impressive survival rate. Instead of the usual resource, Mana, Rogues have Energy, which is quickly spent with the active use of abilities, but is also quickly restored. Rogues are able to “smear” weapons with poisons that give attacks an additional effect (damage, slow, decrease incoming healing, increase cast time, etc.). A distinctive feature of this Class is stealth mode, which allows unexpected attacks from an ambush. A good Rogue

should always be able to stay behind the victim (increases the damage done), have a lockpick at maximum, have poisons at maximum (quest chains for poisons are one of the important aspects of Vanilla), have all the reagents for their abilities and not be captured in stealth. The disadvantages include the popularity of this Class: getting your spot in the raid can be difficult. However, Rogues are very much in demand in Raids.

PvP: a very powerful and almost unbeatable Class. Even if the battle is not in his favor, he can take flight due to the stealth mode. Finding Rogue in Stealth is extremely difficult. In mass PvP Rogue is primarily concerned with cutting Classes with low survival rates.

TALENT TREES: Assassination (burst damage), Combat (protracted battle, PvE), Subtlety (stealth management, counteracting enemy rogues, accumulating combo points, Preparation – refresh cooldowns).

LEVELING SPEED: Medium. You can skip mobs in stealth and quickly go to the Quest goal

PVP EFFICIENCY: High. Requires careful handling




RACES: Orcs, Taurens, Trolls

Shamans come in three forms: Casters (Elemental Spec), Melee damagers (Enhancement Spec), and Healers (Restoration Spec). Regardless of specialization, the Shaman is dependent on his attributes – totems, which is why Shamans have low mobility. The most effective Shaman technique is Windfury, the attack can proc another free attack with additional damage with a 20% chance. A Shaman can share Windfury with allies with a totem, as well as cast an enhanced version of this effect on his own weapon.

PvP: The Shaman often plays the role of aggressive support in the hybrid Elemental + Restoration build. Shaman is great at heals, dispelling enemies, can buff melee damagers with a Windfury totem and can suddenly inflict a really impressive damage. Enhanser is less in demand in PvP: attack efficiency is combined with low mobility.

TALENT TREES: Elemental (spellcasting), Enhancement (Melee damage, totems), Restoration (Healer).





RACES: Human, Dwarves, Orcs, Undead

Good in PVP, but is greater for support, control and leisurely elimination of enemies from afar. According to the lore of WoW, Warlocks are former Mages and Shamans drawn to forbidden Green magic. Part of the Warlocks went to the dark side, but some resisted and began to fight against the demons’ forces with their own weapons. Warlocks are tolerated, but other Classes are afraid of them and don’t trust them.

Warlocks deal Shadow and Fire damage. The Class is unique for its Dots (spells that cause damage over time) and Drains (dragging Health or Mana from an enemy). Warlocks can restore their Mana at the expense of their health (this often happens at the expense of Healer’s Mana, so Warlocks are not the

most popular Raids players). Warlocks can pull special reagents from victims – Soul Shards, each of which occupies a separate place in the inventory. Like the Druid, he has a pet, however, these are not cute animals, but the Demons tamed by him.

PvP: Warlocks are not very mobile, but they cause significant damage and can control the enemy well, and also draw HP from him. Uses pets actively depending on the Class of the enemy. The most uncomfortable opponent for Warlock is Priest, since Priest has high resistance to Shadow magic.


TALENT TREES: Affliction (Dots, Drains), Demonology (Demon Strengthening), Destruction (Damage)


RAIDS DEMAND: Medium (minimum 3 for Curses)


RACES: any

The main hero of Vanilla! One of the most popular Classes along with Rogue. It requires concentration and thoughtful leveling: any wrong movement will slow down your development. One of the most difficultly developed Classes. However, after reaching level 60, your efforts will be rewarded – you will become the most desired members of any Raid. A warrior is very dependent on his armor and equipment, so you need to pay close attention to your gear.

The main role of the Warrior is Melee Damager or Tank, which is pure classic. Warriors are considered the best Tanks. The mechanics are based on an accumulated resource: Rage, which is initially zero and accumulates as the battle progresses. This resource is spent on inflicting abilities. Like Priest, this Class is more suitable for team play fans. Warriors are excellent at Raids and PvP. All the difficulties that you will encounter when leveling a character of this Class will more than pay off in demand.

PvP: In a 1 on 1 situation, Wars may have problems, especially against characters who are good at Kite (e.g. Frost Mages). Enemies with magic shields to absorb damage can also be a challenge for the Warrior, since they don’t allow you to accumulate Rage quickly. However, if the Warrior has support – a character with a high Dispell skill, he becomes an indestructible killing machine.

TALENT TREES: Arms (damage, specialization in weapons), Fury (damage, rage management), Protection (protective talents, specialization in shields).


PVP EFFICIENCY: High (with support), medium (with PvP solo)


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