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Each player who is just starting a journey in WoW Vanilla (Classic) wonders: what Profession should I choose to get the maximum profit and the best bonuses? WoW gives the player an opportunity to make their choice of 12 Professions based on their own interests, inclinations, Character and preferred game activities. Professions are divided into Primary and Secondary. Player can master 2 Primary and all Secondary Professions. Primary are divided into Gathering, which are aimed at collecting resources that can later be used in production, and Production, which allow you to create useful items, armor, weapons, potions and much more. For each Primary Production Profession, there is a complementary Primary Gathering, so it makes sense to choose them in pairs so that you are independent and can supply yourself with the resources necessary for production without resorting to the help of other players. In order to start studying any Profession, you need to contact the appropriate NPC in any major city. As the level of proficiency in the chosen Profession improves, you will gain access to the extraction of rarer and more valuable resources, as well as the production of items with better characteristics.

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In this short guide, you will learn about the key features of each of the 12 Professions in WoW Vanilla. We hope this helps you get a basic idea of each Profession and make your choice.


Primary Professions are divided into Gathering, which are aimed at collecting resources that can later be used in production, and Production, which allow you to create useful items, armor, weapons, potions and much more. For each Primary Production Profession, there is a complementary Primary Gathering, which will provide you with the necessary resources and eliminate the need to spend money on them.


These Professions are used to create various items (mechanisms, armor, weapons, potions, and much more). You can use the produced items yourself or sell them for Gold. The higher the level of proficiency in these Professions is, the higher the characteristics of the items created are.


This is a Profession for characters who can wear heavy armor. A complementary Profession is Mining, which allows you to mine the necessary ore using a special Shovel. In addition to armor for Warriors and Paladins, blacksmiths can make powerful weapons with excellent characteristics. Blacksmiths work on the anvils (can be found in any major city) using Blacksmith Hammer as a tool. Highly valuable blacksmith items include Sulfuron Hammer, Invulnerable Mail and Arcanite Reaper. After gaining 200 Profession Points and reaching level 40, the player can choose one of the two specializations: focus on the production of weapons or forging armor. In addition to armor and weapons, blacksmiths can also make other useful items – for example, Elemental Sharpening Stone.


A very unusual and fun Profession that will capture your whole attention for a long time. Some mechanisms produced by the Engineers greatly simplify the battles, especially for Hunters. Some consider Engineering a PvP Profession, especially for low-level characters. Engineering allows players to inflict additional damage with the help of bombs, some of which have additional effects, for example, depriving the enemy of the ability to cast spells or slowing his speed. Engineers can also produce items designed only for characters who own this Profession. Also, engineers have recipes for making various trinkets, toys, robots, and even pets. After gaining 200 Profession Points and reaching level 30, the player can choose one of two specializations and focus on studying Goblin or Gnomish engineering, each of which has its own technologies and traditions. Specialization makes it possible to teleport to the cities of goblins or gnomes, as well as to make pets and various specific devices. An engineer can also supplement gloves with a device that, when used, increases the Character’s basic stat by 15 seconds.


Tailoring is a great Profession for spellcasters. Usually is studied together with Enchanting, which allows you to enchant equipment and improve its characteristics. Threads and fabric are obtained from monsters. Before sewing, the fabric must be rolled up, and the threads must be rolled into tangles. Mostly, tailors specialize in woven armor and cloaks. At the maximum skill level, they can make sets with resistance and other powerful effects. Tailors can sew bags that are required for all characters to increase inventory volume, as well as specialized bags for representatives of various Gathering Professions. Tailors can also create beautiful clothes that don’t give any bonuses, but look very impressive.


Alchemy is popular among players who are visiting raids actively, since it can be used to create important consumable items. A complementary Profession is Herbalism, with the help of which you can get all the necessary herbs from which the Potions, Elixirs and Anti-Venoms are prepared. Some ingredients, such as oils, are obtained from fish, which can be caught by possessing Fishing Profession. Potions made by Alchemists temporarily improve various characteristics of players, provide temporary bonuses, and can also restore an exhausted supply of Mana or HP. Elixirs made by Alchemists are divided into Combat and Guard: the former are used for attack, and the latter for defense. Once a day, alchemists can do Transmute.


Leatherworking is a Profession for characters who can wear leather and chain mail armor. A complementary Profession is Skinning, which allows you to obtain the necessary resources using a special Skinning knife. The maximum level of Leatherworking proficiency allows you to make the best PvE equipment with resistance. After reaching level 40 and gaining 225 Profession Points, player will be able to choose from three specializations. Leatherworkers can also make upgraded equipment (such as the Core Armor Kit).


Enchant rings and other items of equipment, such as Weapons, Legs, Bracers, Cloaks, Gloves, And Shields. Enchanting is usually studied in tandem with tailoring. Wands (Rods), such as the Runed Arcanite Rod, serve as a tool for enchanting. The higher the skill level, the better should be the rod used to enchant. Some spells give passive bonuses. Enchanters can make oils that are heavily used in raids (like Brilliant Wizard Oil). There is no complimentary Gathering Profession for Enchanting, so you can say that Enchanting is an independent and self-sufficient craft that doesn’t require the collection of certain resources. Enchanting requires magical dust, which is obtained from unnecessary equipment: to get the best dust for enchanting, you will have to spray the best equipment.


These Professions allow you to extract resources that are used in various productions. You can use the obtained resources for your own production or sell them, thus getting a lot of Gold. The higher your proficiency in any Gathering Profession, the higher the value of the resources you can mine.


This is a Profession for players who own alchemy and make Anti-Venoms, Potions, and Elixirs for raids, or want to earn a lot of Gold by selling herbs to alchemists. After gaining 300 Profession Points, players get the opportunity to collect the ultra-rare and ultra-valuable herbal resource Black Lotus, which is required to make the most valuable Potions, and you can also use Gurubashi Mojo Madness, which is necessary to summon bosses in Zul’Gurub. Herbalism is great to Rogues, as Fadeleaf is required to make Blinding Powder, without which Blind spell cannot be used, and Swiftthistle is needed to make Thistle Tea. When developed up to a certain level, Herbalism teaches a Spell that heals your Character and increases your movement speed for a while.


Mining allows you to mine ore and stones for Engineering and Blacksmithing. A tool for mining ore and stones is a special Mining Pick. Having received pieces of ore, the player who owns Mining can melt the ingots using the melting furnace in any major city. To make one ingot, two pieces of raw ore are required. The most valuable ore is Dark Iron Ore, which can be mined in the Molten Core and Blackrock Depths raids. When mining ore, you can also get precious and ordinary stones that are used in other Professions, for example, Azerothian Diamond for making the best armor and weapons or Arcane Crystal, which is required by the Alchemists. Possession of this Profession gives a bonus to Stamina.


A representative of this Profession can remove skins and scales from dead monsters using a special Skinning knife, which was created specifically to remove the skin of a creature without damaging it. The skins that are obtained by representatives of this Profession are subsequently used in the manufacture of Leatherwork products to create light and medium armor. As you become proficient in Skinning, you will be able to take off more valuable skins. If you are engaged in Leatherworking, you can use the received resources for your own production, or you can sell resources on the market to get Gold. Possession of this Profession provides a Critical Strike bonus.


You can study all 3 Secondary Professions and use all the bonuses that they provide. These Professions will help you on your trips across Azeroth.


First aid is available to all players and allows you to replenish health in or out of battle. First Aid is particularly popular with characters without self-healing abilities (e.g. Warriors and Rogues). Bandages can be used in PvP while the opponent is in control. In addition to producing bandages, First Aid Allows you to make Anti-Venoms, but the alchemical Anti-Venoms work much more efficiently. To evolve First Aid to the maximum level (300Profession Points), you need to complete a special Quest, which becomes available after gaining 225 Profession Points.


The most meditative WoW Vanilla Profession of all with curious mechanics. If you want to study it, you will have long, calm hours on the shore of a pond waiting for a bite. Since this Profession requires a lot of time to master, it makes sense to start studying it simultaneously with the development of the Character. As in real life, for successful fishing you need to pay attention to many factors and seize the opportunity. Many fish have pronounced seasonality and even diurnality. Fishing allows you to extract resources for cooking and other Professions (for example, you can catch Oily Blackmouth, from which

the oil used in Alchemy is derived). To start fishing, you need to get a Fishing Pole and pick it up in your hands. The higher your skill level, the higher the chance to catch fish and the more unique the fish you can catch. If you throw a fishing pole into floating debris, you can catch a bottle with booze – for example, Rumsey Rum Black Label. Also, to summon one of the bosses in Zul’Gurub you need to catch Zulian Mudskunk in the local river.


Cooking allows players to cook food that replenishes health and Mana. The best food gives the Character a temporary “Satiety” effect, which is useful in combat. To cook, you need to be near the fire and have ingredients (can be obtained from killed monsters, you can also use fish). Here are some wholesome dishes with strong effects that are available for production as you master this Profession:

· Dirges Kickin Chimaerok Chops: +25 Stamina

· Runn Tum Tuber Surprise: Intellect Bonus

· Smoked Desert Dumplings: Strength Bonus

· Grilled Squid: Dexterity Bonus

· Nightfin Soup: increased Mana replenishment speed.


Each of the 12 Professions described above gives certain bonuses and can enthrall you for a long time with the production of various objects or with the search and collection of resources. We hope that this short review has helped you decide which Professions you want to master. Whatever Professions you choose, they will help you on your journeys through Azeroth, and can also significantly improve your financial situation through the sale of Products or Resources. However, despite the benefits that Professions provide to the player, mastering any of them is a long and painstaking process that requires patience, repetition, practice, concentration and the search for additional information to avoid mistakes. If you want to learn the Profession and get all the bonuses that it can give, but aren’t ready to spend a lot of time on training and gaining Profession Points, turn to the help of professionals and buy Wow Vanilla Professions Boost Services by CakeBoost. We are a rapidly expanding international Boosting company with a solid reputation deserved over the years of working with WoW players around the world. Each order is carried out by a highly qualified verified professional Booster, which is assigned individually. We keep you updated as we complete the order and take all your wishes into account. Thanks to the professionalism of our staff, your Character will reach the maximum level (300 Pro Points) in any Profession super-fast, while you just have to enjoy a great result! For several years, we have been successfully working with players around the world and helping them reach a fundamentally new gaming level. Become one of them and enjoy all the benefits of working with the best WoW Boosting Company in the world.

We work with players in all time zones and are online 24/7. If you want to place an order or ask a question, contact our managers right now via Skype or LiveChat.

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