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Over the years, the mechanics and gameplay in World of Warcraft have undergone significant changes, but PvP has been and remains one of the most popular formats. It is PvP that allows players to measure their strength among themselves and determine the strongest. Due to the continued popularity of PvP in WoW Vanilla (Classic), many players are wondering: which class and specialization are best suited for PvP? First of all, players are interested in characteristics that would ensure the speed of character’s movement along the PvP Rank ladder, as well as survival and effectiveness in the battle. CakeBoost presents a brief guide for the optimal class selection for PvP in WoW Classic.


First we need to say a few words about how the Vanilla PvP system works in general. As part of the implementation of a new (or rather, revived) grandiose project, WoW Vanilla (Classic), PvP system is being implemented in several stages. The first phase does not imply any strict system, so players can freely participate in battles with other players, as well as NPCs, without receiving any penalty. However, this anarchy ends with the launch of the second phase 2. PvP Ranks, honor points, fines and so on are already appearing here. During the third phase of the battle, battlefields will become available (Alterac Valley, Warsong Gulch). The rest of the PvP content, such as the global PvP Quests, will be presented later.

Honor Points (HP) is an indicator through which players can compare their achievements against each other. Each kill can be assessed by a different number of points depending on your level and the level of your opponent. Comparison of players among themselves occurs within 1 game server.

At the end of each week, the Honor Points accumulated by the player are used to determine the current rating and assign the corresponding Rank. In total, there are 14 Ranks on the PvP Rank ladder, each of which has a Title (different for the Horde and Alliance). The first step (Rank) is achieved after completing 25+ Honorable Kills, the second – after accumulating 2000 Rating Points, the third – 5000 HP. Each next level requires 5000 Rating Points more than the previous one (10k, 15k, 20k, etc.), and so on up to the 14th Rank (60000+ Rating Points). Please note that there is no direct correlation between the number of Honor Points you earn and the total number of Rating Points: your result also depends on the results of other players on the server.

As a reward for overcoming each new stage, the player receives not only respect, recognition of his merits and authority in the gaming community, but also a useful unique Item, which is a clear indicator of your valiant victories, for example, an honorary Distinguishing Sign, Cape, Amulet, etc.


To begin with, we would like to say a few words about the factors that allow the player to achieve power in PvP. Don’t forget that a well-chosen class is only some initial potential for PvP. The player must be attentive to the development of his character and proper build evolving in order to be able to take profit of the inherent advantages of his character. You should also pay great attention to weapons and armor. Remember that the most important thing in PvP is practice and experience. Theoretical training will help you set the right direction; everything else will depend only on your persistence. If you devote enough time to your development, you can climb the PvP Rank ladder quickly and glorious, becoming stronger with every step.

What ensures the effectiveness of PvP execution? We omit such an important detail as the high quality of equipment, armor and weapons and focus solely on the immanent properties of the character. In many respects, it depends on the style of the player, therefore, priorities are set individually, and however, there are common elements and properties that make up high success in PvP. In general, they are divided into 2 categories: defense and attack. In the defense group, one can single out a high survival rate and the ability to repel an opponent’s attacks. For an attack group, attack speed, fast attacking abilities reloading, as well as damage caused to the opponent are important.

Also, your success in PvP is slightly influenced by professions that can be of great help. First of all, we would like to mention Engineering. This profession is a must-have for anyone who wants to increase efficiency in PvP. It allows you to create many pieces and devices that will strengthen your attacks. First Aid is a Secondary profession and allows you to increase your survival through self-healing. Therefore, if you want to get an extra bonus in PvP, First Aid and Engineering is your choice.



Each class in WoW Classic allows the player to make the choice that best suits his style of play, however, despite the general observance of power balance, classes and specializations can differ significantly from each other. Based on extensive experience and numerous reviews and comments from players from around the world, we have identified 4 classes that have the greatest advantage in PvP. Below we will consider the main factors that provide an advantage, as well as indicate specializations that will allow you to maximize the speed of PvP development of your character.


Mage is one of the most powerful classes for PvP. He is able to inflict impressive AoE damage, support allies, and take control of an opponent with the appropriate spells. This feature – the ability to control an opponent – compensates for the relatively small damage that the Mage deals to a single target. Abilities like Blast Wave, Cone of Cold and Flamestrike are used to attack multiple targets at once. Assistive abilities such as Arcane Intellect and Polymorph to control one opponent. Frost Armor / Ice Armor abilities will increase your survival. Mana Shield is also very effective in this regard. In order to show himself well in PvP, the Mage must be well able to control his goals, as well as inflict significant damage with the help of annihilating attacking spells.

DEEP ICE BUILD: choosing to develop exclusively the Ice specialization, you gain access to powerful attacking spells, such as Cone of Cold, Shatter, and others. Ice Build is the most optimal and balanced for PvP, since it allows you to increase the survival of the mage in comparison with other specializations, while without significant damage to attacking abilities. You can also choose the more hybrid Build, Frost + Fire. You can combine the best defensive and attacking abilities from the Fire and Ice branches, for example, apply huge AoE levels using the alternate use of Cone of Cold and Blast Wave.

In PvP, the most important thing for the Mage is to significantly extend his or her survival, to remain in the battle for as long as possible. But the Mages are not subject to such strict requirements in terms of accuracy. As mentioned above, Mages do better with strikes at several targets than at one; thus, we can say that Mages are not a duel class, despite the obvious advantage in PvP. However, if you still want to increase your accuracy, this can be done using the Elemental Precision skill. For the Mage, the stamina and penetration of attacking spells are also important. Whatever build you choose, try to maintain a balance between survival and damage, without going to any extremes: a good attacking, but quickly dying character is just as ineffective as a poorly attacking, but long-lived one. Take care of good armor

and amulets that will avoid part of the incoming damage. The ability to correctly and quickly use auxiliary items and various potions will be a great advantage.


This class is just made for PvP. Stealth, the ability to inflict significant damage at once, as well as the ability to dodge attacks – all this makes Rogue one of the most popular classes for PvP and for the game as a whole. For a PvP oriented player, the best builds are Assassination and Subtlety, as well as their hybrids. The first branch of talent will allow you to increase the damage you cause, and the second – to extend your survival and avoid part of the incoming damage. The main tactics of Rogues in PvP are focusing on 1 target and a surprise attack with the maximum amount of damage dealt, after which a quick retreat is necessary.

One of the main factors in PvP for Rogue is the use of poisons. You need to learn how to correctly use this invaluable advantage! They are the key mechanics for this class, and this is especially noticeable in PvP. However, this mechanics is quite demanding on the accuracy of the application, so you should pay enough attention to its study and experiments, which can be carried out in PvE. Wound Poison is indispensable for use on the battlefield in order to get rid of pursuers at the moment of moving the flag (this is usually done just by Rogue because of their ability to evade the chase). Crippling Poison is used to intercept the flag of an opposing team. Mind-Numbing poison inflicts periodic damage to the target, however, it can remove some of the effects previously applied, therefore it is used only in rare cases. I would especially like to note the action of Instant Poison. This poison is often useful to you in the battle with Warriors, Paladins and other classes with a large supply of armor strength.

One of the disadvantages of Rogue is the relatively low survival rate. In order to compensate for this, it is necessary to be able to competently and quickly use various bandages and Potions as in the case of the Magician. If you learn to use these consumables correctly, you can significantly extend your life even when fighting against “heavy” classes with great damage and security. Potions also allow you to apply beneficial effects.

Unlike the Mage, the most important attribute for Rogue in PvP is accuracy. You can use the Precision talent. The second priority characteristic is endurance, but instead of investing in the development of endurance at the expense of damage, it is better to pay attention to special items that can increase your endurance reserve (rings, medallions, etc.). Finally, the third priority is attack power and critical strike. This is exactly what is important for this class, since its mechanics are based on the suddenness of an attack on one target and its lethality. The more critical damage you inflict on an opponent, the faster you will deal with him: everything is simple.

Finally: learn to use all the advantages of various accessories (Signs and Amulets), learn from the feature and learn how to correctly determine the most profitable accessory that is best suited to this opponent. A quick change of accessories allows you to effectively adapt to any situation.


Unsurpassed ranged masters who know how to use pets for their own purposes. Pets do significant damage to an opponent and take some of the incoming damage onto themselves, while a Hunter character can inflict swift, deadly attacks from afar, beyond the reach of the enemy. Along with Rogue, this class is and has always been one of the most popular for WoW in general and for PvP in particular. Equally effective both on the battlefield and in duels. A hunter can masterfully flee from the enemy using the Freezing Trap and Improved Concussive Shot skills, and the Hawk Eye ability increases the

radius of some long-range attacks. Despite the numerous advantages of Hunter in PvP, this class is very demanding on development literacy and does not forgive mistakes, so this class will be a good choice for experienced players who are willing to devote time to a careful study of the mechanics and features of the class. Improperly boosted Hunter will not be effective in PvP or PvE.

The hunter has the opportunity to master the control talents that are presented in the Marksmanship branch, as well as Improved Concussive Shot, Scatter Shot and Aimed Shot. These three talents will help you inflict heavy damage, disorient the enemy while you set traps and get rid of the pursuit.

One of the most popular PvP Builds for Hunters is the deep development of the Beast Mastery branch. The mechanics of this Build are based on the active use of the pet to attack the opponent, while the character himself supports the pet and attacks from a considerable distance. Bestial Wrath gives your pet immunity to most of the control effects that an opponent can apply, and the damage that your pet deals to your target is doubled! If you cannot use this skill, the damage it deals will drop sharply. If you want to use just such a tactic, you need to pay close attention to the survival of your pet and not let it die.

Be sure to score at least 5% accuracy so that your attacks reach the goal. Accuracy is quite important for all classes in PvP, however its value is especially noticeable when attacking from a distance. The second priority after accuracy is Dexterity, then – Stamina and Intelligence.

As in real life, you can choose the pet that best suits your style of play. Different pets have different characteristics. Many pets have their own abilities. For example, Broken Tooth has a high attack speed, and Son of Hakkar performs well in battles with warriors, paladins, and other classes with strong armor and high survivability.

Finally, choose armor that does not hurt your dexterity: you need to be quick and nimble on the battlefield. The ability to correctly use various useful items and accessories will give you an additional advantage. You can also throw grenades at enemies, increasing outgoing damage.


The last but not least. Warlocks have proven themselves to be an excellent class for any PvP format, but their crown format is undoubtedly a duel when players have the opportunity to measure their strengths 1 on 1. The huge advantage of Warlocks is the wide range of control over an opponent using talents such as Mana / Life Drain and Sacrifice. Warlocks can also impose tons of effects with periodic damage. All this allows the Warlock to inflict tremendous damage, while not risking his life.

All three Warlock specializations (Affliction, Demonology and Destruction) are equally viable in PvP, so the player can experiment with builds depending on the personal style of the game. You can combine talents from two branches or even just choose the most powerful talents from all 3. DEMONOLOGY allows the player to increase the survival of his character through Soul Link and Master Demonologist. DESTRUCTION aims to inflict maximum damage to an opponent through spells primarily of the Fire class.

A key factor on the path to PvP success for Warlock is the proper use of enemy control potential. In battles with melee characters that can quickly cause significant damage (for example, Paladins or Rogues), it is useful to use Fear, Death Coil and Howl of Terror. If you are fighting a character who attacks from afar, you must summon someone (e.g. Voidwalker). After this, you must ensure that your mana does not end earlier than the opponent. Remember to periodically use Mana Drain. Always

remember that Warlocks are masters of lengthy battles, so every extra minute increases your chances of winning. Exhaust your opponent, but be careful to maintain your performance at an acceptable level.

Warlocks can actively use pets as support. Succubus has the ability to seduce and helps maintain the distance between you and your opponent. This will help you calmly cast a destructive spell without fear that your cast will be interrupted. Voidwalker will become an indispensable assistant in the battle with melee players; in addition to being able to provide protection against incoming damage, it can also be sacrificed and turned into a powerful shield that absorbs all incoming damage. Felhunter eliminates the negative effects imposed on you, as well as the positive effects of the opponent. In order to properly use Warlocks ’pets, you need some skill, but it’s worth it: the pets will allow you to fully realize the PvP potential of this class.

Due to the fact that your goal is long-term PvP battles, the first priority for the Warlock is Stamina – you should not die at the most inopportune moment. The equipment you choose should take this priority into account and maximize your survival. Second priority is Spell Power. The power of your attack is also important. And, finally, accuracy: due to the fact that many attacks are carried out by the Warlock from a distance, you need to make sure that they reach the target (it is recommended to score 4% accuracy).

Finally, a couple of words about potions. As already mentioned many times, a competent game using various potions can significantly shift the balance of power and characteristics in your favor. Among the many available potions, we especially highlight 3. Limited Invulnerability and Free Action Potion will help you survive in a brutal and sudden battle with a powerful melee player. The third potion is called Noggenfogger Elixir. It has 3 possible effects, one of which is reducing the size of your character. The smaller you are, the harder it is for your enemies to get you!


In order to succeed and enter the higher echelons of the PvP elite, it is necessary not only to choose the right class and be able to correctly use all the features of specialization; You must regularly devote enough time to PvP battles. If you try to focus on PvP from case to case, you will not be able to achieve significant results. If you don’t feel confident in the arena or are not ready to devote enough time to PvP fights, you can assign professional Boosters with enormous experience to take care of this. Buy Vanilla PvP Boosting Service by CakeBoost and allow yourself to significantly speed up the process of gaining new ranks! Our experts are multiple PvP champions of past seasons and have all the theoretical and practical training to achieve excellent results in the Arena.

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