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Blizzard is trying to keep the high bar and brings more and more unique content in the game with each new patch, so that Players don’t get bored and find something interesting for themselves. In the new 8.3 Patch, Visions of N’Zoth, Players will meet new items, a unique game mode, which has never been seen

before, two new allied Races and much more. All this puts a lot of new challenges for the Players. If you feel the need for skilled professional boosting help of any kind, CakeBoost is here to help. Among the wide range of our services you will find everything to answer any challenge of the 8.3 Patch adequately. More details about the most discussed innovations will be discussed in today’s article by CakeBoost.


A fundamentally new, unique game mode, which was mentioned above. Horrific Visions of N’Zoth – new diverse instances, where Players have to perform various tasks and assignments, fight powerful Bosses, collect pages and other items, and much more… These are scenarios intended for passing solo (1 Player) or in a group (up to 5 Players), where the level of difficulty, including damage dealt and health of mobs, varies depending on the number of members in the party.

The most difficult stage for the Players will most likely be the beginning – you will need to adapt to the new format, so CakeBoost will be happy to help Players with various tasks, memento farm, as well as gaining access to Horrific Visions. Turning to the assistance of professional experienced Boosters, you not only get an effective solution to any problem, but also reduce the time required to achieve a result significantly, and relieve yourself of the need for theoretical and organizational training.


This unique item can be received as a reward for the almost complete passage of the long Black Empire Campaign Questline. This item of equipment was created in accordance with the challenges of the new patch: it not only greatly facilitates the execution of tasks within the new game mode, N’Zoth Horrific Visions, thanks to the resistance of Corruption and Sanity Loss, but also has a number of other useful effects. Increasing the level (Rank) of this item will give the Player more opportunities and will fully realize the potential of the patch. Although this process is not strictly required, CakeBoost strongly recommends that you turn your attention to this process. If you want to speed up reaching rank 15 of the Ashjrakamas Shroud Resolve Cloak, buy Ashjrakamas Shroud Resolve Leveling Boost Service CakeBoost at the lowest price on the market. With the help of professionals, you will be able to achieve the highest rank for your new Item as quickly as possible thanks to the high professionalism of our CakeBoosters.


This season, Players will encounter some of the differences of the Mythic +: you have the opportunity to receive special seasonal rewards, such as the Title and unique Mounts. To do this, you must finish Mythic + Conqueror / Master Keystone.

The main motivation for a Player to participate in Mythic + is the opportunity to get really high-quality armor with excellent characteristics, which will be a useful acquisition regardless of game goals and preferences. However, in order to show good results in Mythic, a Player must not only thoroughly prepare, but also have experience that is obtained only with time …

Fortunately, any Player has the opportunity to turn to CakeBoost to get effective, high-quality and proven Mythic + Carry Boosts. You do not have to spend time preparing and Dungeon Runs, while you get the full profit from participating: retain Items and Gold. All this – at the lowest price, which will pleasantly surprise you! Contact the Managers for more details.


This is a massive Raid during which you have to fight 12 powerful bosses, the last of which will be N’Zoth himself. The mechanics of this Raid will be dynamic and will force Players to show the maximum they are capable of, regardless of difficulty level. Here you can get unique items, as well as armor and weapons with excellent features (up to 485 Lvl on Normal and Heroic).

Don’t forget to check out our Ny’alotha the Waking City (NWC) Raid Run Service by CakeBoost, as well as other NWC related services: Full Gear, Single Boss Kill, etc.


In 8.3 Patch, Players will be able to make friends with new allies, however, in order to earn their trust and devotion, you will have to work hard and first prove to them your good intentions. Mechagnomes (Alliance) is a highly developed Race of engineers who celebrate the superiority of technology over organics. Some of them even want to completely renounce their biological principles and turn themselves into cyborgs, but not all Mechagnomes share these aspirations … Vulperas (Horde) are cunning and agile desert foxes that are perfectly adapted to survive in the inhospitable and barren lands of endless sand. In addition, they suffer from persecution and oppression.

If you want to gain access to the new Allied Races, while not wasting time on completing the long exhausting Questline necessary to reach the Exalted reputation level, buy the WoW BFA Vulperas / Mechagnomes Allied Race Boost Service by CakeBoost. By delegating the task of fulfilling all the necessary requirements to professionals, you are significantly approaching the moment when you can create a character of a new Race and learn all its features personally.

Of course, this is not all that Players will face during 8.3 Patch. Many new Items, Mounts, Quests and other things have been added to the game: all this cannot be covered in one note. In the end, the fate of Azeroth must now be decided: it depends only on the Players whether the world can avoid plunging into the abyss of oblivion. But no matter what your goals in the game are and whatever challenges the game throws, CakeBoost is always happy to help every Player and provide you with professional, effective and safe Boosting help. Among the ever-expanding range of our WoW Boosting services, each Player will find their ideal service. Buying any service from CakeBoost, you get a 100% quality guarantee and super-fast achievement of goals at the lowest price on the market.

In order to place an order, get a consultation or find out more, contact our Managers via Skype or LiveChat. We work with Players around the world, so we are online 24/7 and will respond to your request in the near future.

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