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About Apex Legends Level Carry Offer

Leveling up always seems significant, especially if you have wanted it for a long time. Although, it can be quite a quest if you don't have enough skills, time, or self-confidence. Apex Legends Level Boosting can be a rescue if you want to get a fast upgrade. Since it's a perfect service to provide the desired outcome of events, you can find more profitable missions we can help with. To obtain a reward in Apex Legends, you need to receive a reputation and exact level of experience. So, there are approximately 500 levels available in the game. It is far from easy, especially for beginners who don't know the principle yet.

Buy popular Apex Legends Level Boosting service and avoid spending countless attempts. Just imagine getting high on the rank. It provides a level for a certain amount of money, all other rewards, and an improved kill/death ratio with wins statistics. Doesn't it seem significant for a passionate gamer who appreciates his free time and reasonably manages tasks? Order your booster today from the CakeBoost team. The performance is absolutely secure and highly recommended by thousands of our customers. We also offer reliable support that answers questions when you urgently need information. We guarantee you will receive the goal you've always wanted to reach. 


  • A desired amount of levels
  • All rewards: Apex Packs, Tokens, Gun charms and other different items that can be obtained during the boost
  • Improved kill/death ratio and wins statistic


  • 1-2 days for every 10 levels

What Can I Get With Apex Legends Level Boosting Service?

By purchasing Apex Legends Level Boosting, you will receive the following:

  • Effective promotion. We only work with experienced professionals who have behind-the-back knowledge and can guarantee results going through very complex missions so that you can move forward to enjoy the game.
  • Time. Instead of spending a huge amount of time investing in your future, buy an expert team of players to accomplish the desired Mission and get the reward. 
  • 24/7 support. Ask everything that matters any time of day and night. Dedicated operators will do their best to provide you with the most satisfactory answer, so you avoid possible future troubles.
  • Special deals. We have beneficial packages, cool discounts, a bonus system, and even a special currency.

Try all of the Apex Legends Boosting Services to ensure yourself with step-by-step but practical progress. If you are a true game addict, we also recommend you to use other impressive services like Apex Legends Kills Boost, Apex Legends Battle Pass, Apex Legends Level Boosting, or Apex Legends Rank Boosting.

Why Should You Choose СakeBoost?

We offer a unique and reliable deal to each customer. Select a professional team that carries all orders timely and adequately. We even have an ETA that stands for an estimated delivery time for some products. Though in many cases, we can discuss the specifics individually.
Many gamers choose us because CakeBoost offers the following benefits:

  • Around-the-clock customer care. If you order Apex Legends Level Boosting or any other mission and have issues or additional requests, direct them to our live support chat that is always available.
  • Purchase of products without registration. If you made up your mind just for one boost, reach out and make your purchase without creating an account.
  • Data protection. Your personal information will stay safe without transferring to anybody due to negligence. Moreover, the team of players uses a VPN while completing a mission through your gamer's account. Furthermore, money transfers are secure because of the SSL certification.
  • Caring approach. Our goal is to fulfill the player's necessities conveniently. We accept orders which are not there among the offers on the site. If you want to go through a new mission or few at the same time, we can find a solution. 
  • No bots or scammers will bother you after we accomplish the order.
  • Refund policy. There is no problem getting your money back in case of any accidental or impulsive payment. Write to our chat and get your transfer back.
  • Affordability. We carefully control the prices and service relations on the market and always try to set them according to the current rate — moreover, we have special sales.

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How Does Apex Level Boosting Services Work?

It does not take much time to place the order once you decide which booster to pick. However, if you are stuck, our operators can help and suggest some ready solutions. Here are the steps for successful order placement:

  • Check out the requirements. Before buying something, carefully consult the information describing one or another item or apply it to our help chat.
  • Choose a product, put it in the basket, and proceed to checkout.
  • Leave your contact information so we can reach you to discuss the details of a paid order. If you forgot to do this, then simply contact us on Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, or Discord.
  • We accept US dollars and euros. There are several payment methods. You are free to use Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, Fondy, and some other services.
  • Everything is ready for us to begin. Don't forget to leave your review. We need to hear the opinion of every customer.

Buy Apex Level Boosting Right Now

Game fans all over the globe enjoy being a part of our CakeBoost family because of our customizable approach and reasonable prices. Each new customer has a chance to get 10% off for their first purchase. You can get an even additional bonus if you subscribe to our news and updates. So, place your order on the website today while it is still active! Use it to buy Apex Legends Level Boosting or any other mission.

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FAQ about Apex Level Boosting Services

What is the Quickest Way to Communicate with the Team?

If you bought Apex Legends Arena Rank Boost and did not know what comes next? The most efficient way is to reach support through online chat on the website. We make everything to provide you with convenient and fast methods of communication so you gather a positive experience. In addition, we have reliable, friendly, dedicated managers whose job is to help you with any issues. Find us there if you did not leave contact details. Everything hasn't been so easy without live people's support. 

How does the Team Carry out the Mission?

There are two variants of how we can perform the Mission. Whether you give us access to your game account so the professional player goes through the quest, you are free to watch the show and may grab some tips later. Another option is called self-play. It requires your presence since you do not share any personal information. You can play your character in the game while our expert advises you on how to complete the difficult parts. We allow you to skip the tiresome part to improve your skills and earn more prestige in every way possible. Order our other services like Apex Legends Challenges to see how we can promote you with honors.

Is there a Possibility to Reach a Discount Field for Myself?

You can discuss with the operators or reach the support team. Usually, we have a 5 – 20 % discount for regular customers. You can register on our website and become a part of our standard bonus system. Start gathering CakeCoins for purchasing our services like Apex Legends 20 Wins Bundle and others. We also suggest our users try our referral program. Just share your referal link and let your friends know about CakeBoost opportunities. By clicking on the link, they can obtain a discount for any item.

Can I Cancel my Order and Get the Money Back?

Our personal company's policy is based on the awareness that any customer can change their mind or decide to order another boost. So write to our helping operators so they can make a refund. If you paid for Apex Legends Rank Boosting or other service by mistake, we could fix it in no time.