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Shot Caller
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Apex Predator
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Buy Apex Legends Badges Boost

Apex Legends brings many obtainable cosmetic items for a player to acquire. From the first in-game season, there is a set of special rare items: Badges. Badges are special, rare awards that demonstrate your skill, completed challenges and unlocked achievements. Right now there are more than 100 different Badges for a player to achieve in the game. The badge is a highly prestigious reward that will distinguish you from the crowd of other players. Cakeboost presents Achievements & Badges Service - the best method of unlocking any badge as fast as possible. Buy Apex Legends Badges Boost and our team of professional players will help you on your way to unlocking any badge or achievements quickly and efficiently. 


  • Ordered Badges unlocked;
  • All reward received during the boost


  • up to 2 weeks

Why Should You Choose Us? 

Apex Legends is full of various content for players to unlock. It is not just another battle royale, but a game with deep gameplay mechanics, steep learning curve and a lot of challenges to overcome. To motivate players for high-skilled gaming and increase the variety of the gameplay, Apex offers a long list of hard to unlock achievements. Apex Legends achievements system is presented in badges. Badges are unlocked by completing special tasks, and some of them can be almost impossible to finish for unprepared players. This is why you can buy Apex Legends badge boosting services - a simple but extremely effective solution of unlocking any badge in the game for a low price. Together with Cakeboost, you will quickly unlock all badges available in the game at the moment. And here is why you should choose our Apex Legends badge boost services: 

100% Safety Guaranteed 

To reach maximum possible safety during boosting, we use special VPN services that provide full protection and anonymity of your account. Additionally, our boosters are strictly forbidden from using cheats, bots or other illegal software. Reliable professional services are our main priority. We keep our clients safe.

24/7 Support 

We are especially proud of our 24/7 online support that is ready to help you with any possible question about boosting services. With online support you will be able to choose the most suitable service and even create a special one for completing the narrowest tasks. To contact online support, use Discord, Skype or simply write to us in a chat. 

High-quality Premium Service 

Our Apex Legends badge carry services are performed by an international community of pro Apex Gamers with a huge experience of playing. No challenge is impossible with our help, and this is why we can guarantee 100% results for any badge unlocking service. More than that, to make our services even better we often offer special discounts that make the cost even lower.

What Can I Get With Apex Legends Badges Boost? 

Our Apex Legends Badge Boost services take a special place in the Apex Legends Boost catalogue by being one of the most popular boosts. While badges itself does not bring any gameplay advantages after being unlocked, they are the main way to show off your skill and experience to other players. When you complete a specific challenge, you are rewarded with a badge that can be used as a cosmetic item. Harder the challenge - more prestigious the badge. The problem is that most of the badges are very difficult to unlock. It requires patience, time and skill, but most importantly - a reliable team for obtaining most of the Badges. Buy Apex Legends badge boosting services to get help from high-skilled gamers who have a waste experience of professional gaming and who are ready to share this experience with players struggling with Apex challenges. 

Also, some badges in the game can be completed only on high ranks. We also offer Apex Legends Rank Boost and Apex Arena Rank Boost for players who need help with ranked competitive matches.

How Does Cakeboost works?

It is as easy as possible to buy a perfect boosting service from Cakeboost: 

  • To make an order, you need to choose a required badge and a platform you play on;
  • After choosing everything necessary, go to your shopping cart to finish a confirmation of your order. You can use Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase or Fondy as payment options;
  • Our online support is always in touch with you: you will be able to discuss all necessary boosting details, schedule time and get detailed information about the process;
  • You will get a notification about the results of the service the moment it is completed;
  • Do you feel like helping us to make our boosts even better?  Leave a review on Trustpilot and share your experience with other gamers.

FAQ about Apex Legends Badges Boosting Carry Services

Q: Is Boosting badges in Apex Bannable? 
A: During our Apex Legends Achievements boosting we comply with all necessary security measures to ensure that your account is protected from all possible consequences. Our other carry services are totally safe too. 

Q: What is badge boosting apex legends?  
A: Badge boosting will help you to quickly unlock any badge currently available in the game. If you need wins farming, check out other boost services.  

Q: How do you get the 20 kills badge apex?
A: You need to do 20 kills during a single match. This is a very difficult task, but with us everything is possible. We are also ready to complete kills boost.  

Q: Do you offer coaching services? 
A: We are. Our professional booster will become your personal coach and help you to dramatically increase your gaming skills.