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About Apex Legends Badge Carry Offer

A badge is a great, though rare, trophy that is hard to obtain. Since Apex Legends World consists of special missions where you can earn reputation and skills, those who have many badges own a priority over other players. The reward shows how much experience you got and brings you a continual upgrade in the game. So acquiring a badge gives you a chance to stand out among other talented players. The issue here is that getting it is a time-consuming and troublesome task. An unprepared user may be bored with such assignments. But do not worry! Here is a solution that makes you feel more comfortable during the game and helps avoid an upsetting experience.

Buy CakeBoost's new service called Apex Legends Badge Boosting. It is your unique chance to skip tiresome missions and quickly gather all possible rewards — anything you like at great prices. We work with an expert team of players worldwide who are pros of the game and can easily unlock every hard-to-get mission. The service is absolutely secure and professional, with reliable support that operates around the clock. We guarantee each customer will receive the goal they want. Purchasing a boost will allow you to focus on more preferable tasks instead of complex ones. Do not wait and get your booster today. Rely on experts and achieve the highest aims.


  • Ordered Badges unlocked;
  • All reward received during the boost


  • up to 2 weeks

What Can I Get With Apex Legends Badge Carry Service?

By ordering Apex Badge Boosting service:

  • Powerful boost. We work only with skilled gamers who possess considerable experience and can deliver the result so that you can progress fast.
  • Strict deadline. Invest in the service and buy time. Instead of trying and spending hours on countless attempts, let the CakeBoost team perform any complex mission like Apex 4k Badge Boost for you and continue your game with additional skills.
  • 24/7 support. We provide each player with exceptional help from our diligent operators. Ask everything when you need them, receive proper instructions, and retrieve answers to all questions.
  • Security is a priority. We do our job via a VPN connection and do not transfer your data to other sources. Stay safe with us and follow your game.
  • Great flexible prices, extra bonuses, and huge discounts. Pick among our generous special treats the one that is beneficial for your case. 

Buy Apex Legends Boosting Services to ensure all prizes are gathered quickly and professionally. If you are a true game fan, try Apex Legends Kills Boost and Apex Legends Battle Pass, or Apex Legends Level Boosting and Apex Legends Rank Boosting.

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

Many players already trust us because we offer:

  • rewards of any intricacy,
  • purchasing without registration,
  • strict deadlines abidance,
  • customer-oriented approach. So the end-game is to fulfill the player's needs, whether you wish to get the Apex Legends 20 Kill Badge Boost or any other;
  • stay in touch around the clock. It allows us to be globally reachable daily and nightly. We process urgent requests and orders when you need them;
  • clear bonus and referral systems,
  • safe data transition. We use only SSL certificates to protect your information;
  • no bots or scammers will bother you after you are done with your order;
  • refund policy. If you have other thoughts or make an accidental payment, there is no problem getting the money back.

Order our popular services like 20 Kill Badge Apex Boost, find your special offer, and gain an exciting experience. Look for other trendy boosting we provide for other games on our website.

How Does Apex Legends Badge Boosting Service Work?

If you choose to buy Apex Legends 4k Damage Badge Boosting or any other boosting, fulfill the simple steps to get it. First, go to the website and select the item, then proceed to the cart and confirm your order. Do not forget to leave contacts, then choose payment options. 

We receive transfers via the several most comfortable methods like PayPal, Stripe, Unitpay, Fondy, Scrill, Coinbase, and Paymentwall. Soon we can receive transfers from Visa and MasterCard. Operators will follow the paid order and reach you in no time to discuss the details like the type of badges you wish to unlock and the order's estimated time. Then they find a suitable team of players to fulfill the task. If you forgot to leave the contacts, do not worry. Instead, find us on Discord chat or Skype, Telegram, and Facebook social pages. In addition, we have direct contacts on the website.
Usually, we let our customers choose between two modes of how to reach the goal:

  • Share your account on the game with our team of gamers who will run quests for you. It means you should give access to the account to team members. We do our job with VPN to prevent your data from being compromised and stolen. In this mode, we perform the quest by using your character. Nobody will notice.
  • Sepfplayed mode. It stands for your active participation in the mission. The team will help you to succeed during the game, though you keep the data about your account closed.

Watch Apex Badge Boosting PS4 and other popular missions for free life while delivering the order. If you have trouble finding the right service, write in our live chat. Operators will listen to the issue and advise what to look for, even make a set of proper boosts you might be interested in.

Buy Apex Legends Badge Boost Right Now

Many players enjoy working with us because we have flexible prices and great discounts suitable for each user. Place your first order on the website and you will receive a 10% discount. Use it to buy Apex 20 Kill Badge Boost and dominate the game. The offer is still good, so do not miss the chance.

Also, we have a clear CakeBoost bonus system. Each of your purchases will be rewarded with exceptional treats! Earn your first cake coin, a sweet currency on our website that allows you to buy the services at half the price. Then, register on the platform and receive a welcome bonus of 300 cake coins (CC).

Then there is a way to earn more. Fill your profile with a piece of accurate information about you and obtain 100 coins. Then, purchase each service for a better price while still active!

Other Benefits 

CakeBoost has some cashback options for real fans of  Apex Legends 20 Kill Badge Boost and other different services:

  • get 5% of coins back for each purchase;
  • receive 10% of coins for a friend invitation.

Every 100 coins are worth 1 euro. Start collecting them now to unlock more badges. Try our packages with three options to select:

  • Bronze pack. It includes 10 000 CC.
  • Golden pack. It offers you 25 000 CC.
  • Brilliant pack. It is our most extensive offer of 50 000 CC.

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FAQ about Apex Legends Badge Boosting

Q: How Many Badges can I Pick in the Badge Boost Apex Service?

A: Each player is welcome to select as many missions as they want. We even can handle customized orders. However, each reward has its cost; instead of the one, you can pick Well Rounded & Master of All Bundle to unlock many rewards and select attractive services. To save money, try purchasing our packages of cake coins. They are suitable for any assistance.

Q: Who Carries the Apex Legends Badge Boosting Discord Mission?

A: Experienced gamers run each service, and you have some options here. You can let them have complete control of the account and when they deliver the goal, enjoy the result. Or you can participate and receive a great deal of help from them. Both variants are suitable, but we recommend using shared accounts to level up your character in the game with Legends Level Boosting.

Q: What is the Quickest Way to Communicate with the Team?

A: We have reliable support on each level, so holding your Apex Badge Boosting Discord discussion is most convenient. Find us there if you did not leave contact details. It is easy to get boosted, and the order handling takes 15 minutes maximum. Then our managers will provide all necessary information around the clock, so your badge hunting will go on non-stop. Try our new item Wake & Wrath IV Bundle

Q: What is an ETA? 

A: The abbreviation stands for the estimated time when our gamers will finish the order and fully satisfy the customer. When you select a service, pay attention to the stat. We can state it for you, but CakeBoost will find the one for the job if you need a speedy player. Some of our items do not have the duration yet and are open to discussions and can accept a customizable order. Pick our best services from Legends Coaching Service to ranking so Apex world of heroes can bring joy and excitement to the game.