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Buy Apex Legends Achievements & Badges Boost Carry Service

Buy Apex Legends Achievements & Badges Boost Carry Service

Most Popular Badges
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Legends Wrath 1
Legends Wrath 2
Legends Wrath 3
Legends Wrath 4
Legends Wake
Legend's Badges
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Shot Caller
No One Left Behind
Squad Wipe
Reinforcement Recall
The Legacy Continues
Hot streak
Double Duty
Flawless Victory 1
Flawless Victory 2
Apex Predator
Rapid Elimination
Headshot Hotshot
Triple Triple
Account Badges
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Fully Kitted
Team Work 1
Team Work 2
Team Work 3
Team Work 4
Long Shot
Well Rounded
Master of All
No Witnesses
Group Theatrics 1
Group Theatrics 2
Group Theatrics 3
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Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired Achievements & Badges but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Buy Apex Legends Achievements & Badges Boost Carry Service

Apex Legends brings many obtainable cosmetic items for a player to acquire.  From the first in-game season, there is a set of special rare items: Badges. Badges are special, rare awards that demonstrate your skill, completed challenges and unlocked achievements. They can be demonstrated on your banner during arena matches and usual pre-match periods. Cakeboost presents you Apex Legends Achievements & Badges Boost Carry Service - your best method of unlocking any badge as fast as possible.

You will get:

  • The wished Badge unlocked;
  • Improved kill/death ratio and victory statistic;
  • You keep all rewards, XP and unlocked achievements that can be acquired during boost

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Right now there are more than 100 different Badges for a player to achieve in the game. Some of them can be unlocked relatively easily, others are not unlockable to different circumstances (for example «Year 1 Anniversary I» badge). The badge is a highly prestigious reward that will distinguish you from the crowd of other players. Nevertheless, you ought to lose a lot of time nervously trying to achieve special criteria that are necessary for unlocking a badge.

Buy Apex Legends Achievement and Badge Boost Carry Service and our team of professional players will help you on your way to unlocking any badge or achievements quickly and efficiently. You can choose between PC, Xbox One and PS4 while ordering a boost. Contact us if you can’t find a specific badge in the list when making an order.