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Buy Apex Legends Arena Rank Boost

Arena Mod in Apex Legends allows players to earn up to 10,000 rating points and reach the top of the rating by receiving the Master Title. If you do not have a desire to spend a large amount of time, but want to show off a high rank, this service is perfect for you. Buy Apex Legends Arena Rank boost and get 100% guaranteed service upon reaching any desired rank.


  • Desired Arena rank and division
  • All rewards received during the boost


  • up to 6 weeks

Why Should You Choose Us?

Apex Legends is a unique never seen before combination of battle royale and hero-based shooters with an easy to learn but hard to master gameplay. This game is also full of various content, different events are often held and unique game modes added. It is still popular thanks to the various ways to play the game. One of such game modes is Arenas. The problem is that Arena requires much more skill than basic gamemode, and teamwork is more important too, as you participate in a 3v3 match on a small special map. Arena has its own ranking system, and with our Apex Legends Arena Rank boost you will be able to reach any desired division as quickly as possible. Our shop offers cheap boosting solutions for all types of needs. We make your gaming experience simple and efficient. 

100% Safety Guaranteed 

The main advantage of our boosts is an absolute protection of client’s data. Full safety is provided by professional VPN services. More than that, your boosters never use cheats, bots or other illegal software. Our Apex Legends Arena Rank Carry services are totally safe.

24/7 Support 

With help from our online support you will be able to get a detailed consultation on any of the boosting services we offer. Support is available 24/7 and is ready to assist you with any questions. 

High-Quality Premium Service 

We employ only professional Apex gamers. Thanks to that, our Apex Legends Arena Rank boost is done with maximum efficiency. You will be able to quickly reach the chosen rating as quickly as possible. To make prices even lower - we offer special discounts.

What Can I Get With Apex Legends Arena Rank Boost?

Currently, there are 6 rating divisions in Apex Arena, with the Master division being the highest one. However, it is very hard to reach a high rating in this game mode, especially if you don’t have a reliable team to play with. Because of that, most of the players cannot reach high ranks despite all the struggles related to this game mode. Yet, with our Apex Legends Arena Rank Carry service you will be able to get any necessary rank as quickly as possible. This is not the only Apex Legends Boost we offer. To reach the highest ranks in main game mode, check out Apex Legends Rank Boost, and Apex Legends Badges Boost will help you to complete the hardest in-game achievements with maximum efficiency. 

How Does Сakeboost Works? 

If you want to buy Apex Legends Arena Rank boosting services, follow these simple steps:

  • Choose necessary rank and a platform you want a boost to be performed on, and make an order;
  • To confirm an order and continue with payment, go to your shopping cart. Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy are available as payment methods. 
  • We will immediately contact you to discuss all the details and schedule desired boosting time. Online support will keep a contact with you until the boosting is done;
  • Follow instructions provided by online support and wait until the boost is completed;
  • We will notify you about the final results; 
  • Feel free to share your experience with Cakeboost by leaving a review on Trustpilot. 

FAQ about Apex Legends Arena Rank Boosting Carry Services 

Q: What is the fastest way to rank up in Apex ranked arenas?
A: The fastest and the most efficient way to rank up on Arena is to play with the international community of pro-gamers, and our boosts provide you this exact ability. 

Q: How does the ranking system work in Apex arenas? 
A: Arenas’ ranking system is similar to the battle royale ranking: 6 main tiers, from Bronze to Master can be reached by players. As you play you earn rating points that measure your personal skill. Also, our boosting services are also available for battle royale rating too. 

Q: How do you earn points in ranked Arena Apex?
A: Better your performance - higher amount of points you get at the end of the match. Wins will bring you much more points than losses. Speaking about wins: we are ready to help you to reach any amount of wins you want. 

Q: How long does it take to complete an Apex boosting service?
A: ETAs depend on the type of service you have ordered. Some services like coaching do not have an ETA at all and go for as long as you need while playing with the coach.