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About Apex Legends Battle Pass Carry Offer

Have you tried the new Apex Legends Battle Pass boost yet? It is a freshly developed service from the CakeBoost team that is designed to help players worldwide cope with complex tasks. The battle pass is a system that offers additional tiny incorporated games and gives access to paid content. Participating users see a separate progression scale, where each level has its reward: a badge, weapon, and new gear for the character. You can perform different tasks to speed up pumping, but otherwise, the experience is accumulated for each match played. One of the great features of such missions is that players can unlock them seasonally, though many of them have no extra time to try them before they disappear.

So if you already left countless efforts behind and are still on the same level, hurry up and order your Apex Legends Battle Pass XP boost before it is too late. This service can guarantee you a fast promotion during the game. The challenge will be better performed by an experienced team of players that we select up to your needs. Our team has no limits, so we are always on time. Here is your unique chance to get through the toughest parts of the game and get boosted when it is planned.


  • Desired amount of levels;
  • All rewards received during the boost;
  • Some challenges can be unlocked during boost


  • 1-3 days

What Can I Get With Apex Legends Battle Pass?

By purchasing the service, you obtain viable benefits like:

  • Reachable customer service. We provide a live chat full support on the website, so anyone with questions and unresolved issues can direct them to our diligent operators. They work non-stop, apply any time you need, and get your answers quickly. Find out everything you wish to know about Apex Season 9 Battle Pass and other quests.
  • Total security. It concerns payment operations and customers' data exchange. We use SSL certificates that guarantee safe money transfers. Our team access gamers' accounts via VPN technology, so you are not compromised while we are playing your character.
  • Professional attitude. CakeBoost works only with expert players who have suitable experience and are ready to deliver orders of any difficulty.
  • Great prices. We offer flexible costs for our products and services. We also provide additional discounts and suggest you participate in our bonus system by registering the account and purchasing the items you like.

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Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

Players worldwide decided to rely on our professionalism and profound game experience. They chose us because:

  • We offer attractive discounts, a compatible price range that constantly follows current market trends. Grab a bunch of our sweet currency, and many other specials for Apex Season 10 Battle Pass service and other missions.
  • Our team is ready to fulfill customizable orders. If you wish to combine some tasks or interest us in a new mission, we are here to find the most suitable players for you to perform it.
  • We abide by the ETA. We establish timing on each order, so we follow the deadline to let you progress without any delays. If no particular delivery time is indicated, you can always discuss it with your manager, who will provide you with all possible variants.
  • Our data protection is always on. CakeBoost team fulfills tasks on behalf of the customer and prevents any possible risks via protective software. 
  • Our support works 24/7, so you can write to them and get your answers quickly. If you plan to order Apex Season 11 Battle Pass boosting and wish to know specifics, our customer care is here at your disposal.
  • We offer a subscription and huge bonuses that come with it. That is how we stay in touch and keep informing you about our new services, fresh discounts, and news.
  • You can hire a private couch. We possess more than 5 years of gaming experience and help other players upgrade their skills, mentor them through every mission, and help them succeed.
  • You are free to ask for a refund. In case something comes up, or you simply made an impulsive purchase, we can return the transfer until you have not used our services. Let us know via online chat and get your money back.

Buy your very first product from CakeBoost and enjoy an upgraded level with new protective gear and other trophies. Then, invest in your future goals today to gain more skills and gaming experience.

How Does Apex Legends Battle Pass Boosting Services Work?

Skip complicated tasks, and buy new Apex Legends Battle Pass boosting. It will take a couple of minutes to place the order. Follow the simple steps:

  • Add your product to the cart. If it is all, go to the checkout.
  • Make your payment via selecting the most convenient option and wait till our manager reaches out to you. We accept euros and US dollars. 

In case you did not leave any contacts, you can find us on Discord, Skype, or Telegram. Do not hesitate to write. Concerned managers will listen to you attentively and find you an absolutely brilliant player suitable for the mission. Before the active part begins, you have to decide which option of our performance you pick. We have two variants for you:

  • Play via shared account. It means that you have to give access to your personal gamer's data, so the team can log in and do everything for your character to reach the goal. After they are finished, you are free to watch the full mission go through.
  • Self-played. You do not have to pass the information to us because you are playing your character while our advisors help you overcome the hardest parts of the challenge.

To deliver the Apex Battle Pass XP boost faster, we suggest our customers use the first option. Do not worry. Everything is safe and secure from any kind of fraud because we utilize VPN and valid certification to prevent that. After we fulfill the order, you will receive no spam from us. Also, if you are unhappy about the performance we gave or anything else, let us know. We appreciate your concern and can work out some additional discounts and actions to resolve the issue.

Buy Apex Legends Battle Pass Boost Right Now

CakeBoost is happy to show our customers different saving options for purchasing our services. Every newcomer who places the first order receives a coupon for 10% off. If you wish to get more benefits, register on the website and fulfill your profile and get 5% cashback for each purchase. Bring friends to obtain 10% cashback after they register their account.
Another great special includes the sweet currency coins, so we reward each buyer with a significant amount of them. Every 100 CakeCoins equals 1 euro or a dollar. Choose Apex Legends Season 9 Battle Pass boosting or other products and pay only half the price, while your coins will cover the other part. 

For those who need more sweet bonuses, we provide packages:

  • bronze pack with 10 000 CC;
  • golden pack with 25 000 CC;
  • brilliant with 50 000 CC.

Pick yours today, buy the boost you dreamt of and leave the rest to our professional team of players. Increase your gaming opportunities, rely on the team who carries out your order, and read more reviews on Trustpilot.

FAQ about Apex Legends Battle Pass

Q: Do I Have to Register an Account to Place Orders?

A: It is not necessary. You may just visit the website and buy Apex Legends Challenges or other items unregistered. However, we recommend our users create an account to retrieve more benefits from our bonus program and learn more about special offers.

Q: What Methods of Payment Do You Have?

A: To pay for our services like Apex Legends 20 Wins Bundle and others, you may select the most convenient variant among G2G, PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, and others. Soon we plan to accept Visa and MasterCard. CakeBoost tries to provide our users with convenient and numerous options for money transfers.

Q: Tell about Your Referral Program if You Have One?

A: Sure we are glad to give each dedicated customer a generated referral link, so they can place it on their social media pages and tell their friends more about our services for a reward. So, for example, copy the referral link from your account and post it anywhere you like to attract newcomers via your discount offer.

Q: Who Can Help Me If I Couldn't Find a Service I Need?

A: Go to our support operators. Describe what kind of mission you need to accomplish and discuss specifics. We value each user and can always advise some relevant products or make a list of our top popular offers like Wake & Wrath IV Bundle. If there is no item you wish to purchase, we can plan your customizable order, negotiate how to complete it, and pick experienced gamers to deliver it.