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Buy Apex Legends Battle Pass 

The Battle Pass system is a usual way for many free-to-play games to give players the ability to unlock special paid content. Apex Legends has a Battle Pass system too. When you purchase a Battle Pass you acquire a list of specific challenges that depend on the active season in the  Apex Legends. These challenges also bring you a list of special rare rewards for Battle Pass Level. Cakeboost presents Apex Legends Battle Pass Boost Carry Service. We are ready to help you to reach the 100 cap quickly and efficiently.

You will get:

  • Any desired level;
  • You keep all rewards that can be obtained during boost;
  • Some challenges can be unlocked during boost;
  • Your stats will be dramatically improved

ETA: 1 -2 days

Right now there are 100 Battle Pass levels to achieve in Apex Legends. For achieving a level you will get the rarest rewards too, just like for completing challenges. All of such Battle Pass prizes and trophies are exclusive for the season, so, if you want to show off your skill and differ from other players, you want to unlock them all.

However, farming levels is a monotonous and time-consuming process. Our professional boosters are ready to help you to achieve a desired number of levels much faster, saving your time and nerves with a guaranteed 100% rate of success. You can choose a specific Legend to be played during boost and also choose any platform (PC, Xbox One and PS4) where the service will be executed.