Apex Legends Challenges

Completing challenges often requires players to deviate from their optimal or preferred playstyles. It can make achieving victory difficult. People also often find themselves unable to invest the playtime necessary to complete challenges in time, which can cause them to miss out on rewards. Our customers will not have to worry about that if they buy Apex Challenges boost services from this website. CakeBoost’s boosters will fulfill all required challenges quickly, enabling clients to claim their prizes without any fuss.


  • Any chosen daily challenges completed;
  • Any chosen weekly challenges completed;
  • All rewards and XP received during the boost


  • 1-2 days


  • Apex Legends Account

What Can I Get With an Apex Challenges Boost?

We offer an opportunity to purchase the completion of Apex Legends daily challenges, weekly challenges, or both. Boosts for event challenges may be available by special request during events. Additionally, clients can ask us to farm daily or weekly challenges as they appear to absolutely guarantee that they will not pass up on any exclusive rewards. After purchasing our services, buyers can simply relax and forget about grinding for prizes. Our Apex Legends booster team shall do it for them, completing every required objective as swiftly and efficiently as possible to earn all their associated rewards.

Satisfying the conditions of the first three weekly challenges in a week results in immediately advancing to a higher Battle Pass Level. Other regular challenges yield some quantity of Stars, which are also used to progress through the Battle Pass. Each season brings new exclusive cosmetics to the Battle Pass, divided between the Free and Premium tracks. The paid track also contains currency awards, such as the premium Apex Coins. All of those rewards can be obtained using those boosts, with the precise amount depending on the number of challenges done. Event challenges follow their own rules, but usually grant points that go towards unlocking event cosmetics.

Finally, clients will receive all other rewards acquired during the boost. There will certainly be some XP gains, which may lead to leveling up and obtaining other valuable in-game currencies and Apex Packs. All of those resources may be used to acquire further cosmetics. Out of the currencies, Legend Tokens have additional uses, namely buying more Legends or rerolling future challenges. Boosters would also improve most account stats and may make progress towards earning achievements and badges.

CakeBoost offers numerous additional Apex Legends Boosting Services. Depending on the client’s specific need, Apex Legends Battle Pass Boosting Services may be a more efficient method of advancing through the Battle Pass. Apex Legends Level Boosting Services are a better means of leveling up and acquiring non-seasonal cosmetics. Our Apex Legends Squad Wins and Apex Legends Kills Farm boosts are a popular way of improving visible stats. Apex Legends Rank Boosts and Apex Legends Arena Rank Boosts enable buyers to skip to their desired ranks and levels of competition. CakeBoost’s Apex Legends Coaching Services empower people to upgrade their player skills with expert coach guidance.

Why Should You Choose Cakeboost?

Challenges vary immensely in difficulty. While some of them only require players to complete a few matches, others require scoring kills under precise and difficult conditions. There are objectives that can only be completed while playing a specific Legend or in a certain mode. That can pose a particular problem, since most Apex Legends players have preferences that keep them from enjoying or perfecting the kind of gameplay demanded by those objectives. As they try to pursue challenge goals, players may be forced to compromise their chances of winning a match. Also, if users fail to complete enough challenges before the season ends, they may miss out on temporarily available cosmetics.

Professional boosting exists to help players avoid missing out on rewards from those sources. Qualified, dependable boosters can complete these tasks at any time and with maximum efficiency, freeing their clients to enjoy the game their way. Meanwhile, all seasonal and event cosmetics could still be theirs. However, the efficient execution of Apex Challenges boosting requires clients to be willing to share accounts with boosters. Many people are understandably wary of such arrangements. Nevertheless, we assure them that they can trust CakeBoost with this service for the following reasons:

  • We have been in the boosting business since 2015, completing thousands of carries in over a dozen multiplayer titles. Prospective customers can verify CakeBoost’s track record on TrustPilot. They can rely on our reputation for quick, convenient, and reliable services. Additionally, our company has incorporated its varied experience with different games and with this shooter since 2019 to create the most highly-polished Apex Challenges service on the market. We have refined every part of our service model and are fully prepared to handle any common difficulties that sometimes occur during boosting;
  • We do everything humanly possible to safeguard our customers’ identities and boosted accounts during the service. Our Apex Challenges boosts are always undertaken in utter secrecy and with regard for client privacy. Buyers only need to provide their log-in information, which is shared solely with their piloting boosters. Boosters finish all boosting tasks personally, without outsourcing them to third-party services or using any programs, cheats, or hacks. They disguise their presence using VPNs set to client locations and refrain from discussing boosting in chat or speaking with customers’ friends. Cutting-edge HTTPS encryption helps us keep client data secure on our website;
  • Customers can speak to our support team at any time and receive prompt answers to all relevant questions. If support specialists are unable to address certain questions effectively, they will immediately forward them to others in the company. Our team may be reached over site chat, by e-mail, or using a dedicated channel arranged using a popular chat program chosen by the buyer. The staff can advise clients on the most convenient Apex Challenges service options or recommend other CakeBoost offerings for this title that clients may find useful. They will also provide real-time updates on ongoing services and resolve any related issues to the best of their ability;
  • Our Apex Legends boosting team consists of versatile and dependable gaming professionals. Before being added to our roster, prospective boosters must undergo extensive background checks and tests. We use those tests to ensure that they are both absolutely trustworthy and sufficiently skilled to meet our standards of excellence. During booster assignment, we are careful to match employees to tasks based on their strengths and preferences. Thus, Apex Challenges boosts are assigned to flexible gamers who excel at swiftly completing varied tasks. They will not be delayed by having to use different Legends, weapons, or modes to succeed. As a result, customers can count on a quick and hassle-free delivery!

How Do Apex Challenges Boosting Services Work?

Customers wishing to purchase Apex Challenges boosting services from CakeBoost only need to follow those steps:

  • Make sure there is an eligible Apex Legends account that is ready for boosting and that it has the Premium Battle Pass for this season if Premium rewards are wanted;
  • Select all the intended boosting options, then click the “buy” button;
  • Proceed to the shopping cart to confirm the order;
  • Pick a commonly-used chat program, such as Skype, Discord, or Telegram. It shall be utilized to establish a dedicated communications channel for this service;
  • Dispatch the payment using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Wait for CakeBoost’s support staff to get in touch and discuss the boosting schedule, along with any additional requests for the boost;
  • Permit one of CakeBoost’s employees to assume control over the account and wait for the service to be completed. Optional streaming is available at no extra charge;
  • Review the service on TrustPilot. Customer feedback is critical for us to refine our Apex Legends offerings further.

About Apex Challenges Carry Offer

Challenges are a huge though optional part of the Apex Legends experience. At the beginning of every day, players receive several random challenges to be met over the course of ordinary play. The start of each week brings similar, but harder, weekly challenges. Completing those tasks is the best method for progressing through the Battle Pass and unlocking unique seasonal cosmetics. There are also event-specific challenges, which unlock cosmetics related to the event directly.

Buy an Apex Challenges Boost Right Now

CakeBoost always provides many opportunities to save money while using our services, and Apex Legends Challenges are no exception. First-time customers can subscribe to receive a significant discount on their first purchase, whether it is for Apex Challenges or any other service. Registered users will also receive points they can spend on further purchases. Fans of savings should keep an eye out for our special offers. Major temporary discounts for Apex Challenges boosts are offered on a regular basis. Our prices are already highly competitive, so further reductions should make them a real bargain!

Completing challenges often requires players to deviate from their optimal or preferred playstyles. It can make achieving victory difficult. People also often find themselves unable to invest the playtime necessary to complete challenges in time, which can cause them to miss out on rewards. Our customers will not have to worry about that if they buy Apex Challenges boost services from this website. CakeBoost’s boosters will fulfill all required challenges quickly, enabling clients to claim their prizes without any fuss.

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    We guarantee the security for your personal account information. That means that all information we have from you couldn’t be shared to anybody else except our company. However, once our player is on your account you don’t have the opportunity to play simultaneously, that's why we ask our clients before order start to make a schedule for convenient playing for both sides.


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