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​​​​​​​Game mechanics such as a huge map with a continuously shrinking safe zone, the necessity to compete against other players for the first place and the variety of loot to find around the map in order to guarantee your victory. And also a wide variety of characters with different abilities lead to what is called a «steep learning curve», when it is easy to learn the basic mechanics of the game but very hard to become a professional gamer. Some players face up with a problem of stagnation and just cannot continue to improve their skills. Others can’t compete with already high-skilled players and lose their motivation and will to play the game. It is easy to drop the game when you can’t win, isn’t it?

You will get:

  • Any amount of training hours;
  • Ability to get a consultation on any question about the game

ETA: flexible

Cakeboost presents you Apex Legends Coaching Boost Carry Service – a guaranteed way to become a professional player with help from one of our skilled and experienced Apex coaches.

Our professional coach will teach you how to act in difficult in-game situations, tell you everything you need to know about your favorite character, give advice about weapons and gear and play real matches with you to check your progress in practice. You can make up an individual training program with a flexible schedule after contacting a coach and choose one of the available platforms to play on: PC, Xbox One and PS4.