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About Apex Legends Kills Carry Offer

We believe you are a real fan of Apex Legends World and are eager to fulfill as many missions as possible to upgrade your hero skills and grab a bunch of badges and other rewards. However, each task is a challenge you have to go through. So stop wasting time if you need to progress fast but fail each time and have no wish to go on, and order Apex Legends Kill boosting service to cover the complex missions and proceed without any distractions to your glory.

CakeBoost company provides only professional help from experienced boosters. The team carries out everything for you by playing your character and farming kills or performing other activities. You are welcome to join our family and buy as many services you want to continue with your achievements. The cost of each service varies, so there is a huge choice of missions we can help with. If there is a problem finding a particular one, then apply to our support chat, and fast operators will advise suitable products. 


  • Ordered number of kills;
  • All items, rewards and XP received during the boost;
  • Some challenges can be completed during the boost


  • up to 10 days

What Can I Get With Apex Legends Kill Carry Service?

By purchasing from us, you will get the following benefits:

  • Security. We respect the importance of private data, so use only encrypted SSL certificates. Your information is safe while you make payments and allow us to perform Apex Kill boosting or other missions for you. Also, while playing, we use trusted VPN software to hide your location and not endanger your gamer's account. 
  • Deadlines. We follow the timing. Under some items, we have an ETA which stands for an estimated delivery time. We strictly follow the rules and achieve your goals when it is planned. However, negotiations are welcome.
  • Customizable orders. CakeBoost offers a wide range of services and products, so we try to stay on demand. If you have something in mind, write to us and describe the mission you need a hand with so we can discuss the details.
  • There are flexible prices, a transparent bonus system, and various discounts with special offers.
  • Reliable support. Our operators work around the clock, so write to live chat whatever you need to ask. You receive proper instructions and guides on how to choose a suitable item.

Buy Apex Legends Boosting Services to get new skills and earn great rewards without tiresome missions. Order a boost and leave the rest to our team. Try other popular CakeBoost products like Apex Badge boosting and Apex Legends Battle Pass or Apex Legends Level Boosting and Apex Legends Rank Boosting to get your goals and earn a new powerful reputation.

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

Many gamers worldwide already rely on our very professional team to deliver what they need. Pick CakeBoost because we offer:

  • Simple payment terms. Use various options to make your transfers from G2G, PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, Fondy, Paymentwall, etc. Add the order to the basket and proceed to the checkout. As simple as that.
  • Reasonable price range. We always check the market, so our prices are constantly updated. If it is not enough, you are welcome to check our constant discounts and the most special offers to reduce the cost.
  • The excellent customer care. It operates 24/7. It means whenever you have an urge to ask questions about the mission, for example, you want detailed info about the Apex 20 Kill Badge boost, do not hesitate to write. We care about our customers that much we are available daily and nightly.
  • Data safety. Meaning that no one would have access to it, no spam or any fraud can be done.
  • Unregistered purchases. There is no need to have an account. Just visit our website and make an order.
  • Refund. If you discover that you really have to choose another service or simply have changed your mind, we will quickly make a return.

How Does Apex Legends Kill Boosting Service Work?

It does not take long to make your first purchase. Then, go to the CakeBoost website, select the boosting you require in the preferable game, add it to the cart, and make your payment. Then, invest in your future game promotion. We take US dollars and Euros because we operate in the European and American regions. After the order is paid, our manager will reach you. If you forgot to share contact details, it is possible to find us on Discord, Telegram, or Skype. Use whatever you find convenient. There we discuss all the crucial points of the service. Basically, our customers have two choices for carrying out the boosting:

  • They select a shared account option and give all the access to their gamer's data, so our team of expert players can do everything they need to fulfill the goal without your input. Do not worry, and we use VPN to perform everything as if you play yourself. After the team completes the part, it is free for you to watch the performance.
  • Another option is to participate and play your character while our experts would advise you on what to do to succeed during the quests. You can keep the gamer's account data to yourself without transferring the details to us.

Order any complicated missions like Apex Legends 20 Kill Badge boost, select the better option for you, and we will deliver the goal.

Buy Apex Legends Kill Boost Right Now

CakeBoost helps different players to skip complicated missions and get boosted with an estimated time for great prices. Each newcomer receives a unique 10% discount for the first order. You can activate it today. Buy a service you want! 

Another piece of cake is our sweet currency called CC (Cake coins). You receive it for each purchase. 100 CC worth 1 euro or 1 US dollar. You can use them to pay half of the price for other products.

And it is not all. You get 100 CC more for free if you fulfill the profile page. So bring your friend and get 10% cashback in sweet coins for your next 20 Kill Badge Apex boost or any other mission.

FAQ about Apex Legends Kill Boost Services

Q: Do You Have a Coaching Service?

A: Yes, we offer our users such training where they can obtain specific skills of how to go through any mission. Try our Apex legends coaching service if you wish to become a pro of the game.

Q: Can I be Sure that my Rewards will not Get Stolen if I Choose Shared Access?

A: Absolutely. Purchase our Apex Legends 500 Kills Bundle or any other products, share your data with us, and we guarantee you the safety of your gamer's account. Nobody will sell or steal your trophies because we are professionals. 

Q: Can I Buy Plenty of Cake Coins for a Cheaper Price?

A: Sure, we have three available full sweet packages for:

  • 10 000;
  • 25 000;
  • 50 000.

Pick the amount you like to use for Apex Legends Level Boosting and other services.

Q: What if I do not Like the Service?

A: When you place orders, for example, for Apex Legends Wins Boosting, we guarantee you that everything will be done according to the highest standards. However, it is difficult to be great at everything. We care about our customers, that is why we recommend you directly write to our operators. They have many options to suggest to you. So do not worry, you will get what you want.