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Luckily for gamers, paid assistance is available. They can buy Squad Wins boost services from CakeBoost to secure the desired number of victories in a reasonable timeframe. Our boosters can farm Squad Wins with or without customer participation. Their expertise and smooth teamwork will enable them to prevail quickly and reliably every time, improving player Squad Wins stats and delivering all the associated rewards.


  • Desired amount of wins
  • Improved statistics
  • EXP
  • All rewards received during the boost


  • 1-3 days


  • Apex Legends Account

What Can I Get With Squad Wins Boost?

Customers who purchase Apex Legends Squad Wins boosts from CakeBoost are absolutely guaranteed to receive their desired number of victories. By default, this will be accomplished using a piloted boost, in which one of our employees temporarily takes over the client’s account. They would play on it alongside a team of other boosters and use optimal tactics to rack up the required Squad Wins as swiftly as possible. For greater speed, this will be done in Quick Play mode. Clients can also request a selfplay boost, in which they retain control over their account while playing with our squad. Our boosters are dependable professionals, making them much easier to achieve wins with than average players.

Our clients will also receive all the prizes that come with Squad Wins. The first reward for Squad Wins lies in player statistics. In addition to the personal sense of satisfaction they bring, stats can be shown to other players through the player card, intimidating foes and impressing allies. Apart from raising the number of games played and Squad victories, the boost will surely also increase the stats for Kills, Revives, and other events that happen during all successful matches. Secondly, Squad Wins are a reliable source of XP, both for the victory itself and for other accomplishments during each match. With enough XP, the account can level up, giving its owner the following prizes:

  • Legend Tokens, acquired on every level-up and spent to purchase new Legends, skin variants in different colors, and rerolls for daily Apex Legends Challenges;
  • Crafting Metals, which may be exchanged for various cosmetics ranging from skins to quips and holo-sprays;
  • Apex Packs, loot boxes with varying rarities containing random cosmetics of all types.

There are many further Apex Legends Boosting Services available from CakeBoost. The Apex Legends Kills Farm service is ideal for bumping up an account’s K/D ratio. Customers who simply wish to level up as fast as possible may prefer our focused Apex Legends Level Boosting services. Clients who wish to advance quickly in either competitive mode can use Apex Legends Rank Boost or Apex Legends Arena Rank Boost to skip past tedious lower tiers to their intended rank. In contrast to most of our boosts, our Apex Legends Coaching offerings are meant for those players who wish to upgrade their gameplay skills with the help of an expert coach.

Why Should You Choose Cakeboost?

Apex Legends is a game with a surprisingly huge level of complexity. It combines elements from hero shooters and battle royale games. From the former, it takes over twenty heroes with unique powersets. The latter adds a sprawling, feature-rich map. Combine that with intricate gunplay and movement mechanics and skill-based matchmaking, and it should be easy to see why Squad Wins are difficult to pull off. Above all else, triumph requires excellent coordination within the squad, which can not always be counted on - especially when playing with random squadmates. People could try to luck into a triumph and sometimes they would succeed, but a serious winning streak requires dedication and talent.

Not everyone has the skills to reliably pull off Squad Wins. Even those who do could not always afford to invest the necessary playtime and attention. Those people are at a disadvantage, as Squad Wins can improve their experience of the game by granting them resources and making it easier to recruit squadmates. Boosting can solve those problems, but not everyone who offers Squad Wins boost services for Apex Legends is equally trustworthy and reliable. We are confident that CakeBoost’s offer stands out in this regard thanks to the company’s fundamental strengths:

  • Long-standing reputation and expertise. CakeBoost’s boosting services date back to 2015. We have provided carries in over a dozen multiplayer titles and can boast thousands of satisfied customers. Potential buyers are invited to check out our reviews on TrustPilot. Clients can depend on our track record of quality services and dependable execution, along with the knowledge that it would be in our best interests to maintain this reputation. Furthermore, our long experience has enabled us to streamline and optimize every aspect of our services, from ordering to completion. As a result, we can avoid common problems and provide exceptionally smooth Squad Wins boosts;
  • Foolproof security measures. We go to great lengths to ensure that customers feel safe trusting us with their accounts. While ordering Squad Wins piloted boosts, clients never have to give up more than their account log-in details. This information is never shared with anyone except their respective pilots. Boosts are carried out manually and directly, without resorting to third-party services or programs that could compromise the boosted account or lead to it being banned. Up-to-date HTTPS encryption and VPN redirection ensure the boost’s privacy. Of course, those who remain understandably wary about account-sharing can always ask for a selfplay boost instead;
  • Helpful customer service. CakeBoost’s support team is always prepared to answer our customers’ questions and help them get the most out of our services. Support specialists can consult clients on Squad Wins orders and possible options, as well as other Apex Legends services in CakeBoost’s catalog. They will also respond to queries about ongoing services, in addition to providing real-time updates on how they are coming along. Any issues that cannot be addressed by support shall be immediately forwarded to superiors or boosters. Clients can contact the team using the live chat on the website, e-mail, or a dedicated channel on a popular chat platform chosen while arranging the boost;
  • Dependable and versatile boosters. We have an extensive roster of Apex Legends boosters. Before we add new members to our team, we carry out thorough background checks and tests to ensure that they possess both relevant gaming skills and an ethical, professional attitude. The size of our team allows us to specialize by assigning the most suitable experts to each service. As a result, Squad Wins boosts are handled by players who we know can get the most wins in the shortest period of time. Clients can request Squad Wins for specific Legends, in which case we would also search for employees who specialize in that character or role. Specialized boosting ensures swift and trouble-free success.

How Do Squad Wins Boosting Services Work?

Clients who want to purchase Apex Legends Squad Wins carries from CakeBoost should follow those steps:

  • Select the desired amount of Squad Wins;
  • Click the “buy” button, then confirm the purchase in the shopping cart;
  • Select a messaging program such as Discord to be used as a dedicated communications channel for the Squad Wins boost;
  • Send the payment via Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Once CakeBoost’s support team gets in touch, discuss the preferred boostings schedule and any special requests;
  • Unless using a selfplay service, allow our booster to take over the account and wait for the boost to be wrapped up;
  • Optionally, follow the boost using free streaming;
  • Leave a review of the service on TrustPilot. Customer feedback is crucial for our ongoing efforts to improve our services.

About Squard Wins Carry Offer

Squad Wins are the main measure of success in Apex Legends. They are awarded to the last squad standing in the battle royale. Winners receive the largest amount of XP, so victories indirectly lead to leveling up faster and earning numerous cosmetic and currency rewards. The latter may be used to acquire more cosmetics or even unlock other characters. Yet wins are very difficult to score consistently, requiring a mastery of the shooter’s unique and skill-oriented gameplay. Even minor errors or failures of coordination can easily result in death and defeat.

Buy a Squad Wins Boost Right Now

Gamers looking to save money while purchasing Squad Wins or other Apex Legends boosts are in the right place. CakeBoost always offers great opportunities for savings. First-time buyers could receive a major price cut on their first order, whether it is the Squad Wins boost or something else. Registered users could accumulate bonus points and spend them on such purchases. We also provide temporary, but frequent discounts on many of our Apex Legends services, including Squad Wins. Last but not least, we offer popular bundle deals that allow customers to buy fixed amounts of Squad Wins in bulk at lowered prices.

Luckily for gamers, paid assistance is available. They can buy Squad Wins boost services from CakeBoost to secure the desired number of victories in a reasonable timeframe. Our boosters can farm Squad Wins with or without customer participation. Their expertise and smooth teamwork will enable them to prevail quickly and reliably every time, improving player Squad Wins stats and delivering all the associated rewards.

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Secure Payment
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Account Safety
  • 01 Are there any risks?

    In order to secure your account we ALWAYS use VPN accurately within your city and country. Secondly, since we use the most reliable ways of security you may be sure that your gold and miscellaneous achievements are properly stored. Thirdly, we never ask our client’s secret question for the account. And finally we do not pay our coaches until your order has been completed.

  • 02 Does my account need to be unlocked?

    Depends on the option of service you choose. If you choose the selfplayed option for order completion then your account shouldn’t be unlocked.

  • 03 Do I lose the access to my account during the order process?

    We guarantee the security for your personal account information. That means that all information we have from you couldn’t be shared to anybody else except our company. However, once our player is on your account you don’t have the opportunity to play simultaneously, that's why we ask our clients before order start to make a schedule for convenient playing for both sides.


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Money-Back Guarantee

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High Trust Score

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