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Buy Conference Call Weapon Boost

The Conference Call is back from Borderlands 2, and it has learned new tricks! This legendary shotgun can spread mayhem by firing ricocheting shots that spawn more shells as they travel, turning the battlefield into a lead-soaked nightmare for your foes – and chaotic fun for your friends. Gain the power to clear entire rooms in one shot with CakeBoost’s quick and reliable service!

You will get:

  • The Conference Call Legendary Shotgun;
  • Any other loot that drops during the boost.

ETA: flexible

With its sleek, high-tech appearance and formidable special effects, this classic Borderlands shotgun will immediately get your enemies’ attention. It fires five shells with each shot; when they hit a target or simply travel far enough, they split off into more shells that can bounce off terrain and rapidly devastate any group of hostiles. A recent hotfix made it even more powerful by letting all bonus projectiles hit the initial target if it is the only one left. Like all Hyperion weapons, the Conference Call also provides an energy shield that can bounce back enemy bullets, allowing you to massacre the opposition with impunity.

Like all legendary weapons, the Conference Call can be found in a random loot drop or by beating the right boss. The latter option offers slightly more likelihood of success, but it is not as simple as it may sound. The boss in question is Katagawa Jr., who appears deep within the Atlas HQ some time into the game. Getting to him and defeating him in a fight will take time and effort, but will offer no guarantee of getting the right prize. You may have to repeat this challenging battle several times until you finally strike gold.

You don’t have to do all that boring boss farming yourself to get your hands on this legendary shotgun. Just place an order and CakeBoost’s elite team of pro-boosters will deliver it for you, leaving you free to unleash shotgun shell hell upon your enemies!