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​​​​​​​Is it an assault rifle? Is it a shotgun? The Faisor Legendary weapon is both in one package, with devastating damage from its elemental bolts thrown in for maximum effect. With CakeBoost’s help, getting your hands on this uniquely deadly armament will be fast and smooth, allowing you to unleash high-energy mayhem with no delays.

You will get:

  • The Faisor Legendary Assault Rifle;
  • Any other loot that drops during the boost.

ETA: flexible

Like many Vladof weapons in Borderlands 3, this sturdy-looking assault rifle comes with an under-barrel attachment. In this case, the attachment is a shotgun that functions as a mighty weapon in its own right, inflicting heavy splash damage on anyone in range. The Faisor always spawns with some type of elemental damage and fires intense energy bolts in full-auto mode, letting it melt away the opposition with the help of formidable additional effects. All those tricks combine to make it an unmatched short- and medium-range weapon. A March 2020 update has made the Faisor even more powerful, expanding the shotgun’s magazine size and increasing its damage.

Faisor’s power and versatility make it a highly desirable addition to any Vault Hunter’s arsenal, but acquiring it will not be a simple task. Like all legendary weapons, it can spawn anywhere in the game world. However, the chances of finding it are very low unless you sink a lot of time and effort into the hunt. A mini-boss called Atomic has a higher likelihood of dropping the Faisor, but you will not get a chance to fight him until very late in the game, and even then, the desired drop cannot be guaranteed.

Nevertheless, this two-in-one elemental powerhouse can be yours in little time with the assistance of CakeBoost’s pro-boosters. They will take care of the long and grueling farming process for you, allowing you to skip to the fun part: dominating the battlefield with the ultimate combat rifle.