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Buy Borderlands 3 Firestorm Legendary Weapon Boost Carry Service

Buy Borderlands 3 Firestorm Legendary Weapon Boost Carry Service

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Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired Firestorm Legendary Weapon but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Buy Borderlands 3 Firestorm Legendary Weapon Boost Carry Service

Sniper rifles don’t have to be subtle. Just as its name implies, the legendary Firestorm will let you rain fiery death on anyone in sight. Do you have what it takes to master the awesome power of the flames? With CakeBoost’s help, you’ll find out the answer quickly and without frustrating setbacks.

You will get:

  • The Firestorm Legendary Sniper Rifle;
  • Any other loot that drops during the boost.

ETA: variable

From its name to its molten design, the Firestorm is certainly not playing coy about its abilities. Each shot from this legendary Maliwan sniper rifle will spawn a trio of fireballs that will rise up and then rain down on the enemies below, inflicting incendiary splash damage. You will need to aim it carefully to get the best results, as the inferno can be a little slow to start. However, against large, slow-moving enemies, such as most bosses and many monsters, the Firestorm is as indispensable as it is spectacular. The March 2020 patch has greatly increased its damage, making it even more formidable in a skilled sniper’s hands.

You can get this legendary sniper rifle from a random loot source anywhere in the game world, but trying to get it that way is likely to be a prolonged exercise in frustration. After all, what are the chances of you getting it on the first try? The Graveward and Katagawa Jr. have higher chances of dropping the Firestorm than most enemies, but those bosses show up late in the game. Even if you find and defeat them, you might not get the weapon you are looking for, forcing you to spend a lot of time repeating their complex and challenging boss fights.

Feeling put off by the thought of a long, time-consuming slog between you and your fiery dreams? Reach out to CakeBoost and you won’t have to worry about it a moment longer. Our pro-boosters will retrieve the Firestorm for you, leaving you free to unleash hell against your opponents!