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Borderlands 3 brings many new elements to the series and Guardian Rank is one of them. Guardian Ranks replaces Badass rank that was a special progression system in previous Borderlands 3 games. After reaching the level cap, you start earning special Guardian tokens. These tokens can be used for improving your character and exchanged for different bonuses that will make your character even stronger. Tokens can be used for all classes. After reaching a certain amount of guardian ranks, you will acquire special rewards like new guns or rare cosmetic items. Cakeboost offers Borderlands 3 Guardian Ranks Boost Service – your best way to obtain any amount of Guardian Ranks quickly and efficiently.  

You will get:

  • The desired amount of Guardian tokens;
  • All items, guns, shields, currency and other rewards that can be acquired during boost;

ETA: flexible

Our team of professional boosters will help you to farm any number of guardian tokens. Our players know the best farming methods and most effective fighting zones that will guarantee a 100% rate of success. You can buy Guardian Ranks boosting service for one of the lowest prices on the market. Guardian Rank system will be unlocked after completing the game's main storyline and achieving the level cap. It is required to have a level cap if you need to order this service. You can also choose where boosting will be performed between any available platforms: PC, Xbox One or PS4.