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Legendary weapons in Borderlands 3 blur the lines between different weapon types and open up awesome new tactical options. The Jericho is a perfect example; it looks like a sniper rifle, but functions as a personal artillery system, allowing you to bombard enemies from above with packs of volatile cluster munitions. The ensuing destruction must be seen to be believed – but you can try it yourself soon by purchasing CakeBoost’s quick and convenient service.

You will get:

  • The Jericho Legendary Rocket Launcher;
  •  Any other loot that drops during the boost.

ETA: flexible

The Jericho is a rocket launcher that fires cluster bombs contained inside a rocket. When fired, its initial projectile rises into the air and splits into three smaller projectiles that rain down explosive death on anyone who winds up beneath them. This barrage requires precise aiming to deliver the best results, but if you could master it, one of the most destructive combat options in the game will be your reward. The alternate firing mode adds more versatility, allowing you to place a target and fire four arcing missiles towards it. On reaching their destination, each will launch into the sky, breaking up into twelve cluster bombs for more thorough concentrated shelling. The Jericho can spawn with Radiation damage, turning it into an even deadlier nuclear mortar.

Unlike most legendary weapons, there is no shortcut to increase your chances of finding the Jericho. The only way to get it on your own is through blind luck as you play the game. Sooner or later, it may spawn on its own, but if you have your heart set on acquiring such unparalleled firepower, the constant grind may become unbearable.

Are you intrigued by this legendary rocket launcher’s unique capabilities, but unwilling to spend time and energy on a long, unrewarding search? CakeBoost’s pro-boosters will take care of it for you quickly and with a 100% guarantee. You will be able to rain fire from the heavens straight away!