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When playing Borderlands, it’s important to find a strategy that works best for you. Legendary weapons can support different play styles with their unique abilities, helping you play the way you want. For example, the King’s Call Jakobs pistol is ideal for players who are good at lining up critical shots, rewarding accuracy with powerful special effects. CakeBoost can help you get this incredible late-game weapon swiftly and with no hassle!

You will get:

  • The King’s Call Legendary Pistol;
  • Any other loot that drops during the boost.

ETA: flexible

The King’s Call stands out right away due to its sinister partly organic appearance. Any gunslinger who tries to wield it will soon find that its abilities are even more incredible. It fires three bullets out of its six-bullet magazine at a time, allowing you to shoot twice before having to reload – unless you score a critical hit. Such precise hits ricochet the bullets to any remaining hostile (including your original target) and automatically reload the pistol. So long as you keep hitting the critical spot, you can keep shooting without any interruptions, inflicting outrageous damage on your enemies. FL4K’s special ability to make all hits critical presents a powerful combo for this weapon. The elemental damage it can cause is nothing to laugh at either!

Naturally, such a powerful legendary weapon will not be easy to acquire. Although it may spawn randomly, trying to farm the King’s Call throughout the game world could take forever. Getting the pistol by winning the long and difficult final boss fight is more likely to yield the desired result, but you might still get unlucky in the end, forcing you to do it all over again.

CakeBoost’s pro-boosters can save you from frustration and wasting your time. We can guarantee a speedy result with no effort on your part. Simply place an order, and soon you will be free to test this remarkable pistol’s special powers yourself!