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Ward Legendary Shield Boost

Ward Legendary Shield Boost

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Buy Borderlands 3 Ward Legendary Shield Boost Carry Service

​​​​​​​Some legendary weapons are an obvious fit for certain types of players. With its mighty health and melee damage bonuses, Ward is a must-have for aggressive Melee-oriented players. That said the Hyperion legendary shield’s stats make it valuable for anyone who wants to stay alive on Borderlands 3’s frenetic battlefields. With CakeBoost’s help, this powerful shield will be there to ward and strengthen you in very little time and with minimal hassle.

You will get:

  • The Ward Legendary Shield;
  • Any other loot that drops during the boost.

ETA: flexible

Ward is a shield generator with unique capabilities that may take some time to master. While the shield is active, it offers a 2% maximum health regeneration bonus, which doubles when Ward is depleted. When that happens, it provides moderate general weapon damage and a massive melee weapon bonus. Ward is slower to recharge than some other shields, which may often prove an advantage given its abilities. While you will need to be ready to take some damage, the shield’s powers will ensure that you can both bounce back and kill your attackers before they can score another hit.

Acquiring Ward will probably not be easy. Like all legendary weapons, it may drop anywhere in the world, but the chances of getting it from anyone source are low. As its name may imply, there is a higher chance of looting it from the Graveward – one of the strongest boss enemies in the game faced some time into the story. Either way, you may need to farm for Ward for a long while before you see it.

CakeBoost can take this tedious and time-consuming grind off your hands, leaving you free to enjoy the game. Our pro-boosters can acquire Ward quickly and efficiently, delivering it to you without you having to do anything. Very soon, the key to an unbeatable melee build will be yours!