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Call of Duty Boosting Services

Call of Duty boosting services allows players to make fast and easy progress in any recent Call of Duty game. We can unlock any cosmetic, upgrade all your weapons, or hunt down rare rewards. There is no need to waste your valuable energy and playtime on the grind. Buy a CoD boosting service from the company’s catalog, and expert boosters will start working on your objectives immediately.

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Could boosting in Call of Duty result in a ban?

While possible in theory, we make it highly unlikely. Boosting in CoD is sometimes punished by bans if boosters employ cheats or really blatant exploits. CakeBoost’s CoD boosters handle every task manually and with professional discretion. To further ensure secrecy, they connect to servers in customer countries using VPNs and avoid speaking to customers’ friends while boosting. This approach ensures near-absolute safety.

How long will my Call of Duty boost take?

That varies depending on the specific boost. Most services may be concluded within 48 hours of the order being placed. However, some tasks, such as unlocking advanced CoD camos, can require several weeks to wrap up. Delays may ensue if too many similar services have been queued. Check individual service pages or speak with our staff to discover the ETA for your boost.

Why do people use CoD boosts?

Call of Duty games contains numerous progression systems. Interacting with them is necessary to unlock weapons, cosmetics, and other desirable features. Meeting such requirements takes a lot of playtime and energy. Rather than spend it themselves, many people purchase CoD boosts. Relying on boosting services lets buyers outsource the grind to boosters. Those veteran players can achieve objectives faster and without any effort on the buyers’ part.

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News & guides

What Is Boosting in Call of Duty?

CoD boosting is the service provided when an experienced gamer helps another player attain personal goals in any Call of Duty title. Examples of CoD boosts include farming XP or beating challenges to unlock special rewards. While some are free, paid services usually prove more professional and reliable. Call of Duty boosting commonly uses piloting, which means letting the CoD booster play from your account. Because they play full-time, Call of Duty boosters can typically achieve much faster results than most gamers. Their familiarity with optimal strategies helps accelerate progress further. Buying CoD services saves time and effort. It lets you focus on parts of Call of Duty you enjoy most, instead of objective grinds.

Reasons to Buy Call of Duty Boosting from Us

Although CoD boosting presents obvious benefits, finding the right Call of Duty boosting service might be problematic. Many individuals and companies offer such services. However, the Call of Duty boosting experience they provide varies wildly. Issues like slow deliveries, miscommunications, and security failures may cancel out the benefits expected from the CoD boost. In the worst-case scenario, supposed boosting services turn out to be scams. Since your CoD account’s security is at stake, you must seek out dependable boosting service providers. Purchasing your Call of Duty boosting services from CakeBoost is wise, because:

  • Our boosting company has been around for years. Unlike individual boosters or newer businesses, we can point to an extensive record of reliable and effective services. You do not have to accept those assurances blindly. They are confirmed by hundreds of reviews on TrustPilot. We do our best to live up to this reputation;
  • We apply long-term experience to improve the boosting process. Call of Duty services have been a key part of our offerings for a long while. That lets us anticipate and prepare for any issues that are likely to arise. Our services have become extremely smooth and polished thanks to this accumulated know-how. We also benefit from an elite roster of boosters;
  • When you purchase Call of Duty boosting services from us, you can customize your boost extensively. Each Call of Duty title on our website has a rich variety of services available. Many come with options, letting you select specific items or numeric targets. You never have to overpay for unwanted services. Moving past officially listed options, we do our best to accommodate customers’ individual needs. Speak with the support team if you want something not mentioned among our boosts. If your request appears feasible, we will arrange a custom Call of Duty carry;
  • Our support team stands ready to help 24/7. You can ask them questions about ongoing services. If they cannot address your query directly, they will immediately contact others in our company. Support specialists could also consult you regarding any of our Call of Duty boosts and possible custom services. Communications are conducted through the site chat, by e-mail, or using a messaging program chosen while ordering your boost;
  • The prices on CakeBoost’s website are highly competitive and may be lowered further in several ways, beginning with regular discounts. Bundle services combine several regular offers at a discount price. CakeBoost provides numerous benefits to regular users. Registering grants an initial purchase discount. Each boost you acquire yields CakeCoins. You may spend those loyalty points on further services, covering up to half their cost. We also offer redeemable coupons.

Who Will Be Your Call of Duty Booster?

Rest assured that we will assign the best booster for your CoD carry. CakeBoost’s roster is filled with expert CoD players with experience in current and older Call of Duty titles. Each member passes through extensive vetting before joining our roster. We expect both strong ethics and proven CoD skills. Furthermore, we pay attention to boosting specializations. Some team members are better at specific games, modes, or weapons. The deep bench we assembled lets us deploy Call of Duty experts based on their specializations. Thanks to this method, we can guarantee the smoothest, fastest possible delivery of each boost.

What Call of Duty Games Do We Boost?

We deliver boosting services covering each current generation Call of Duty title. CakeBoost’s cutting-edge offerings include:

  • Modern Warfare 2 services: Assistance in the latest iteration of the classic Call of Duty multiplayer shooter;
  • Warzone 2 boost services: Boosting your free Call of Duty Battle Royale experience. Being integrated with CoD MW2 means that boosting one helps with the other;
  • CoD Mobile boosting: Problem-solving in Call of Duty’s persistently popular mobile version. Despite its casual appearance, many vouches for it is a serious challenge in its own right, especially in ranked modes.

The Call of Duty series is constantly expanding. As more titles get launched, we will update our services to cover them as well!

Most Popular CoD Boosting Services

Despite the substantial differences between Call of Duty titles, the services their players want are often similar. Most in-demand solutions we provide for customers include:

  • Military Rank or Player Level boosting: Ranking up your profile by earning Player XP grants access to extra weapons, killstreaks, and other combat options. This is a permanent progression system, so we only have to do it once. However, completing this grind is essential for the full experience. CakeBoost’s specialists can play through matches to farm XP with maximum efficiency, unlocking every feature at top speed;
  • Seasonal Rank boosting: Sometimes known as Prestige Ranks, this progression system becomes available after fully leveling your profile. It resets every season, rewarding earlier progress with exclusive prizes that will surely impress other players. Climbing those ranks also requires Player XP, so the methods used are largely unchanged from above;
  • Battle Pass boosting: Further seasonal cosmetics are unlockable by acquiring the Battle Pass and farming XP. We can reliably complete this task before the pass expires. Useful if you fear missing out on rewards when you have limited available playtime;
  • Weapon Level boosting: Each gun has its own progression track fueled by a separate XP type. Advancing along this track is necessary to unlock attachments that greatly increase weapons’ versatility and overall effectiveness. It also unlocks combat challenges for camos. An appropriate specialist for your weapon type will equip your chosen gun and farm XP to reach the desired level;
  • Profile Statistics boosting: Stats like numbers of wins or the kill-death ratio (K/D) are not just for bragging rights. Performance metrics influence matchmaking. If you want more challenging matches without slogging through countless low-skill skirmishes, we can help. We can systematically improve any of your stats by making it the top priority in each match;
  • Camo boosting: Despite offering no mechanical advantage, Call of Duty camos remain highly popular among fans. They make weapons and their wielders stand out, allowing them to express a personal style. Acquiring those cosmetics requires completing lengthy challenges involving numerous kills of varying types. Advanced camos in particular may take weeks to complete. Our assistance lets you obtain them without waiting longer than strictly necessary or needing to grind challenges yourself;
  • Operator boosting: Character appearances are likewise purely aesthetic. Nonetheless, they help people stand out on the battlefield and customize their experience. Some Operators may be obtained relatively easily by playing the campaign, while others have much more complex requirements. We could meet any of those conditions on your behalf.

Note that each of those carries offers a variety of rewards. Many of them intersect in effect. For example, earning XP for the Battle Pass should also assist with Prestige Rank progress and powerleveling weapons. Nearly every option you choose will improve your statistics somewhat. Which one you order depends on your personal priorities.

CakeBoost’s offerings also extend to unique items and game modes found in different Call of Duty shooters. Speak to our support team if you cannot find the desired option. It may not have been implemented yet. Alternatively, we can always provide a custom order for any feasible request.