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Cold War Weapons Leveling

Weapon leveling services can allow you to unleash the full potential of your CoD Cold War weapons without wasting any time on grinding. CakeBoost offers leveling services for any primary or secondary weapons in the game. Our professional players will complete the necessary kills and other tasks in the most efficient way possible, granting you quick and stress-free access to unique camos and attachments needed to get the most out of your guns.

Cold War Weapons Leveling

Buy Cold War Weapons Leveling

The recent Call of Duty: Cold War expansion of the COD Black Ops, issued in 2020, is already a big hit among fans all across the world. The main attraction of this legendary FPS, apart from impeccable graphics, gameplay, overall complexity and exciting activities, is a wide range of available weapons. One of the greatest COD features has steadily been the opportunity to gradually improve the weapon arsenal up to the very best build. However, it might take a lot of time to level up your guns, especially if you want to improve a big arsenal. CakeBoost is always there to help.

In this category, you can book the following services:

CW Any Primary Gun 1-55 LvL Boost - With this service, you can level up your main guns to the maximum in a timely manner without worrying or extra effort.

CW Any Secondary Gun 1-36 LvL Boost is there to assist you with upgrading your CoD CW Secondary guns. It’s never an option to leave the backup weapon unchecked, and you might want to secure them better build as well. Leveling up weapons might seem eternal – but with CakeBoost, it’s no longer an issue. 

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