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Zombies & Multiplayer Camo Boost

Zombies and multiplayer camo boosts are the most efficient way of unlocking all the unique camos in CoD Cold War. CakeBoost allows you to get boosts for Gold camos for specific weapons, Diamond camos for weapon categories, and Dark Matter or Dark Aether camos for all weapons. All basic camos will be unlocked for the chosen weapons as well. Our professional boosters will unlock the required camos as quickly as possible, letting you enjoy their aesthetic benefits without having to commit to a monotonous and time-consuming grind.

Zombies & Multiplayer Camo Boost

Buy Zombies & Multiplayer Camo Boost 

Weapon skins are a long-time Call of Duty staple under the name of camos. Though some of them may indeed be used as camouflage, others are there to help combatants stand out on the grim modern battlefield and impress other players or viewers with their achievements. True to the series tradition, Cold War offers a diverse and spectacular assortment of camos that may be won in multiplayer or through the Zombies mode.

Both of those sources offer 35 basic skins each, sorted into 7 categories. The multiplayer skins tend to be comparatively down-to-earth, while Zombies tend to yield particularly flamboyant and morbid camos. In either case, the unlock mechanism is basically the same. Each camo category sets certain unlock criteria, which vary for different classes. To acquire the skins in a category for a given weapon, you would need to use it to score kills, usually with very specific requirements. Some of those requirements, like landing twenty or more kills in a row without getting hit or executing enemies from behind cover, are very difficult to satisfy indeed.

In addition to those basic camos, you can obtain Mastery camos – especially impressive and difficult to earn weapon skins that will certainly mark out any player who uses them:

Obtaining all 35 standard camos for one weapon in Multiplayer mode will let you unlock a stylish Gold camo for that item while doing so in Zombies mode grants you the menacing Golden Viper camo.

If you acquire Gold camos for all weapons in one class, those weapons will also receive a dazzlingly opulent Diamond skin. The toxic pink Plague Diamond camo serves as the reward for the equivalent feat with Golden Viper camos.

Earning Diamond camos for all classes will grant you the animated sci-fi-themed Dark Matter Ultra skin for all weapons in the game. Its Zombie mode analog is the mystical and spooky Dark Aether camo.

Are you intrigued by those camos, but unable or unwilling to expend the time and effort necessary to obtain them? CakeBoost has you covered. Simply place an order and our pro-boosters will complete any required challenges, soon granting you the freedom to deck out your weapons any way you like.