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Buy COD CW All Multiplayer Gold Camo Bundle Boost Carry Service

Buy COD CW All Multiplayer Gold Camo Bundle Boost Carry Service

All AR Gold Camos
All SMG Gold Camo
All SR Gold Camo
All Shotguns Gold Camo
All Melee & Special Gold Camo
All Tactical Rifles Gold Camo
All LMG Gold Camo
All Pistols Gold Camo
All Launchers Gold Camo
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Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired All Multiplayer Gold Camo but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Buy COD CW All Multiplayer Gold Camo Bundle Boost Carry Service

Multiplayer gun camos in Cold War range from subtle, professional designs that blend in with terrain to unique and eye-catching skins. The Gold camo, awarded for collecting all basic camos for a weapon, is definitely closer to the latter, but its unlock requirement also gives it a psychological edge. Getting this opulent skin for whole categories of weapons will help you dazzle friends and intimidate foes. CakeBoost can deliver a gleaming golden arsenal, quickly, reliably, and at a lower price!

You will get:

  •  All basic Multiplayer, Gold, and Diamond camos for all weapons in selected categories.

ETA: 2-5 days

Gold is the metal of kings, symbolizing wealth, grandeur, and power. Decking out your weapons in a Gold camo may not be the stealthiest move, but it will certainly make you the center of attention. Of course, if you ever get tired of that, you can always fall back on other camos unlocked along the way, from classic military camouflage to tiger stripes and cherry blossoms. Alternately, if you want something even more luxurious than Gold, you can always change to the brilliant Diamond camos.

Unlocking all those camos for even one weapon type will require a lot of time and effort. Each of the seven basic camo categories requires the completion of a combat challenge, the details of which vary based on weapon type but always involve racking up kills. In most cases, the kills must occur under special conditions, such as through longshots or at point-blank.

Do you want to get a luxurious loadout without having to grind? CakeBoost’s bundle offer has you covered. Our pro-boosters can complete the challenges quickly and efficiently, unlocking all those camos for the weapon types you specify and freeing you to enjoy the game in style.