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All Zombies Gold Viper Camo Bundle

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All Zombies Gold Viper Camo Bundle
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All SMG Gold Viper Camo
All SR Gold Viper Camo
All Shotguns Viper Gold Camo
All Melee & Special Gold Viper Camo
All Tactical Rifles Gold Viper Camo
All LMG Gold Viper Camo
All Pistols Gold Viper Camo
All Launchers Gold Viper Camo
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Buy All Zombies Gold Viper Camo Bundle 

The Golden Viper camo has an incredibly distinctive appearance. Its bright golden shine is guaranteed to grab attention, while its snakeskin pattern gives it a truly special flair. It is perfect for players who are not afraid to draw eyes to themselves, and who would prefer to put some fear into their foes. The process of unlocking it also unlocks all other camos for a given weapon, while obtaining it for an entire category will give you the poison pink Plague Diamond camo as a bonus. All in all, you will have a great selection of eye-catching and memorable camos. CakeBoost can take the grind off your hands. Buy All Zombies Gold Viper Camo Bundle and our pro-boosters can save you time and effort by rapidly completing all challenges, allowing you to decorate your preferred weapon types with any Zombie camos you want!


  • All Zombies, Golden Viper, and Plague Diamond camos for all weapons in selected categories
  • Assault Rifles include: XM4, AK-47, Krig 6, QBZ-83, FFAR 1, Groza, FARA 83, C58, EM2
  • SMGs include: MP5, Milano 821, AK-74u, KSP-45, Bullfrog, MAC-10, LC10, PPSh-41, Nail Gun, OTs 9, TEC-9
  • Tactical Rifles include: Type 63, M16, AUG, DMR 14, CARV 2
  • LMGs include: Stoner 63, RPD, M60, MG 82
  • Sniper Rifles include: Pelington 703, LW3 Tundra, M82, Swiss K31
  • Shotguns include: Hauer 77, Gallo SA 87, Street Sweeper
  • Pistols include: 1911, Magnum, Diamatti, AMP63, Marshal
  • Launchers include: Cigma-2, RPG-7
  • Melee & Special include: Knife, M79, Sledgehammer, Wakizashi, E-Tool, Machete, R1 Shadowhunter, Baseball Bat, Ballistic Knife, Mace, Cane


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