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Buy COD CW Any Secondary Gun 1-36 LvL Boost Carry Service

Buy COD CW Any Secondary Gun 1-36 LvL Boost Carry Service

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Buy COD CW Any Secondary Gun 1-36 LvL Boost Carry Service

Call of Duty: Cold War offers the players to carry several weapons in accordance with the game mode. Such weapons are divided into Primary and Secondary groups. Even though Secondary weapons are not used for the significant part of the combat, a player needs the best secondary weapon possible. For example, they can give you an advantage in close combat, or help you find a way out of unexpected situations. Picking a right Secondary weapon and properly improving it is always a great strategic choice.

You will get:

  • Leveling up for a secondary gun of your choice;
  • All the required activities performed.

ETA: 1-2 days

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Secondary weapons can be essential in various situations. Adding the killing power and complexity to your primary weapon, if picked right, the pair of weapons can turn you into a killing machine. In COD CW, the following weapon types are considered secondary: pistols, melees, grenade launchers. Besides, in CW, shotguns are offered as Secondary weapons for the first time ever. Performing all the necessary tasks to obtain all the attachments might take a lot of time since the weapon is secondary and thus is not often used. But with CakeBoost, this is no longer a problem.

Buy CW Any Secondary Gun 1-36 LvL Boost Carry Service by CakeBoost. Our professional COD boosters will manually level up the secondary weapon of your pick to the maximum level in a timely manner. We take our customers’ security very seriously, applying all the necessary safety precautions during the boost, and so far, we can guarantee you 100% security of your personal data.