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Buy COD CW Dark Aether Unlock Boost Carry Service

Buy COD CW Dark Aether Unlock Boost Carry Service

Rewards and description

Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired Dark Aether but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Buy CW Dark Aether Boost Carry Service

The mystical Zombies counterpart to the Dark Matter Ultra camo earned in Cold War’s multiplayer, the Dark Aether skin is a thing of dark and troubling beauty. Supernatural purple-tinted energies shift and pulsate along the surface of whatever weapon equips it. Its appearance will inspire both unease and awe, especially considering its status as the final prize of the Zombies mode’s mastery challenges. With CakeBoost’s help, this strange dark camo will be yours swiftly and with no effort on your part.

You will get:

  • The Dark Aether camo;
  • Plague Diamond camos for all weapon classes;
  • Golden Viper camos for all weapons.

ETA: variable

Weapons with the Dark Aether camo have a very striking animated effect, with an otherwise pitch-black body that is awash in sickly otherworldly energies. Those energies’ appearance and the camo’s very name betray their connection to the Dark Aether, the hell dimension behind the paranormal phenomena that define the Zombies mode across Treyarch’s games. This makes acquiring it a very suitable culmination to the many challenges of the Cold War’s version of this supernatural mode.

To acquire the Dark Aether camo, you will have to unlock Plague Diamond camos for all weapon classes by completing every Zombies mode camo challenge for all 29 of the base game weapons. Added together, that means landing thousands of kills in every imaginable circumstance, some of which will prove especially difficult, like landing 20 or more hits in a row without taking any damage. It will take all your skill with every weapon type in the game, as well as a lot of time, persistence, and luck to complete the ultimate challenge and unlock the magical skin.

Even if you have full confidence in your ability to meet this challenge, all this time and energy may very well find better uses. If that is how you feel, simply get in touch with CakeBoost. Our pro-boosters will finish every camo challenge in the Zombies mode for you, unlocking the Dark Aether mode and letting you enjoy its dark magnificence without any grind or stress.