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Buy COD CW Diamond Camo Unlock Boost Carry Service

Buy COD CW Diamond Camo Unlock Boost Carry Service

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Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired Diamond Camo but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Buy CW Diamond Camo Boost Carry Service

Cold War’s Diamond camo is not a weapon skin for shy Operators. The parts of a weapon that it does not stud with diamonds it covers in gold instead. The bright pink Plague Diamond version of this extravagant skin, retrieved from the Zombies mode, is even more eye-catching. Sometimes, though, your enemies’ attention is exactly what you want, whether to distract them from your allies or just because you feel like showing off. CakeBoost can help you unlock either of those enticing diamond-themed skin for any weapon class in the game, swiftly and without a hitch.

You will get:

  • The Diamond or Plague Diamond camo for the weapon class(es) of your choice;
  • Gold or Golden Viper camos for all weapons in those classes.

ETA: variable

With their bright coloring and sturdy-looking crystalline textures, both versions of the Diamond camo are guaranteed to make a strong impression on the battlefield. The standard Diamond variant has a classic, luxurious look, while the Plague Diamond offers an inimitable psychedelic flair. Whichever one you go with, you will not have to fear being ignored or overlooked when using this eye-catching and prestigious skin.

The Diamond camo signifies the successful acquisition of Gold camos for every weapon in that class. To unlock it, you would have to carry out a large amount of various elaborate kills to complete the unique weapon class challenges connected to the basic camo categories in the game’s multiplayer. Acquiring the Plague Diamond requires accomplishing the same feat with the Golden Viper camos in Zombies mode.

Regardless of the weapon and mode, you choose, amassing all those trick kills will take a lot of time and energy. While it might be fun at first, after a while it is bound to get repetitive. CakeBoost offers a chance to skip the tedious grind by letting our pro-boosters earn one of the diamond camos for you. Simply specify the weapon class and mode you want, and they will complete the challenges in the fastest way possible, freeing you to enjoy the game in style with your fabulous new camo.