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Buy COD CW Gold Camo Unlock Boost Carry Service

Buy COD CW Gold Camo Unlock Boost Carry Service

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Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired Gold Camo but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Buy CW Gold Camo Boost Carry Service

The eye-catching opulence of glistening gold may seem to defy the original purpose of camouflage, but it certainly makes for an effective fashion statement. The Gold camo earned through Cold War’s multiplayer will not only dazzle your fellow combatants but also let them know that you have taken the first steps towards the mastery of its challenges. The Golden Viper variant obtained from the game’s Zombies mode amplifies this effect with a menacing serpentine edge. With CakeBoost’s help, you can get the golden camo you want for any weapon, quickly and hassle-free!

You will get:

  • The Gold or Golden Viper camo for the weapon(s) of your choice

ETA: variable

Gold has long been associated with wealth and power. Adding it to your weaponry signals that you have no intention of hiding and are ready to live up to the reputation of the king of metals. The tasteful restraint shown by the Cold War’s golden camos emphasizes this confidence. Your weapon will have enough gold on it to guarantee attention without becoming gaudy. The snakeskin texture of the Golden Viper may seem over the top to some players, but for others it will provide the ideal finishing touch, driving home the point that the weapon’s wielder is someone to fear.

To unlock the standard Gold camo for one weapon, you will first need to obtain all base multiplayer camos for that weapon. There are 35 camos divided between 7 categories, each of which offers a different unlock challenge for each weapon class. Each challenge will require you to perform specific types of finishing blows, such as headshots or point-blank kills. If you prefer the Golden Viper, you can earn it in a very similar way to the Zombies mode.
Obtaining a golden camo in the Cold War is an extensive test of your abilities and persistence, as it calls for many challenging kills. If you want a Gold or Golden Viper camo, but don’t feel like spending a lot of time and effort on such a test, you can always place an order with CakeBoost. Our pro-boosters will swiftly complete all the challenges, freeing you to enjoy your rich new camouflage on as many weapons as you want.