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Plague Diamond Camo Boost

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The Plague Diamond Camo is one of the most outlandish, spectacular, and prestigious weapon camouflage options available to players in in Cold War. To obtain this appearance option for a weapon category, players must acquire the preceding Golden Viper Camo for every weapon of that type. That, in turn, requires completing complex combat challenges to unlock all the basic Zombies camos for all the guns in question, a lengthy and difficult undertaking.

Buy Plague Diamond Camo from CakeBoost, and this impressive cosmetic will be yours without any need for grinding. Our boosters can complete all required challenges at maximum speed, acquiring this prized camouflage for any or all categories you require.


  • Choosen Plague Diamond Weapon Camo unlocked
  • All other rewards received during the process


  • 1-5 days

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