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4990 reviews
Great, efficient, fast, reliable, and above all affordable boost for platinum camos. I love the way they look on my knife – way better than the Cold War stuff.
Game: COD: Modern Warfare
Service: Platinum Camo Unlock Boost
This is an amazing service if you want to look cool and don’t care how you get it. Pretty cheap, too, all things considered. The speed is never more than a couple of days per weapon, in my experience, and the customer support is excellent in case there are any problems (though there usually aren’t, except for occasional delays due to their players being busy elsewhere). Give it a try!
Game: COD: Modern Warfare
Service: Obsidian Camo Unlock Boost
I really liked buying this service for melee weapons. Their challenge is nearly impossible to beat (for me, anyway), but they look really slick in black, especially the kodachis. The players here are real pros and get any order done fast!
Game: COD: Modern Warfare
Service: Obsidian Camo Unlock Boost
andre west
Solid Obisidian Camo services. Fast and dependable.
Game: COD: Modern Warfare
Service: Obsidian Camo Unlock Boost
Fantastic work on the boost bundle! All done in the promised time and with no problems.
Game: COD: Modern Warfare
Service: Golden Camo Bundle
I definitely don’t regret purchasing this bundle. It’s a bit expensive even with the discount, but the service quality is excellent, and it’s a great way to diversify your loadout’s appearance. I’d definitely advise others to try it as well.
Game: COD: Modern Warfare
Service: Golden Camo Bundle
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