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Modern Warfare Camo Boost

Camo boosts are the fastest and easiest way to acquire all the camos in CoD Modern Warfare. CakeBoost offers services for earning Gold and Obsidian camos for any weapon in the game, Platinum camos for any weapon class, and Damascus camos for all weapons. Those orders cover unlocking all the basic camos for those weapons as well. Our professional boosters will complete the combat challenges with maximum efficiency, letting you apply the camos without going through a tedious and time-consuming grind.

Modern Warfare Camo Boost

Buy Modern Warfare Camo Boost

Camos are among Modern Warfare’s most prized cosmetics. While some of them may serve the original purpose of camouflage – concealment through blending in with different environments – they also mark a player’s accomplishments while expressing their personality. Being a realistic shooter, Modern Warfare has a relatively limited selection of down-to-earth weapons. Weapon camos help spice up the battlefield and help the combatants stand out.

If you want to obtain a camouflage pattern, you will first need to complete a certain challenge. You can obtain the ten basic patterns for each weapon by inflicting specific kinds of kills with it. One pattern, Spray Paint, simply calls for a large volume of kills. Unlocking other patterns involves more tricky kills, such as headshots, multi-kills, or kills from a crouched position. Each weapon class has its own variation on each patterns’ task, tailored to its particular strengths. Unlocking each pattern gives access to ten variations on its basic theme.

Acquiring those patterns is the first step towards earning the four spectacular Completionist sets:

You can obtain the opulent Gold camo by completing all basic camo challenges for a specific weapon.

You can acquire the gleaming Platinum camos for a whole weapon class by getting Gold camos for all non-DLC weapons in that class.

Receiving Platinum camos for all weapon classes is necessary to apply the exotic Damascus camo to all weapons in your arsenal.

You can also earn the sleek and sinister Obsidian camo for specific weapons by first obtaining the Gold camo and then completing an additional challenge, usually involving killing 15 enemies in a hundred or more matches.

Completing those challenges will not be a simple task. Even a skilled player might not find the time or the energy for the sheer grind involved in some of them, especially when it comes to the Completionist sets. CakeBoost offers a convenient and stress-free way to acquire the camo pattern you want. Simply place an order and our pro-boosters will complete all the challenges as quickly and efficiently as possible, allowing you to express yourself freely on the battlefield.