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Buy MW Weapons Unlock Boost Carry Service

Buy MW Weapons Unlock Boost Carry Service

Modern Warfare is the sixteenth expansion of the Call of Duty FPS. Installed in 2019 by Infinity Ward, it instantly amassed praise for a large, complex and realistic array of weapons available. It is tempting to get all of them, but it is difficult and takes a lot of time as well. However, with the help of CakeBoost’s professional boosters, it’s no longer a hard task. 

The following category offers a range of services to unlock COD MW weapons of your choice:

Assault Rifles Unlock Boost Carry Service – a good old assault rifle is always a great pick for most MW combats, and you might want to secure one or several of the dozen types of rifles presented in MW. With their balance, precision and speed, assault rifles are highly beloved.

Submachine Guns Unlock – this service will provide you with a submachine gun of your pick fast enough to surprise you. COD MW presents nine types of speedy and deadly submachine guns so far. You can book one or several of those.

Shotguns Unlock Boost Carry Service – a nice shotgun is a great adjustment to any arsenal due to its killing power and damage rate. With this service, you can manage to get any of the six highly desired MW shotguns.

Light Machine Guns Unlock Service is there to assist you with getting any of the seven machine guns presented in MW. Highly damaging, powerful and fast, machine guns offer a valuable adjustment to any respectable weapon collector.

Marksman Rifles Unlock helps you obtain any marksman rifle out of six available weapons to your collection. Marksman rifles are known for their balance, precision combined with high speed and mobility, taking the best from assault and sniper rifles; such weapons are perfect for any sort of combat.

Sniper Rifles Unlock Boost Service will help you unlock any of the four MW sniper rifles, which will make a solid addition into your arsenal with their precision, shooting distance and damage rate. 

Melees Unlock Boost Carry Service – unlock any of the four COD MW melee weapons, deadly and perfect for close combat.

Handguns Unlock Boost Carry Service offers you to obtain any of the six MW handguns, which occupy a little space and are literally always handy for any tough confrontation. 

Launchers Unlock – receive any of the four powerful grenade launchers, beloved by fellow MW combatants, fast and efficient, then lay rest on the enemies.

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