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Buy COD MW Assault Rifles Unlock Boost Carry Service

Buy COD MW Assault Rifles Unlock Boost Carry Service

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Kilo 141
Required for Damascus
Required for Damascus
Required for Damascus
FR 5.56
Required for Damascus
Required for Damascus
Required for Damascus
FN Scar 17
Required for Damascus
Required for Damascus
Grau 5.56
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Buy Assault Rifles Unlock Boost Carry Service

With its versatility, reliability, and balance of precision and firing speed, no other weapon is as emblematic of modern warfare as the assault rifle. Fittingly, it is very well represented in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, with more than a dozen very different guns in its class. Some of those rifles are nearer to submachine guns, while others share characteristics with marksman rifles. Whichever assault rifle you choose, CakeBoost can make sure that you get it swiftly and with no hassle.

You will get:

  • The Assault Rifle(s) of your choice.

ETA: 1-3 days

The archetypical assault rifle is a balanced and versatile gun that can inflict a lot of punishment very quickly at any range. That makes assault rifles an ideal beginner’s weapon, but this does not mean that this class can be taken lightly. With its incredible diversity of preferred ranges and firing modes, there is bound to be a perfect assault rifle for virtually any playstyle or combat situation. Whether you pick the hard-hitting Kilo 141, the close-range RAM-7, the stealthy AS VAL, or the lethal and iconic AK-47, you will certainly find plenty of uses for an assault rifle on any modern battlefield worthy of the name.

You can obtain each of the weapons in this varied class in different ways. Some will unlock automatically as you go up in Character Levels. Others will become available as you reach certain seasonal Battle Pass tiers. Rifles from previous battle passes, such as the far-shooting Grau 5.56, will require completing combat challenges using other weapons of that class. In Grau’s case, the challenge involves getting 5 kills in a minute on 25 separate occasions. While not all tasks are that difficult, they will still require some serious effort on your part.

If you have your heart set on a particular assault rifle that best fits your combat style, but can’t find the time to complete its requirements, CakeBoost is here for you. Simply place an order and our pro-boosters will level your character or complete combat challenges as necessary, unlocking your new weapon of choice. Soon, you will be free to dominate the battlefield with one of the essential modern weapons.