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Buy COD MW Platinum Camo Unlock Boost Carry Service

Buy COD MW Platinum Camo Unlock Boost Carry Service

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Assault Riffles
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Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired Platinum Camos but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Buy Platinum Camos Unlock Boost Carry Service

What material signals wealth and success better than gold? It’s platinum, of course – and acquiring a camo that emulates the most valuable metal on Earth is the logical next step after receiving a Gold camo for one of your weapons. CakeBoost can deck out entire weapon classes in Platinum camos for you, quickly and efficiently, granting your arsenal an unforgettable shine that will etch you into the memories of friend and foe alike.

You will get:

  • Platinum camo for the weapon class(es) of your choice;
  • Gold camos for all the weapons in those classes.

ETA: variable

Weapons in Platinum camo have an immediately apparent and unmistakable presence on the battlefield. In contrast to dirty and decayed environments and gear that seeks to blend in, they gleam. Drawing the attention of every foe may not be a subtle move, but it can be effective if you plan to distract them from your teammates or just want them to know that you don’t fear anything they can do. The latter sentiment is actually quite credible because a Platinum camo for any weapon class may only be unlocked by acquiring the Gold camos for every single weapon in that class.

Since Gold camos, in turn, require unlocking all ten basic camos for each weapon, getting to Platinum is bound to be an uphill climb. Each basic camo has its own challenge for each weapon class, requiring large numbers of kills, most of them performed in very specific circumstances – like from a long distance or firing from the hip. Unlocking the Platinum camos for a weapon class means exhaustively proving your mastery of that weapon, over and over again.

Even if you have full confidence in the mastery of your chosen type of weapon, do you really have the time to collect all those kills? After a while, the challenges will become less fun and more of a tedious grind that may be prolonged by random complications. CakeBoost offers an alternative way of unlocking the Platinum camo: simply let our pro-boosters do the job, completing all the challenges for all the specified weapon classes. Very soon, you will be free to gun down your enemies with your shining new array of weapons.