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Reticle boosts are the optimal method of unlocking advanced reticles for your optics in CoD Modern Warfare. As well as letting you customize your weapon’s appearance further, that can offer a distinct advantage if you find it easier to aim with reticles with a certain color or shape. CakeBoost offers boosts for all types of reticles, as well as discounted bundle services for unlocking entire categories. Our professional boosters will complete all the necessary combat challenges as quickly as possible, letting you attach the desired reticles to suitable optics.


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Victory in a firefight, whether in real life or in Modern Warfare, often depends on one’s aim and the equipment one has to assist it. Good scopes allow shooters to acquire targets quickly and fire with precision. This makes customizing your weapon’s sight attachments with reticles especially important. In addition to being cool and interesting cosmetics, they may also mean the difference between life and death in the game.

Reticles are the picture you see when you look down your weapon’s sights. They may seem like a small thing, but chances are that you will be seeing them often – and your performance will depend on them. After all, the wrong reticles might distract you or obscure important details, while the right ones will synergize perfectly with your playstyle, improving your accuracy and speed.

Of course, right and wrong, in this case, depends on the weapons you use and the situations you want to prepare for. Some crosshairs are designed for gauging range and acquiring targets at a distance, while others are better for tracking nearby moving enemies. Reticles that help you account for shotgun spread will do less good on an assault rifle.

Other choices are more subjective, depending on individual preferences and playstyle. Laser-based reflex and holographic sights may stand out better against different backgrounds, but many may find their bright lights irritating and distracting. Even those players who favor them may divide over the best colors to use; for instance, red may stand out more, but it can also be harder on the eye. Many people prefer the austerity of black crosshairs, but their intricate designs can take up too much space. Would you rather maximize your field of view or get as much information from your reticles as possible?

Only you can answer that for yourself. The good news is that you will have plenty of reticle options to choose from in Modern Warfare, all of them connected to particular optical attachment types:

  • ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) Reticles combine black crosshairs with illuminated central reticles for reliable mid-range aiming.
  • Holo Reticles are relatively small and unobstructed, helping acquire targets quickly regardless of battlefield conditions.
  • Reflex Reticles also free up the field of view and are especially well suited for fast-paced combat at close quarters.
  • Thermal Reticles help shooters make the best use of thermal or night vision optics, easily picking off enemies in the dark.
  • Sniper Reticles help sharpshooters explore the battlefield and take down targets at extreme ranges with maximum precision.
  • Hybrid Reticles combine two different aim modes with varied magnifications, allowing the shooter to modify their effective engagement range on the fly.
  • Thermal Hybrid Reticles are similar to the Hybrid Reticles, but also add a Thermal option, allowing players to retain optimal efficiency in different lighting conditions.

Each of those types includes a rich variety of reticle options, but all but the most basic must be unlocked by completing combat challenges, which are unique for each individual reticle. Those tasks require inflicting a certain number of kills while using a weapon with either a specific scope or any scope of the reticle’s type. While some simply require kills, most others call for specific kills such as headshots or longshots. Even the most skillful players would find those challenges trying, as they test both their skill and their patience.

Thanks to CakeBoost, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort unlocking the reticles that are perfect for you and your playstyle. Our pro-boosters can complete the challenges for you, letting you relax and enjoy the results. Simply place an order, and soon you will be able to find and shoot your enemies with maximum efficiency and comfort.