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Buy COD MW Shotguns Unlock Boost Carry Service

Buy COD MW Shotguns Unlock Boost Carry Service

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Nodel 680
Required for Damascus
Required for Damascus
Required for Damascus
Origin 12
Required for Damascus
VLK Rogue
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Buy Shotguns Unlock Boost Carry Service

Shotguns are one of the most satisfying weapons to use in Modern Warfare. What they may lack in range or firing speed, they more than makeup for with their sheer killing power. A single well-placed shot from a shotgun may be the deadliest thing you can encounter in close quarters. Despite the seeming simplicity of this weapon class, there is a fair amount of tactical nuance to its use, which is reflected in the half-dozen different shotguns available to players in this game. CakeBoost can help you get the ideal shotgun for your playstyle without any delays or complications.

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  • The Shotgun(s) of your choice.

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The typical shotgun fires several pellets with each shot. Those projectiles travel in a spread, potentially inflicting enormous damage on one or more opponents. However, they dissipate harmlessly at longer distances, making shotguns a short-range weapon that requires some careful planning for optimal use. Each shotgun in Modern Warfare has its own distinctive fire mode, giving you some choice of how best to bring this weapon class’ high damage potential to bear. While many players swear by the classic double-barrelled 725, with its versatility and relatively long reach, others find special advantages in the slick and efficient Model 680, the devastating R9-0, or even the semi-automatic Origin 12.

While some of those shotguns can be comparatively simple to obtain, others will require a good deal more effort. You can unlock the game’s initial shotguns automatically by raising your character’s level. The later additions, on the other hand, require the completion of difficult challenges. The bolt-action 12-gauge VLK Rogue requires landing 7 kills in 15 matches with a shotgun that has 5 attachments, while newly-arrived full auto JAK-12 calls for 3 kills from the hip in 7 matches.

Don’t have the time to grind for character levels or chase after challenges? You can still get the shotgun you want with CakeBoost’s prompt and convenient service. Our pro-boosters will take care of everything necessary to unlock the shotgun of choice, leaving you to master their incredible killing power at your own pace.