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Buy COD MW Submachine Guns Unlock Boost Carry Service

Buy COD MW Submachine Guns Unlock Boost Carry Service

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Required for Damascus
Required for Damascus
Required for Damascus
Required for Damascus
PP19 Bizon
Required for Damascus
Required for Damascus
Striker 45
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Buy Submachine Guns Unlock Boost Carry Service

An essential staple weapon in any modern combat scenario, the submachine gun is all about speed. Its high firing rate makes this nimble gun a powerful close-range weapon that lends itself well to a frenetic, fast-paced combat style. Though seemingly straightforward, the submachine gun archetype has enough tactical depth to support nine distinct variations that play to different strengths. With CakeBoost’s help, your preferred SMG will be in your hands quickly and assuredly.

You will get:

  • The Submachine Gun(s) of your choice.

ETA: 1-3 days

Submachine guns are easy to learn, but hard to master. Getting the most out of their spectacular rate of fire is one of the greatest tests of player speed. You will need to move and react quickly, aiming quickly or firing from the hip to kill your enemies before they can fight back or move out of your range. The reward of mastery will be incredibly swift and efficient kills, as well as the sheer thrill of learning to use such a weapon successfully. While all submachine guns tap into this rapid-fire playstyle, each one brings something subtly different to the table. To give some examples, while MP5 is probably the most balanced option, Fennec can outdo even other SMGs with its firing rate, whereas MP7 offers superior accuracy and reach.

As with all weapons, submachine guns can be unlocked in different ways throughout the game. You can pick up some simply by leveling up, while others require completing specific challenges, some of which can be quite involved. For instance, the lightweight ISO SMG requires inflicting 5 SMG kills in 7 different matches while using a Holo Optic attachment. To complete it, you will first need to acquire such an attachment by leveling up one of your other SMGs. Farming the kills may not prove so simple either, requiring you to compete with your allies as well as your enemies.

CakeBoost offers a convenient and time-efficient method of acquiring any SMG you want. Simply place an order, and our pro-boosters will level your character or complete any challenges necessary as quickly as possible. Very soon, one of those fun and powerful weapons will be yours to wield!