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Vanguard Call of Duty Boosting Services

CoD Vanguard boosts allow buyers to enjoy the latest Call of Duty shooter fully while avoiding unwanted busywork. CakeBoost’s team can unlock any or all cosmetics in the title by rapidly completing their prerequisite challenges. Our offer extends to all weapon camos, reticles, and Operators, as well as the innovative Operator upgrades that grant access to more unique cosmetics. We can also powerlevel specific weapons to unlock all attachments, granting a mechanical advantage out of the gate. All progress made within this game also applies to CoD Warzone.

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How does boosting work in Call of Duty Vanguard?

Simply order a boost, such as the Golden weapon camo boost, and let our booster take over. They will complete their duty, then return control over the account with the desired prize.

What Vanguard weapons can be boosted?

We provide weapon leveling services for all available weapons

Are there selfplay boost services for Call of Duty Vanguard?

Services like the Atomic weapon camo boost cannot be handled efficiently in that format. However, the support staff may arrange a custom selfplay boost if there is a call for one.

Do Prestige level boost services need to be repeated every season?

Yes. Prestige ranks reset every season, so the Vanguard boost for them will need to be repeated to enjoy the new season’s benefits.

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    We guarantee the security for your personal account information. That means that all information we have from you couldn’t be shared to anybody else except our company. However, once our player is on your account you don’t have the opportunity to play simultaneously, that's why we ask our clients before order start to make a schedule for convenient playing for both sides.


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High Trust Score

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About Vanguard Carry Offers

CoD Vanguard is the most recent addition to the legendary Call of Duty series of military shooters. It marks the franchise’s return to the ever popular World War Two setting, reinvented with cutting-edge graphics and gameplay. Built on the same engine as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, CoD Vanguard retains and expands the earlier title’s unique detailed combat system. Period-accurate weaponry helps set it apart further.

The launch of a new Call of Duty title means another scramble to unlock the latest weapons, cosmetics, and progression tiers. That can be a difficult  endeavor, requiring a lot of playtime and the completion of demanding challenges. Those who cannot afford to invest the time and energy to progress risk missing out on the full experience. CakeBoost’s Vanguard boosting services exist to solve this problem. With the help of professional Vanguard boosters, everyone will be able to enjoy the game without the grind!

What Can I Get With A CoD Vanguard Carry Service?

CoD Vanguard is still a fresh release. Just like other recent Call of Duty titles, it is bound to receive more content in the months and seasons ahead. We are always on the lookout for more ways to help our clients achieve their in-game objectives. As the shooter continues to develop and as we continue to come to grips with its features better, we may begin to offer further boosting services if we perceive a widespread call for them. For the time being, CakeBoost presents the following Call of Duty Vanguard boosting offerings:

  • Account level boosting services. Our Vanguard boosters will swiftly earn XP to raise the client account to any desired Military Rank from any starting point. Military Ranks unlock weapons, attachments, perks, and more. Reaching the highest Military Rank is necessary to access Prestige levels;
  • Prestige level boosting services. This type of Vanguard boosting service involves earning seasonal Prestige Ranks once Military Ranks have reached their ceiling. Progressing in this system provides access to various prizes, such as Emblems, Prestige Keys, and Weapon Blueprints. It also unlocks Seasonal Challenges, which yield XP and season-exclusive rewards such as Calling Cards on completion;
  • Weapon level boosting services. Leveling up weapons in recent Call of Duty games leads to unlocking cosmetics and attachments for them. Vanguard is no different in this regard. Boosters can farm enough kills to fully upgrade any individual weapon, enabling clients to unleash its full potential;
  • Weapon camo boosting services. Weapon camos ranging from the practical to the outlandish are another Call of Duty tradition. We offer Vanguard boosting options for Golden, Diamond, and Atomic weapon camos. The Golden camo requires unlocking all basic camos for an individual weapon by completing combat challenges. The Diamond camo calls for getting the Golden camo for all weapons in a category. Getting the Diamond camo for every category unlocks the Atomic camo. As such, the Atomic camo Vanguard boost grants access to all camos.

Each of those boosting services provides some extra benefits in addition to their main focus. As a result, their rewards tend to overlap with each other. For example, any Call of Duty Vanguard boost would naturally involve earning XP. This XP will then help level up the account and any weapons used, as well as advance in Prestige Ranks and Battle Pass tiers. The integration between recent Call of Duty titles after 2020 enhances the value of Vanguard boosting services further since any progress towards unlocking or leveling up weapons will also benefit the client in CoD Warzone.

On that note, CakeBoost also provides carries and coaching for several other Call of Duty games. Potential buyers are invited to peruse our CoD boosting services catalog. Our CoD Modern Warfare Boosting and CoD Black Ops Cold War Boosting offerings include unlock services for those games’ camos, reticles, and Operators. There are also boosts for unlocking and leveling up the older titles’ very extensive arsenals of weapons. The CoD Warzone Boosting services include expert coaching, account leveling, and boosts aimed at improving performance statistics.

Why Should You Choose CakeBoost?

For ordinary players, achieving any of those tasks will be a slow-going and frustrating process. Unlocking the Atomic weapon camo in particular requires a huge amount of time, as well as patience and skill. Purchasing a Call of Duty Vanguard boosting service enables the buyer to skip this tedious grind without giving up on its rewards. A paid professional can play full-time and rely on skills to complete all necessary tasks much more quickly than an amateur playing casually. The advantage is clear, but where to find such capable and dependable Vanguard boosters?

While there are several companies offering Vanguard boosting services, we can confidently call that CakeBoost represents the ideal Vanguard boosting solution. We began selling boosting services in various titles back in 2015. Over the years, we expanded to cover more games, including parts of the Call of Duty series. We also accumulated extensive experience that allowed us to optimize every aspect of our services to aid us in fulfilling our duty to the clients. Those who choose to buy a Vanguard boosting service from CakeBoost will benefit from the following company strengths:

100% Safety Guaranteed

We consider it our duty to keep our clients’ data safe by utilizing the latest technology and proven security best practices. Buyers only need to provide the minimal necessary information while ordering a Vanguard boost. No bots, cheats, or third-party programs are used during the boost. The service is kept completely secret, with no compromising communications. Up-to-date HTTPS encryption and a reliable VPN that can be set to the client’s country help us safeguard our customers’ anonymity further.

24/7 Support

Our support staff is always on call and ready to answer questions about our Vanguard boosting offerings. It is their duty to provide information about an ongoing Call of Duty Vanguard boost or consult clients about other services they might be interested in. Customers can contact them through a variety of means, including our e-mail, the website live chat, or a messaging program chosen while confirming the boost. Any issues that cannot be addressed effectively on the support level are immediately passed on to CakeBoost superiors or boosters.

High-Quality Premium Service

When setting prices, we try to balance our duty to provide affordable boosting services and the need to give our boosters fair compensation for their efforts. As a result of this policy, our services are truly competitive on both cost and quality. CakeBoost can call on a vast pool of boosting professionals who have been vetted for both skill and reliability and have varied specializations. We always assign the most suitable specialist to each Vanguard boost so they can take care of the duty swiftly and painlessly. For example, leveling boosts are the duty of boosters who can make proper use of quests in Zombies mode and other opportunities for an optimal execution.

How Do CoD Vanguard Boosting Services Work?

When ordering a Call of Duty Vanguard boost, simply follow those steps:

  • Find the desired boost in the CoD Vanguard category in the CakeBoost catalog;
  • Check whether the account to be boosted can meet the requirements. If not, there may be call for another service first;
  • Select the intended options, then click the “buy” button;
  • Go to the shopping cart to confirm the order;
  • Pick a messaging program that will be used to set up a communications channel for the order;
  • Send a payment in the chosen currency (USD or Euro) using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Once the support team reaches out, arrange the boost schedule and any other details;
  • Let the booster sign in at the agreed-upon time and wait for the service to conclude. As a personal call, one may request a free stream of the service;
  • Remember to write a review on TrustPilot! It would really help us continue to improve our Vanguard boosting services.

Buy a Vanguard Boost Right Now

CakeBoost’s clients always save a lot of money thanks to our various special offers and discounts for both first-time and regular customers. CoD Vanguard will not form an exception to this policy. We can already offer a special discount for Prestige level boosting, which is absolutely perfect for those seeking a quick start in this season. In the near future, anticipate more such deals as well as Vanguard boosting package services. The latter would allow players to save money by buying certain services in bulk at a lowered price.